Trees of the world. Here are the record-breaking ones

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Christmas trees have always fascinated us because they are the symbol of a tradition that has been perpetuated for centuries, as well as being recognized as the official representatives of the magic of the most awaited period of the year. They keep us company throughout Advent illuminating the streets, neighborhoods and alleys of cities around the world. Sparkling inside our homes.

They are big, small, supportive, colorful, very expensive, more or less famous. Yet regardless of the details, each of these knows how to enchant us always and in any case. But if you want let yourself be inspired by the most extraordinary ones in the world, maybe to make yours, that's it the list of those to record.

Let's start with an all-Italian pride, that offloating tree of Castiglione del Lago. The exorbitant numbers leave no room for doubt: with 2559 lights, and over a kilometer in length, the star tree of the Luci sul Trasimeno event wins the record as the largest floating light installation in our country. And it is certainly also the most original.

Lights on the Trasimeno

The primacy oflargest tree in the world however, he still remains in Gubbio. Another local pride. It is here that every year, since 1980, the gigantic tree made up of 950 light bulbs is installed on Mount Ingino in Gubbio. The silhouette extends over the entire hilly perimeter winding for 750 meters in height. Just think that his star alone occupies over a thousand square meters.

But the record trees in the world are not only those of majestic heights, but also from the exorbitant cost. In Abu Dhabi, for example, there is a 11 million dollar tree. At a height of 13 meters, traditional decorations give way to bracelets, necklaces, diamonds and precious stones giving life to a real treasure. The most expensive tree in the world is located inside the Emirates Palace Hotel

11 million dollar Christmas tree

If there was a Guinness for the tree most famous in the world we would have no doubts that this would be entrusted to that of the Rockefeller Center in New York. The event of the ignition, moreover, attracts citizens and travelers from all over the world to the Big Apple, inaugurating the most magical season ever. The large fir, expertly decorated with thousands of lights, has become the real symbol of Christmas in the city and the whole world.

And it is probably the trees of the world that Thomas Jeromin was inspired to create those of his home. The man who lives in Rinteln, Lower Saxony, has just won the Christmas tree world record with its 444 Christmas trees that shine among the rooms of his house.

Christmas tree world record

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