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Trekking lovers, ready for a brand new route?
Today we propose a path starting from San Giorgio Ingannapoltron, a picturesque center which, starting from 2015,? became part of the villages pi? beautiful d? Italy.
The route is part of the CAI paths of the Verona area, where there are also many other hiking trails.

1 day


It must be said that already? the starting point? worthy of a first visit: beginning and arrival of different paths, which wind through the woods and hills, the village of San Giorgio Ingannapoltron offers a pleasant walk inside its center, dating back to the st century AD, although, probably , the first settlement? even more? ancient.
Characteristic ? its parish church, dedicated to San Giorgio, an original Romanesque complex of extraordinary architectural and artistic value.

The first name of the town was San Giorgio in Ganna, with whose word the localities were identified? stony or rocky. In the Middle Ages, the playful word? Poltron? Was added next to it, indicating that the village, apparently easy to reach, actually? it hid a steep road to get there, so? fooling the lazy ?!

In addition to San Giorgio,? It is also possible to start from Gargagnago, about 4 km away. Because of its degree of ease, this walk? particularly suitable for families or for those who want to stretch their paws to their furry friend.
Once the car is placed inside the convenient parking at the bottom of the stairs leading to San Giorgio, you can? continue to the right and cross the streets of the village, making an exploratory stop at the Romanesque church ... or, directly take the beautiful staircase that leads (not without a bit of effort!) to the beginning of the route.


From the square, along Via della Torre, you cross the so-called Via Crucis dei Lapicidi. This path? consisting of 16 book-shaped local stone tiles, 15 dedicated to the Via Crucis and one dedicated to the birth of the Paolo Brenzoni school of art; this installation? was inaugurated in 2014 and? present on the road leading to the cemetery. It is a tribute to Paolo Brenzoni, who in 1868 founded? a school for stonemasons, today among the most? important and renowned in the marble processing sector.
The work is also dedicated to the many master craftsmen who contributed, even abroad, to the spread of this art.


Returning to the main road, you begin to see the signs that distinguish the paths according to the different difficulties: there are white and green ones, generally more? easy, and red, which indicates a difficulty? greater than mileage.
We started to follow white, but in some places, this crossed with red, without however? great difficulties? from our part. We can therefore conclude that for this type of path, the difficulty? ? very low.
Entering the dense forest, we immediately found ourselves inside a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm: tall shrubs, bushes that hide small wildlife, mosses, lichens .. and even some mushrooms! We only needed the house of the Seven Dwarfs and we could have written a book!
Going up the path, we found ourselves at the point where, even today, can we? observe an ancient wash house, a congenial place to take a little break and nibble something.
Continuing further, we found ourselves on an almost flat stretch where, on the left, we could admire a wonderful view of Lake Garda. From here, skirting the woods, we walked along the asphalted road to reach another distinguishable point, if you look at the Valpolicella hills from below: the metal cross of the Sanctuary of the Madonna Addolorata in Solane, which is completely illuminated in the evening.


From the Sanctuary of Solane, we went back, but here too there are two alternatives: can you? continue to follow the driveway downhill, skirting the hills with the wonderful vineyards, or (if you are not tired yet) you can? go back on the road traveled.
In both cases, it will come? back to S. Giorgio Ingannapoltron, where a bench, an iced spritz will be waiting for you ... and a breathtaking view over the whole Valpolicella and Lake Garda.

This Veronese trekking adventure is also coming to an end, we look forward to seeing you at the next walk!

Samu & Marghe

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