Traveling women: 7 tips for traveling alone

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Traveling is a passion that many women have in common, but embraced by fear ... yes, to fear of traveling alone.
Chatting for a while, among women, about what were the fears to face on a trip alone, it emerged that, in addition to the fear of not knowing how to adapt to the problems that may arise during a trip, the greatest fear is to do unpleasant encounters which, from unwelcome attention, can lead to real violence.

There are, however precautions you can take, thus ensuring the pleasure of enjoying a nice trip in complete solitude.
Clearly the unexpected can happen (it is also a matter of bad luck!), But it is now customary, in almost all countries of the world, to see a girl on vacation alone and this no longer surprises anyone; the main advice, however, is to always keep your eyes open, keeping a sober attitude, not trusting the first comer.


  1. Light luggage
  2. Find out well about the destination of the trip
  3. Do not explain the travel plan to strangers
  4. Inform loved ones of the movements
  5. Be careful when on the road
  6. Don't overdo the alcohol
  7. Getting around by taxi
  8. User questions and comments

1 - Light luggage

Women who go on holiday alone are advised to travel with luggage that is not too bulky, in order to move more freely, always leaving one hand free. I are recommended luggage with wheels, they are more practical, while avoiding designer suitcases or apparently very expensive: you risk attracting the attention of thieves. It is also good to remain anonymous, using labels that hide your name and surname. Also for the purses and handbags you have to be careful: prefer a model that closes, with closed internal compartments with zipper and a very comfortable shoulder strap. It is advisable to put identity documents and credit cards in a clutch and to keep a pocket torch in your bag, for any evening blackouts.

2 - Find out well about the destination of the trip

Culture, customs and customs of the country to visit. For example, learn a few frequently used phrase it can be useful. Especially inquire if there are dress codes to follow, such as hiding your hair, using long-sleeved shirts, or long pants, in order to prepare your bags according to the needs of the place. Too Western and flashy looks are to be avoided if you travel to traditionalist countries; Shirts that are too short and bare shoulders can be offensive to the locals. In Muslim countries it is advisable to cover yourself with headscarves.

3 - Do not explain the travel program to strangers

Absolutely avoid giving anyone details related to the trip, such as the name of the hotel, routes and places you want to visit: the mentality of the men you meet can be very different from those you are used to and even the most peaceful and apparently) respectable can turn out to be the worst of molesters.

4 - Inform your loved ones about the movements

it is good to communicate very often to relatives or friends about the movements you make, communicate the name of the hotel, explain in detail the routes you want to take and leave telephone numbers to be tracked. In some hotels it is possible to request cards with their contact details and an access plan written in the local language, it could be useful when taking a taxi, for example.

5 - Be careful when on the road

Women are often targeted by criminals and criminals who consider them easy prey: it is always advisable to be alert; better do not wear flashy jewelry on the road and keep cash and credit cards in separate wallets. Remember to bring the number to call in case of loss or theft of your credit card. In the evening, better avoid the deserted streets, even if you are in a group; if you really have to, get flashlights, rape alarm with siren and one pepper spray. It is better to be self-confident, giving the impression of knowing where you are going and if someone asks you if you are alone, always answer that you are in the company of friends who are not far from you.

6 - Don't overdo it with alcohol

Beware of alcoholic beverages and substances that can cause you to lose control; unfortunately, rapes carried out with the help of drugs, such as GHD, better known as the "rape drug", are very common. Be careful not to leave your drink unattended and don't accept drinks from strangers.

7 - Getting around by taxi

If you travel using taxis it is best to take only the official ones, perhaps taking advice from your hotel and taking taxis at the appropriate stations; before getting on, check the city map to know the direction to follow and, if possible, share the taxi with other travelers, but never with strangers. Never hitchhike or accepting rides from unknown people.

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