Travelogue New York + Niagara Falls

Who I am
Joel Fulleda

You experience a trip three times:
When you dream about it, when you live it and when you tell it.

1 day

4 in the morning, all awake, jet leg effect! But wait a few more hours?

Let's go down to breakfast: ciabelle of all kinds, pan cake, yogurt, briosh, bread, juice, milk, coffee, tea, omelettes, sausage and omelette!
Ready to go out: Lady Liberty destination!
Shall we go to the metro station, very close, our line? the F. First hitch the machines for the metro card!

Know this: they can not be done more? of two cards at a time with a single credit card, between the first two and any other cards (this problem? for families of course!) 20 minutes must pass.

Never leave with a single credit or rechargeable card: I had the postepay evolution (which very often was not read and therefore I was unable to pay), the standard postepay with which I had no problems and a real credit card , the latter accepted everywhere!

We did the sevenday? S at $ 31 each, with which you have unlimited access between bus and metro.

We prefer to get off a couple of stops earlier than ours to visit wall street.

Walking we stop at Trinity Church.
And here we are in the financial district, wide streets, tall skyscrapers, the Trump Building, the famous statue with the bull and the little girl.

If I had to describe this area in one word, I would say tidy.

I don't know how to define my feeling, but there was such precision and cleanliness of the buildings all there? in an orderly line, gleaming glass, neon lights inside.

A few green trees that interrupted the steel color. Obviously many wealthy shops with guards outside: big black men, tall with broad shoulders, dressed in black jacket and trousers over a white shirt who guarded the shops.

In a few minutes dazzled by all this we arrived in the south ferry area from where the ferries for the statue of liberty leave.
We had bought the citypass online for only three attractions at 67.50 euros and I'll explain why: I am not a lover of museums, so I had no intention of wasting whole days visiting them, I just needed a simple entrance on the free days of those most ? important.
They are not for organized tours why? I want to be free to pass more? time where I want and to change my mind along the way, are not for visits to nightclubs to have a drink, there? ? only a benefit for those who accompany you, so they are more? to find the place at the moment and go there alone!

That said, will my citypass 3 use it? for the ferry to the statue of liberty? with a stop on the island, and for the two observers such as the Top of the rock and the Empire State Building, obviously saving on the single ticket.

Lady liberty? truly the icon of America!
There from the top of its grandeur that masters and welcomes those who arrive by ship. From a distance, very small in her figure and then becoming more and more? big as you get closer.

From the ferry you have two visions: the New York skyline on one side and I repeat to you, every time you see it you don't know if you are looking at a postcard or? he himself, and the statue on the other.
In those minutes before going down to the islet, relive ap? that feeling that I believe invaded all immigrants when they arrived in America, difficult to explain, but I thought of the Italians who landed and who then worked and lived in New York and the trust they placed in this land that welcomed them.
It's three o'clock we stop for a hot drink, would we like a coffee? which we find and also good in a small bar in the area. Map in hand, we decide to continue our tour in the area, destination

We walk towards what now unfortunately? a symbol not happy for the whole world, on the way we make a short stop in a small park already? decorated at Christmas with trees full of lights: the Zuccotti Park.
And here we are at what the twin towers were:
Not a word, silence and sadness in a life context.

Strange to be there? and see the many planes that pass. We lived this chapter of history on the news, and every time you watch those videos? the absurdity? absolute.

It is still 18 in the evening of the very first day, we take the subway to get there I don't know where? .. In reality? we went down to the tribeca area: here is a very different vision: from the buildings and lights that we have so far found to condominiums of two / three floors maximum, with the famous fire-fighting ladders outside.

We stopped here for dinner, as the first evening we kept the boys happy, unfortunately at Mc Donald? S !!!

2 day

Second day?

We get up with -3 ?? .. Yesterday we were sweating!

Towards Bryan park
(in the red circle map)

Only 4 metro stops and we find ourselves in the center. People running around with hot Sturbucks glasses in hand, tourists like us inebriated by all this: we look at everything and everyone, like children grappling with a new toy, even fascinated by the manholes from which steam perennially comes out!

And here it is, the wooded park and inside it already? the houses with the Christmas markets. Chairs, tables and a large ice rink, where adults and children have fun.

Sar? was the pungent air, the Christmas lights of the houses, the ice rink, but the air of Christmas could already be felt. In the market the usual things that are seen everywhere, so nothing particularly exciting.

From? we moved to the Public library, we are on 42? st, but unfortunately it was closed for construction. Continuing to walk in the area we arrived at the Central Station, a huge complex where hundreds of trains converge. The decorated ceiling, the grand marble staircase and the American flag in evidence!

Out of there, always very close you can? see the Chrisler, building of the well-known car brand of cars, you can? enter the lobby, actually? can you? enter almost any building, including hotels?

Also in the area, another building not to be missed is the Daily News Building, in whose lobby there is a lot of fun. the famous globe from the superman series.

In the afternoon we go to MOMA, free admission from 16 pm, no queues, but don't think you can visit it all! The area with the paintings of the most famous artists famous not? open on the free day.

We return to Bryan park and stop for dinner at a restaurant of the Barilla Accademy chain: great prices, good food and only Italian dishes. Per capita spending around 12 euros each.

3 day

This time he took all the precautions against the cold and given the beautiful day, we decide to go by subway to Coney Island.

The period ? the least suitable being a predominantly summer place, but we enjoyed the ocean and a very wide beach with seagulls flying free in the blue sky.

L? you can breathe summer even in winter: a colorful area, murals everywhere and a huge playground.

We resume the subway with a stop in Brooklin, we go down and a few steps away here is the majestic bridge pi? world famous!

We cover it all on foot, it is about 14 pm on a sunny day. Very beautifull!

Arrived on the other side of the bridge, we find ourselves near the New York City Hall, City Hall, inside the park of the same name.

Coffee , hot chocolate to warm up and then off to Little Italy and China Town.

These are not the areas that we surely imagined: the little Italy? There is very little left, only a few shops with an Italian name, but managed by non-EU citizens.

China town now we find it in every country, the usual shops seen and reviewed!

It's about 17 pm, we decide to go to the Rockefeller Center and take advantage of the second pass for the observatory
We are close to Time Square and already? the landscape begins to change: LED giant posters, shop windows decorated for Christmas and the? usual ?, huge skyscrapers that frame this wonderful city ?. We change our ticket and we have to wait about an hour to get on the observatory.

We do the tour of the shopping arcade: food, souvenirs, clothing and the post office inside.

It is 19 pm we begin to make the path to the top of the Rock: a swaroski chandelier that illuminates this light marble room, the brass staircase handrail and red carpet, what elegance!

After the bag checks we enter the elevator that takes us up, music and lights accompany us during the few seconds of ascent towards the most beautiful panorama. nice that my eyes have ever seen: the big apple at night!

No photos do it justice, and my eyes try to make the mind memorize how many? possible things.
Are we taking the time to admire everything, take pictures, make films?

We go down and stay for dinner inside the center, tonight we eat American: Hamburgher and super-dressed salad! Here too the average of the dinner? about 13 euros each.

4 day

Sunday, Harlem is a must to attend a Gospel mass.
For who ? in New York, Harlem? the heart of the gospel masses which generally take place on Sunday morning around 11.
The New York gospel mass? definitely to put on the list of things to see, and choose where,? was one of the searches I did before my trip to the big apple: Salem United Methodist Church at 2190 Adam Clayton Boulevard (7th Ave. at 129th Street) in the heart of Harlem? was the chosen church.
The function takes about 2 hours, but it will pass in no time!

Harlem then unlike other neighborhoods? still inhabited by the original population, the names of its streets are a tribute to great characters of black culture such as Martin Luther King or Malcom X and to get there just take the red metro line 1 2 and 3 and get off at 116th sima.
We dedicate the afternoon exclusively to a part of Central Park and Time Square!

What about this square, nothing without words, almost without being able to explain what it feels like being here. The usual frame is the skyscrapers covered with huge luminous signs: the illumination? there? what makes everything there? charming. The two / three storey shops with glass walls, hundreds of people shopping: M&M, HARDROCKCAFE? the shops pi? popular with tourists.

Even the traffic has its beauty among the yellow taxy, the imposing cars almost all black and the mounted police!

Near Time Square we dined both in a restaurant called Stromboli, where they cooked vegetables, chicken, pasta and pizza as a buffet and Schnippers where you could enjoy an excellent fried chicken.

5 day

This morning wake up at 6.30 why? we have to reach JFK airport by metro to take the rental car and head to Niagara Falls. They give us the car, a 7-seater with a brand new automatic gearbox, obviously equipped with a navigator. We leave for NIAGARA FALLS.

6 day

An adventure on the road
We hired a 7-seater and picked it up at JFK airport, from there we crossed the state of Pensilvanya and then returned to the state of New York towards Buffalo in about 9 hours with a few stops and compliance with speed limits.

Now I ask you to close your eyes and imagine an American film:

Imagine entering a large supermarket with giant signs that illuminate the large outdoor parking lot. A gas station and in the distance another motel sign.

We there with coke and a bag of chips we felt the protagonists of this film set in a street, in a shop that we had seen a thousand times in some American TV series, but with the difference that we were the directors of this wonderful adventure.

We leave our luggage at the hotel and decide to head to Toronto, the navigator tells us that in about 1 hour and a half we should be there.

Unconscious, tired but euphoric, we arrive in a few minutes at the border with Canada: the checks to cross the border, the visa in the passport?

We arrive after about two hours: a breathtaking wall of skyscrapers, wide streets illuminated by yellow lights, few people on the street.

The lucidity? of the moment has taken the place of euphoria: a thousand thoughts in an instant

IS? evening, we have no idea where to go and what to do, we are tired and we have to go back to the hotel.

In a state of apparent calm we stop in a Mc Donalds to buy a sandwich, eat it in the car and go back to America!

So tired, we have been in the car for 12 hours, none of us speak anymore, who sleeps and who looks out of the window, but suddenly that silence is interrupted by Maddalena who exclaims:? LOOK AT THE WATERFALLS !?

And there they are on our right, just after the checks of the customs officer (the same as 5 hours before!), In the dark and in the most silence? absolute of the night.

A sight that none of our cameras captured for what they really looked like.
The dull roar in the distance, I still have goosebumps to think about it. It is no coincidence that the name Niagara has the meaning of TONING WATERS.
We go to sleep and then return in the morning.
12 o'clock, shall we take the car back? We are back in New York!

7 day

Central Park?
Three days would not be enough to visit it all!
A large green park with benches, cycle paths and buggies. Sculptures of poets, Alice in Wonderland, an area dedicated to Jhon Lennon who was found dead here. Along the way, many squirrels crossing the road. To see absolutely the part, in my opinion pi? beautiful, which is in line with the Metropolitan Museum, and what? the one overlooking the terrace of THE LAKE, the largest lake great of the whole park.

How did I tell you here c ?? the Metropolitan Museum, didn't we enter with the promise of returning on the last day when it brought rain? done! However, I confirm that the cost of the $ 25 required is not? mandatory, but? to offer.

Along the way I had to give my daughters a few hours of shopping. Did the eldest daughter want to buy the dress from New York for the 18th? that ? from here a few days !.

It is 16.30 pm and we decide to go to the Empire State Building. In any area you are in, just roll your eyes and see it, I gave it the nickname? His majesty? Empire ?. We enter the lobby: a huge hall, yellow marble floor and front of the sign in a bronze framework that covers an entire wall.

Bag checks, check of the printed citypass ticket and we get in line. A few minutes of waiting and off you go inside the lift that takes us to the observatory in a few seconds. We are with the sunset, so a different view of the city? compared to the top of the Rock which was evening. The river, the city? illuminated and the sun setting: pure spectacle!
Top of the Rock and Empire State Building are both worth seeing as they are essential icons despite having an almost equal panorama.

8 day

This morning heading to HOBOKEN, Lincoln Center, Public Library and Saint Patrick Cathedral.
Driven by curiosity? and given the proximity, we decided to go and taste the cakes of the cake boss! With the metro we reach Port authority bus terminal to get the return ticket to Hobohen for 7 dollars. We went to the bus gate and in about 20 minutes we arrived, 95 Washington Street stop. Not a lot of queues, normal desserts, no member of the Valastro family: don't go there, opt for one of their offices in Manhattam, nothing changes!
Returning we go down to the west side to see the famous Lincoln Theater
Here a large fountain in the center of the square and the theater in the background. We entered the hall, unfortunately c ?? little to visit except the amazing chandeliers! Background for? you could hear the rehearsals of an opera singer.

We go up on 42 st and see the impressive public library finally reopened to the public, the third in order of magnitude in America.
Here there are pieces of great value, but in my opinion the greatest value it possesses? just the fact that it is public! Thousands of books and computers made available to everyone in a huge and valuable facility with frescoes and paintings that do justice to its importance. Here, too, before entering the bags are checked.

Being in the central area on the way to see Saint Patrick Cathedral? impossible not to admire the shop windows, go in and peek and always along the street the classic souvenir stalls: magnets, plaques, paintings ?.

And here we are, in the Rockefeller center area, to admire the neo-gothic style cathedral, certainly very different from all the glass skyscrapers that surround it and which reflect the sun giving it a particular color.

Inside, the naves are illuminated by stained glass windows, a large pipe organ and chapels enrich it already? in its very being.

At sunset New York d? the best of themselves: the buildings that during the day are just ordinary skyscrapers in glass and steel, become monuments with illuminated windows and the red sun gives the steel a gold color.

Why? if they ask you what? New York, the first answer?: Skyscrapers? But they are not just skyscrapers why? L? in that context they have the charm of a Sistine chapel!
We are in the center and can not? miss the visit to the MACY? S department store, among other things shortly c ?? the inauguration with lots of fireworks in the Christmas windows. A first and second floor full of shops of all sorts, from the ultra designer garment to the very normal garment with a low price!

9 day

Last day?

We got up with the desire not to waste a precious minute of our last day in the big apple.

In the meantime, to go to Manhattan, should we take the cableway to Roonsvelt, included in the metro card? a great way to see the landscape from above. A crossing of a few minutes, but it's worth it!

We feel at home, we have mastered the subway stops (if we have to go up towards inwood, we have to take the updown sign, or on the contrary if we go south, the indication downtown) now we know how to distinguish the difference between avenue (they are the vertical streets) and street (they are the horizontal streets with respect to the avenue) both numbered to increase.

The center then runs from the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and extends from West 42nd Street to West 47th Street.

This indication can? sound difficult, but after understanding the mechanism, you will find yourself saying, how? happened to us to see the Flytron: we have to go down already? around 23? having no map in hand and knowing exactly which way to go!

Here I introduced you to the Flytron, near Madison square.
An iron building, just like the name they have given them, narrow on one side and then widening on the opposite side. The question that there? spontaneous sort: how does it keep when c ?? a strong wind? Sorry for the stupidity ?, but? almost natural to ask! For the answer, I refer you to wikypedia, where all the laws of physics and construction are explained!

Today we head to the most popular markets. famous, Chelsea Market and Union Square Market.
The first in the Chelsea area? a large building, apparently obtained from the former Oreo biscuit factory. Here? a set of small shops mainly of food and catering of all kinds and ethnicities: from Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Thai and of course American, in fact we allowed ourselves a hot dog. There are also small souvenir shops.

From there we went to the other market on Union Square, as opposed to the first one. indoors and always open, this is located outdoors on the homonymous square and takes place every other day: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. IS? almost exclusively reserved for food products coming directly from local farmers. Fruit, vegetables, meats, baked goods and sweets all strictly organic. Here we went too far by taking hot chocolate with marshmallows and a delicious melted cheese sandwich! Being already? for their Christmas period, the market was set up with objects of all kinds.

It's 18pm, we still need some gifts and then it seems they have placed the Christmas tree at Bryan park, then towards Bryan.
The first time we visited it was daylight, so the effect tonight? very different: the lights, all the little houses of the market decorated for Christmas, the background music, it will be? that ? our last night has a whole other effect. We waste time, we turn, we look and look at everything: let's raise our heads there? his majesty? Empire lit up in pink, look at the Chrysler down the street?

Our holiday ? over, last dinner at the Barilla Academy (Barilla Restaurants? Bryant Park, 1065 6th Ave, New York, NY 10018, United States), he takes the subway back to the hotel with much regret. The first time I don't want to go home and the first time I want to already? to return to the same place on another trip!

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