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Iran is an Islamic republic that links the Middle East to Asia through its vast territory. It overlooks the waters of the Persian Gulf and it hosts archaeological sites dating back to the Persian era of enormous historical interest, for example Persepolis.
Tehran, the capital, is a modern city, there are numerous attractions to visit in addition to the contact it offers with an extremely fascinating civilization.

Visiting Iran without worries is possible, just follow a few small tricks. Let's leave together then for a travel to Iran: useful information, safety and recommended itineraries.


  1. Travel informed: useful information
  2. Where it is
  3. Security, visa and necessary documents
  4. 10 days itinerary: Dasht-e Kavir desert adventure and visit to Tehran
  5. 7-day itinerary: Persian Empire
  6. Travel to Iran: flights, costs, best time and advice
  7. User questions and comments

Travel informed: useful information

  • Inhabitants: 81.672.300
  • Capital: Tehran
  • Languages: Persian
  • Local currency: Iranian riyal (IRR) / € 1,00 = IRR 36.518,34
  • Weather: seasons well marked and characterized by a dry climate, except in the region of the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf; in the capital the winter is harsh accompanied at times by heavy snowfalls, while the summer is hot and dry with temperatures that often exceed 40 degrees
  • Time zone: + 2 hours and 30 minutes compared to Italy
  • Travel / health insurance: recommended.

    Where it is

    Iran connects the Middle East to Asia, bordering Turkey to the north, Iraq to the west and being behind Afghanistan and Pakistan, while Turkmenistan is to the north-east.
    It faces south east on the Persian Gulf, right in front of the coasts of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and north on the Caspian Sea with the capital Tehran.
    It is a very large territory with a great variety of landscapes and climates.

    Security, visa and necessary documents

    • Entry requirements: passport with at least 6 months of validity; compulsory entry visa, which can be requested at the Consulate before leaving (€ 50,00) or upon arrival in Iran at the airports of Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz and Mashad (in this case costs of € 75,00 ), upon completion of a form and possession of a return flight ticket, hotel booking and health insurance; the visa is not granted on passports bearing the visa or stamp of entry into Israel
    • vaccinations: no vaccination required
    • Restrictions: entry stamps to Israel must not be present in the passport; avoid photographing borders or military and government sites, always ask for permission to photograph the population, especially in the case of women; the importation, introduction into the country or possession of any type of publication or audiovisual material that Islamic morals deem contrary to modesty is prohibited
    • Safety: in recent years there has been an increase in terrorist acts, particularly in the main cities, and in thefts from foreign tourists; furthermore, it is not recommended to travel close to the border areas with Iraq / Iraqi Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan and in the south-eastern area of ​​Iran. It is highly recommended to consult the official website of the Farnesina and, above all, to notify your trip in the corresponding section
    • Useful Tips: maintain a prudent attitude throughout the country, including the capital and places of tourist attraction; avoid demonstrations, gatherings or crowded places; It is important to comply with Islamic rules of conduct, especially in terms of clothing

    10 days itinerary: Dasht-e Kavir desert adventure and visit to Tehran

    1. First day: arrival in Tehran; transfer from Tehran to the city of Esfahan
    2. Second day: departure from Esfahan, visit to the ancient cities of Meybod, Chak Chak and Kharanagh; return to the hotel and overnight
    3. Third day: Breakfast; transfer to Garmeh, an oasis in the desert; accommodation and overnight stay
    4. Fourth day: departure for the oasis of Mesr, where, after breakfast, we leave for trekking and camping in the desert; overnight stay in the desert
    5. Fifth day: Breakfast; trekking in the desert, return to Garmeh; overnight stay
    6. Sixth day: Breakfast; transfer to Yazd, visit to the city; overnight stay
    7. Seventh day: transfer to Tehran; accommodation and overnight stay
    8. Eighth day: visit of Tehran; overnight stay
    9. Ninth day: visit of Tehran and the shores of the Caspian Sea; overnight stay
    10. Tenth day: return to Italy

    How much? Price details

    • Price per person starting from: € 1.950,00 per person
    • The price includes: flights, transfers, overnight stays, in some cases like in Garmeh also meals, the local guide for the trekking in the desert
    • The fee does not include: meals for the remaining locations, the transfer to the Caspian Sea, any local guides in Tehran, the museums of the main cities

    7-day itinerary: Persian Empire

    1. First day: arrival in Tehran; hotel accommodation
    2. Second day: visit to Teheran, Golestan palace, Archaeological Museum; in the evening internal flight to the city of Shiraz; overnight stay
    3. Third day: excursion to Persepolis and Naghsh-e-Rostam; overnight in Tehran
    4. Fourth day: visit of Shiraz, Nasir mosque; transfer to Esfahan and overnight
    5. Fifth day: visit to Esfahan, archaeological sites, mosques; overnight stay
    6. Sixth day: visit of the city of Kashan and, in the evening, transfer to the hotel next to the Tehran airport, overnight
    7. Seventh day: return to Italy

    How much? Price details

    • Price per person starting from: € 1.200,00 per person
    • The price includes: flights, transfers, local guide, overnight stays with breakfast
    • The fee does not include: meals

    Travel to Iran: flights, costs, best time and advice

    Iran is one very economical destination, but i costs of the guides, which are highly recommended in this country, both for the language and for a factor of completeness of the visits, but above all for a question of safety!

    I flights from Rome are very cheap, you can find from € 250,00 to € 350,00 to go up.
    If you want to stay overnight in the desert, as in the first proposed itinerary, the prices for accommodation and meals are very affordable, around € 20,00 per person. In the city, prices go up, and a 3-star hotel will cost around € 45,00 per night per person.
    Eating in restaurants is also very cheap, a meal for two in a mid-range restaurant costs around € 15,00.

    • Minimum period for a tour in Iran: 7 days
    • Recommended cities for base: Tehran, Shiraz (with airport), Esfahan
    • Getting around: between the main cities there are very cheap tourist buses; you can still use taxis, even these cheap
    • Flights: flights from Rome with Turkish Airlines, Quatar and Emirates are comfortable, usually include a stopover and the price ranges from € 250,00 to € 600,00
    • Accommodations and accommodations: in the cities you will find different types of accommodation, suitable for all budgets; even the traditional houses in the desert oases, some equipped with tours to the Salt Lake or trekking in the desert, have great prices and the night in the desert is an experience that we absolutely recommend

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