Travel to Ireland: 5 Must-See Places Along the Causeway Coastal Route

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Ireland is one of those places that must be discovered on the go: a car, a bus, any vehicle, the important thing is not to stay still. Among the most famous routes on the island is the Causeway Coastal Route, a Northern Ireland coastal road starting from Belfast, on the east coast, and ends at Derry / Londonderry, on the north coast.
The second part of the route, the one to the north, offers the greatest number of points of interest. Here five stages not to be missed, all overlooking the Atlantic, before arriving in Derry / Londonderry.


  1. Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge
  2. Ballintoy
  3. Giant's Causeway
  4. Dunluce Castle
  5. Mussenden Temple
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1 - Carrick rope bridge in Rede

One of the most famous rope bridges in the world: twenty meters long and suspended at a height of thirty is one of the things to do absolutely on this stretch of coast, unless you suffer from vertigo. The Carrick-a-rede ope bridge it was used by salmon fishermen to reach the islet from which it takes its name, today those who cross it can only enjoy a splendid view, but it is really worth it. Access to the bridge is subject to charges.

2 - Ballintoy

Ballintoy it is such a small village that it goes almost unnoticed and its port is just as small, but it is a real gem. From here you can enjoy a splendid view of the surrounding cliffs and Rathlin Island, now a nature reserve. In many guides this place is not marked, but if you are a fan of the Game of Thrones television series here is one more reason to visit it: here they shot some scenes set on the Iron Islands.

3 - Giant's Causeway

Famous in Italy as Giant's Causeway, this place is one of the natural wonders that you can admire during your trip to Ireland. Legend has it that it was the giant Finn who built this path formed by hexagonal basalt rocks, in reality it is all the work of lava and atmospheric agents, but certainly the first hypothesis is more fascinating. Access is free if you do not use the services offered (parking, shuttle, exhibition halls, audio guide, cafeteria and shop).

4 - Dunluce Castle

The ruins of the Dunluce Castle they are perched on the top of a cliff. It is not at all difficult to notice it while traveling along the coastal road. Admission is subject to a fee and, in addition to what remains of the walls and halls, you can also admire a splendid view of the ocean. But know that if you are not big fans of castles, a look from the outside is more than enough. On the side of the castle a path descends towards the Grotta della Sirena and a panoramic point, both accessible even for those who have not purchased the ticket.

5 - Mussenden Temple

This small temple built on the edge of a cliff is located in Downhill, a village made up of very few houses. The Mussenden Temple it was built to house the library of the bishop of Derry (or his mistress, there are many rumors) and not far away is what remains of his imposing nineteenth-century residence, hit by a fire first and then by the second world war. The cliff top walk is truly impressive, especially in good weather. The beach visible from above, on the left, like the Ballintoy harbor, was used as a set for the Game of Thrones series.

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