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Santorini? was our choice for summer holidays, after spending summer 2016 among the sunsets and paellas of Formentera. One day, by chance, browsing through photos on Instagram, I catch sight of one in particular, in which the intense blue and white of the houses hypnotize me. I fall in love with the landscape at a glance, and, reading the caption, I discover that I am in Santorini.
Within ten minutes, Lorenzo and I had established the destination for the summer, and we had left in search of the closest flight. cheap. Unfortunately there are few cities? from which direct flights depart for Santorini. We, starting from Bologna, had to make a stopover in Athens, to then take another plane and reach Santorini. We booked about 7 months in advance, and what company did we fly with? been Ryanair (total price paid? 170 each).
As far as accommodation is concerned, we have found a special Booking offer in this beautiful apartment complex, the Blue Dream. It is located in the center of Kamari, one of the hubs of Santorini's youth life and one of the few cities? directly on the beach. Oia and Thira instead overlook the caldera, the rocky part of the island.
The apartment is divided into two floors, connected by a spiral staircase in white wood, which stood out against the bright blue of the walls. Outside, there is a patio where you can eat, while on the rooftop there is a huge garden from which to admire the whole town from above. The owner ? a very kind gentleman, enough to pay for a taxi to pick you up at the airport at any time of day or night. We paid in two? 660 for nine nights, instead of? the full price of? 1215. I advise you to keep Booking monitored often why? the offers change according to the days!

1 day

The first day in Santorini we took it very calmly. After a nice breakfast outside on our terrace, we went to the beach of Perivolos. It is located on the southeastern coast and? an extension of the neighboring beach of Perissa. In fact, they are both characterized by the presence of black sand, which, in contrast with the crystalline water of the sea, creates a wonderful play of light.
This probably? the beach among all that there? liked the most. It was not too crowded (like Kamari instead), and there were both stretches of free beach and bathing establishments, where for a few euros (? 5-10) you could rent two sunbeds and an umbrella for the whole day. In addition, many of them also serve as restaurants / bars. In fact, if you stop for lunch, even just eating a simple sandwich, they give you free use of the umbrella and sunbeds.
We had brought our packed sandwiches, for? we could still use the bar service directly from under the umbrella: the waiter brought us the menu? and we ordered two giant fresh fruit smoothies, really good! The atmosphere was very relaxing, with background music from the radio and a pleasant cool breeze.

2 day

The two beaches more? famous of Santorini are Perissa and Kamari. Our second day in Santorini we relaxed in fact in Perissa, certainly more? crowded compared to Perivolos but less than Kamari. Here too, we decided to rent umbrellas and sunbeds for € 5 each, and take advantage of the bar service on the beach. The beach ? entirely composed of sand and black pebbles. The water tends to become immediately deep once you step into the sea, therefore ideal for those who snorkel or love to swim. Pay attention to the direction in which the wind blows, why? very often the beaches of this area of ​​the coast are subjected to strong gusts and consequently also the sea? moved.

3 day

Kamari? perhaps the beach par excellence of Santorini, the most? tourist. Here you can find restaurants open 24 hours a day, clubs, bars, bathing establishments, and agencies to book excursions. Staying in Kamari, we went to the homonymous beach more? of a day, because of the convenience. Sand here too? black, and nothing was different from the nearby beaches of Perivolos and Perissa.
The only sore point was the great crowding of people, so much not able to find a free umbrella. In addition, foreign masseurs often turn in search of potential clients. We ate in a restaurant on the beach, and then took advantage of the free umbrella.

4 day

Red Beach? the "P? suggestive beach of Santorini, obtained from an inlet to the south of the island. As the name itself suggests,? composed solely of red sand, derived from the rocks above. Being so? particular and very narrow,? always very busy and crowded, so I advise you to go there either early in the morning, to take the best seats and enjoy the whole day there, or in the late afternoon, when most of the people? gone away and the sun doesn't burn anymore. In fact, we went to the Red Beach at 17.00, after a day at Kamari beach, for a touch and escape to the red beach.
Once you leave the car, a steep and winding path up the rocks awaits you, so what? better get there with sneakers. The view from above the rocks? breathtaking: will it open? before you a fiery red landscape, bathed by the sea, and surrounded by stones. There are no bathing establishments here, but only a free beach, so? bring an umbrella to avoid being toasted by the sun. The beach ? very narrow, and often the sea? moved, but a visit? absolutely a must. In addition, on the way to Red Beach there are numerous vantage points where you can stop with the car to take pictures.

Tips & Tricks: many guides report White Beach and Black Beach as unmissable beaches, but I do not recommend them. The White Beach can you? reach only by boat, which will unload you? offshore and you'll have to swim to the beach. Instead, the Black Beach is located at the end of a very dangerous road both by car and by moped, it is not worth it as the black sand is also found in the beaches of Perivolos, Perissa and Kamari.

5 day

Monolithos beach? the only beach in Santorini with sand instead of the stones, then more? similar to the Italian ones we are used to. It is located north of Kamari, easily accessible by any means, and uncrowded. Not ? very long, more? what else large, furnished by a single bathhouse (? 10). On the sides of this beach, in the middle of the sea, there are clusters of rocks that form a sort of? Door? towards the crystal clear Greek waters and from which you can take pictures of great effect.

6 day

Oia? the village pi? famous of Santorini, what you see more? often on catalogs, in stunning photos in bright colors. Its characteristic blue domes attract thousands of visitors every year, and indeed? one in a kind.

It is located in the northwestern part of Santorini, which rises above the caldera, so there are no beaches. The only one? the Bay of Ammoudi, but cannot compare with the beaches on the opposite side, such as Kamari and Perissa. So keep in mind that if you decide to stay in Oia, you will often have to travel far to reach the nearest beaches. beautiful. My advice ? to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool, so? you will have an excellent compromise between sea and mountains.

We instead decided to stay in Kamari (the area of ​​the beaches), and to move a few evenings to enjoy the sunset in Oia. You can get there in 40 minutes by car, be careful why? the street ? winding and in the evening there are no street lamps. The part of the sunset in fact? the "P? popular with tourists, for this? best to arrive early to take advantage of the best locations.

The sunset of Oia? something unique, especially when the sun touches the line of the sea and sinks into it. At the end of the show, explode? a loud applause from the people.

In the evening you can stroll through the narrow streets. There are local craft shops nestled between the white walls, but also clothing and souvenir shops. Prices are high, so beware of it? around before buying.

7 day

Thira? the capital of Santorini, is located 20 minutes from Oia, and also? strategically positioned on the caldera. Moreover, ? just 20 minutes by car from Kamari, therefore easily accessible, and find parking? simple enough.

The best areas to enjoy the sunset are Firostefani and Imerovigli. Here you will find white walls to lean on to take beautiful photos with the sun setting in the distance.

From Thira, you can also reach the port by cable car, by donkeys, or on foot, going down about three hundred steps. The street ? full of curves, and you will have to be able to dodge the? souvenirs? left by the donkeys on the way.

Thira? surely more? youth of Oia. Indeed there? an entire pedestrian area dedicated to trendy bars, fast food restaurants, kebab shops, ice cream parlors, pubs. Instead, more? inside, in the heart of the village, there are the classic local shops. On sale you will find souvenirs, furniture and fashion items (sandals with wooden soles are a must!).

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