Travelogue in Thailand. The land of free men.

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It doesn't happen often to go to the other side of the world. For this it took months to plan the journey to what is called "the land of free men".

1 day

The plane (Emirates company) departed from Milan Malpensa, after a short stopover in Dubai, took us to Bangkok with all our enthusiasm. We immediately headed to the guesthouse we had booked where, for a few euros (about 7), we were given a perfect room for those who have few demands and do not want to spend a lot.

After various searches we decided to stay in the Ko Ratanakosin neighborhood near the chaotic and party-going Th Khao San where young people converge in search of? Well practically everything!

2 day

The next morning, early in the morning, the 2-day tour purchased from Italy at? Good times travel? Awaits us. (found via TripAdvisor's great reviews). Joy, our guide, takes us to the minibus with a welcoming smile.
After a brief stop at one of the thousands of 7Eleven present in this nation, we head towards the floating market more? famous of Thailand. Maybe ap? touristic but cruising on a longtail boat in its small colorful canals where a carousel of faces sells, buys, prepares dips? truly a memorable experience!

Billions of photos and so on? To Kanchanaburi, a sleepy town on the Burmese border rich in history and unfortunately of death (right there the Second World War claimed many victims).

Kanchanaburi surprises us with its jungle, and before having dinner we have an appointment that cannot be postponed, which alone is worth the trip: to climb on the back of an elephant and dive with him into the river, to be able to do so. wash before it retires for the night. A very fun experience!

We then go up on a longtail boat and the slow river Kwai (with the famous bridge over it) takes us to an islet. There, a barge awaits us to welcome us for the night.

Yeah, the emotions aren't over yet. After dinner, when the lights go out and silence makes noise around us, we sit on the patio of the barge. Are we listening to strange rustles of who knows? such as insects or small animals that move around us. A marvel of the senses!

3 day

After a good breakfast the longtail boat with a smiling? Captain? brings us back to the mainland. Joy (our guide for the mini tour)? ready to show us another fairytale place: the Erawan waterfalls, seven waterfalls in the jungle where crystal clear water allows us to have a relaxing bath.
No, relaxing maybe not, why? as soon as you step into the water billions of smaller and smaller fish cling to the skin to? nibble on it? and create, once accustomed to the sensation, a pleasant massage. At some point I can not anymore? to see my feet, they are totally covered with fish!
Now? time to return to Bangkok, and after a stop at the temple of the tigers where we take some photos with tigers in our hands (probably sedated, I strongly advise against it, a very sad place) we return to the capital.

This time we are staying in a guesthouse in Chinatown, near the train station as the next day we leave for the south, for the sea!

4 day

We spend the day in the streets of Chinatown, between markets and street food.
In the evening we take the train that crosses Thailand, in order to use the night time for the journey. At the station in Bangkok? It is possible to buy convenient ferry + boat tickets so that at the arrival station, a bus will take you directly to the catamaran for the islands of the Koh Samui archipelago.

5 day

And so said done! A sleep on the train and at dawn we wake up in Chumphon, a bus takes us to the port and the scheduled catamaran takes us to the three islands of the archipelago: Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan.

We have chosen Koh Phangan, where we are pleasantly stranded on a beach in the north of the island (which is very small). The beaches to the north are more? beautiful and not too close to chaotic Haad Rin. Here, in fact, once a month, the? Full Moon Party? Takes place, a rave that gathers adepts from all over the world.

6 day

We relax on the beach of Koh Phangan, between cocktails served by the pool, Thai massages and excellent fish.

7 day

We rent a scooter to get around the island (which is small, in half a day you can go around the entire perimeter).

8 day

The day is totally dedicated to beach life.

9 day

The day is totally dedicated to beach life.

10 day

After 5 days of pure relaxation, snorkelling and aperitifs on the beach with shining eyes we leave Koh Phangan. We head back to Bangkok to get to know it better before departure. Same route: catamaran to Chumphon and train to Bangkok. We travel again at night, even the trains more? cheap are very comfortable!

11 day

Once back in the capital we immersed ourselves in the real Bangkok. Wandering through the alleys, did we come across unlikely markets such as the talisman market or the sad and illegal cockfights? Bangkok revealed a surprise every turn of the street.

In the last few days we have totally eaten street food: delicious dips made in the street by improvised cooks. Taste Pad Thai, the typical dish: a delight!

12 day

The day before returning we visit Ayutthaya in the day, the ancient Thai capital which is about 40 km from Bangkok. Walking in the ruins engulfed by plants where once there was the center of power has a certain effect.

13 day

The time has come to leave. After a stopover in Hong Kong, we return to Italy enriched with wonderful experiences. We highly recommend Thailand especially for those who want to start DIY travel!

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