Traveling to the USA: Here are the best cities for fun lovers

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  • Las Vegas: the entertainment capital
  • Orlando, the city of amusement parks
  • Have fun day and night in New York
  • Sun, sea and fun in Miami
  • Chicago, Atlanta and the others: who closes the top 10

Il travel is always a subjective experience, that everyone can live differently trying to find the best options according to their tastes and lifestyle. In this sense the United States, with their immense spaces and the incredible heterogeneity of the places, represents a choice that satisfies everyone: let's see what they are, according to the ranking drawn up by WalletHub, the places scattered around the North American continent where fun lovers can find bread for their teeth.

Las Vegas: the entertainment capital

When it comes to American-style fun, Las Vegas it is undoubtedly the destination to visit par excellence. With the 70 points obtained, the city located in the Mojave Desert, in Nevada, has in fact beaten its competitors thanks to a tourist offer focused almost entirely on entertainment: the presence of numerous gambling halls makes Las Vegas the right place for those who want to try theintoxication of betting on roulette or to play slot machines, perhaps experiencing more closely the experiences that are now guaranteed even in digital format by the numerous platforms dedicated to these pastimes. Attention, however: Las Vegas does not mean only casino: the city manages to place itself in first place also due to the presence of parks, restaurants, night clubs and natural attractions to discover during the day.

Orlando, the city of amusement parks

Immediately after Las Vegas in the rankings we find Orlando, which owes its second place above all to the rich presence of theme parks intended for all types of visitors. The city located in the State of Florida is in fact the home of the cinema theme parks Disney World e Universal Studios and marine and zoological parks such as that of the chain SeaWorld and gatorland. There is no shortage of one in Orlando excellent commercial proposal, such as the outdoor walk called City Walk (which houses, among the many signs, the Hard Rock Café) and the Millennia shopping center, and exciting experiences to live such as the balloon ride proposed by Orlando Balloon Rides.

Have fun day and night in New York

Third step of the podium for New York, one of the most visited cities not only in America but all over the world. New York is one multi-ethnic metropolis full of attractions of all kinds, which especially satisfy lovers of fun in the broadest sense of the term. Shopping in New York, for example, is an experience hardly reproducible elsewhere, considering the sheer amount of shops of all kinds present throughout the city, not to mention the possibility of stopping to eat and drink in the most characteristic places, go out at night in the best clubs and, why not, meet the VIPs who live in these parts.

Sun, sea and fun in Miami

Think about Miami and immediately imagine colorful costumes, tropical palms and waves to ride: the city located on the southeastern cape of Florida, fourth in this special ranking, is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating destinations for those who love the sea and summer all year round. Here, fun is guaranteed, both during the day on the beach and on the promenade, and at night in the many restaurants, night clubs and discos in the area.

Chicago, Atlanta and the others: who closes the top 10

The ranking drawn up by the financial services site WalletHub takes into account several parameters to define which are the funniest cities in the United States: if those mentioned cannot be missing from the list of those who organize a trip of this type, pay attention to the other surprises in the top 10.

In fifth place, for example, we find Chicago, Followed by Atlanta e San Francisco, which therefore seem to guarantee an excellent offer in the field of entertainment in its various forms. Eighth place for Portland, which boasts parks, gardens and above all a lively musical art scene, while closing the top ten there are San Diego and Los Angeles. In short, the choice is wide: where do we book for the next holidays?

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