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One or more days of trekking are the favorite activity of those who love to immerse themselves in nature! Trekking, however, is not a simple walk through woods and paths, on the contrary it requires a lot of effort and a lot of attention. It is therefore good to have the right clothing, the right equipment, accessories useful for all eventualities and objects designed to prevent or treat any emergency situations. Here is a list of items to take to the mountains!


  1. Trekking equipment and clothing
  2. Equipment and accessories: what to put in the backpack
  3. What to bring to the mountains: hygiene and safety
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Trekking equipment and clothing

First of all, let's talk about clothing and basic equipment to better face the trekking. Of course! It is absolutely not necessary to take for granted the clothing to use for venturing into the mountains.
It is not enough to be well covered, you need to have a technical and specific clothing, also accompanied by some indispensable items useful for your convenience so as not to risk ruining your day. Let's see immediately how to dress and what to bring!

1 - Hiking jacket

It does not matter if the period is hot or cold, a jacket must never be missing for trekking because in the woods and at high altitudes the air is always a little cooler and also there could be wind. The ideal jacket for this type of activity must be waterproof, breathable and windproof, so as not to let the cold in, keep the heat inside and let sweat out, even better if it is also equipped with a hood and internal pockets and external.

Prices: starting from € 21,41

2 - Trekking pants

Even the trousers must be comfortable to enjoy the trekking activity without worries. To ensure comfort, you need to choose long and wide trousers, preferably waterproof and with more than two pockets in which you can store the most used objects, such as a mobile phone.

Prices: starting from € 13,53

3 - Thermal shirt

As far as clothing is concerned, it is necessary to prefer and choose the thermal one, especially in terms of sweaters. In fact, the thermal shirt protects from cold or heat, perspiring sweat and keeping you dry, in addition to the fact that with its elasticity it gives a sense of comfort. This is essential for a day on the move, otherwise you risk getting uncomfortable after the first half hour of trekking

Prices: starting from € 13,00

4 - Boots

Secondly, you must absolutely be equipped with the right shoes. This aspect is very important to avoid getting hurt as trekking is an activity carried out in the middle of nature on different types of trails. The ideal shoes for trekking have a sole with a sculpted tread, moreover it would be good to prefer a comfortable, waterproof and breathable model since they will be worn for many hours.

Prices: starting from € 19,00

5 - Trekking poles

Last but not least are the trekking poles. This pair of objects is of great use because it helps in walking by giving great support, especially on particularly uncomfortable paths and when fatigue begins to be felt. There are many models for sale, but we suggest folding ones.

Prices: starting from € 19,99

6 - Backpack

First of all to go to the mountains you need a backpack, but not just any backpack, but one suitable for trekking that is able to contain everything you need. The technical characteristics of the mountain backpacks are above all the lightness and comfort, in addition of course to the hooks on the chest and around the chest that guarantee better support. As for the dimensions, a backpack with a capacity of 20/30 liters is more than enough.

Prices: starting from € 18,99

7 - Hat

The hat is an important accessory to wear during trekking, because it comes in handy on days that are too hot, too cold, windy or humid. The choice must be made according to the period by opting for a balaclava, a wool hat or a simple cap with visor.

Prices: starting from € 7,95

8 - Thermal socks

It may seem strange and unnecessary, but the socks to wear also play their nice role. Choosing thick socks of wool or cotton, depending on the period, rather than any socks will benefit your feet after the many hours of walking you will do. In this regard, the socks must be thermal and breathable, well adherent to the shoes and not slippery, so as to guarantee relief to your feet.

Prices: starting from € 8,99

9 - Sweatshirt

In addition to the jacket, especially if the period is cold, it is also better to have a sweatshirt to keep as a spare in the backpack or to put directly on. The best sweatshirts for these occasions are those with a zipper, easy to put on and take off if there is any bigono, as for the fabric choose fleece for cold periods and cotton for periods with moderate temperatures.

Prices: starting from € 8,59

Equipment and accessories: what to put in the backpack

After clothing and equipment, let's now move on to a series of secondary, but still important, objects and accessories to put in your backpack!
All jackets things that might come in handy during the day, without which you will surely have difficulties at certain times.

1 - Compass or Gps

Another indispensable accessory is certainly an object that helps you orient yourself, in this regard bring a compass or a GPS with you. Choose which you prefer between the two by evaluating well if you are able to orient yourself with a simple compass or if you want to let a more technological tool like the GPS do the work.

  • Compass prices: starting from € 2,22
  • Gps prices: starting from € 28,00

2 - Map with waterproof case

Don't you want to go trekking without a map of the place and put all hope in your mobile phone? The fact that the latter downloads is not a problem, but with the network coverage how do we put it? Having a map is useful when the mobile phone no longer has range and Google Maps leaves you, and trust that in trekking this happens very often. In addition to the map, also choose a waterproof case to protect it from rain or humidity.

Prices: starting from € 1,99

3 - Swiss Army Knife

A Swiss army knife is a must during the trek. Thanks to its many accessories you will have everything you need at your fingertips!

Prices: starting from € 15,87

4 - Portable charger (powerbank)

As we said earlier, a dead mobile phone is not a problem. A portable charger is so small and practical that it will soon solve the annoying problem of the mobile phone that is now so short-lived.

Prices: starting from € 9,99

5 - Water bottle

Stocks of drinks and food must never be lacking during a trekking activity, but you will surely keep everything in your backpack until the next stop. In the meantime, however, you can use a water bottle to keep close at hand during the walk, for example in the external pockets of the backpack.

Prices: starting from € 9,34

6 - Survival windproof lighter

Do not forget absolutely the matches (windproof and waterproofed with wax) or better still a survival lighter, they will be very useful in case you want to light a fire to warm up or to cook a meal.

Prices: starting from € 15,70

7 - Emergency whistle

Having a whistle with you is useful in case something should happen to be able to attract the attention of fellow trekkers or other people. Plus it's so small and cheap that it certainly doesn't bother carrying it!

Prices: starting from € 9,99

8 - Titanium Cookware Set

In addition to the lighter, it is highly recommended to bring at least one saucepan, useful for heating, cooking and sterilizing if necessary. We recommend the purchase of a camping kit in very resistant material such as steel or titanium.

Prices: starting from € 65,99

9 - Torch

If the day is dark, but even when it starts to get evening, a torch is always useful to better see where you are putting your feet and to understand where you are going.

Prices: starting from € 7,64

10 - Sunglasses

Sunglasses on sunny days should never be missing, but wearing them even on cloudy days never hurts. Maybe at some point the sun returns!

Prices: starting from € 1,58

What to bring to the mountains: hygiene and safety

When leaving for a trekking activity it is very important to think about hygiene and safety, being activities in the midst of nature where anything can happen.
A few simple and space-saving objects can help you solve any problematic situations that could ruin your daysuch as a cut, headache, sunburn, infections and so on.
Here's what to bring with you!

1 - First aid kit

A first aid kit is undoubtedly the first thing that must never be missing. The content consists of simple tools and some generic drugs suitable for any eventuality in order to guarantee a first intervention in case of injuries or breakages. In the kit you should usually have a thermometer, disinfectant, synthetic ice, gauze, plasters, elastic bands, an ointment for sunburn and one for muscle and joint pain, as well as medicines for headache, fever and problems gastro intestinal.

Prices: starting from € 18,99

2 - Sanitizing wipes

Another important object are the sanitizing wipes that perform various functions. They are in fact useful to freshen up, to cleanse when you have dirty hands and there is no possibility to wash them, and finally they also act as intimate wipes if there is no real toilet.

Prices: starting from € 1,14

3 - Sunscreen

A sunscreen is always useful, especially on the sunniest days, to avoid irritating and annoying burns. Each cream is now available in small sizes of 50 ml, so for what they occupy you might as well have one and protect yourself from the sun's rays.

Prices: starting from € 1,50

4 - Cocoa butter

This tiny lip stick is a good precaution to avoid cracking due to cold and wind, plus the cocoa butter is so small that you won't have any problem carrying it with you.

Prices: starting from € 0,90

5 - Food supplies

Finally, but not because it is not important, you should always carry a good supply of food and drinks, from snacks to the actual lunch / dinner. Here is a list of things that will give you an idea of ​​what to pack for food and drink on the way!

  • Water, fruit juice, tea, energy drinks
  • Fresh seasonal fruit or dried fruit
  • Biscuits or biscuits
  • Chocolate or energy bars
  • Sandwiches or sandwiches

6 - Change in car

Finally, don't forget to bring a change of clothes to leave in the car. It will come in handy in case of emergencies or when returning home.

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