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Lovers of the coldest and wildest America? Then Greenland is the country for you! Located infar north of the Atlantic Ocean, Greenland borders Canada, Iceland, the Arctic Ocean and the Arctic. Its capital is Nuuk, and with about 0,03 inhabitants per square km Greenland is Least densely populated state in the world. An interesting thing that not everyone knows: from a political point of view, Greenland depends on the Kingdom of Denmark, although with a referendum in 2008 it saw its autonomy increase with respect to the Danish government, in particular as regards the autonomous management of its natural resources and the recognition of Greenlandic as an official language. But what are the most interesting attractions to see in Greenland? Let's take a look at the ranking.


  1. What see? Here are the attractions to visit!
  2. Greenland Tour: Recommended Itineraries
  3. When to go? Here is the best time to travel!
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What see? Here are the attractions to visit!

Greenland, remote, cold and dark land. But also a land that has maintained an incredible natural landscape and a high degree of wild life. Here are the top 10 things to see!

  1. Northern Lights: unique phenomenon typical of the Nordic nations, therefore also of Greenland. The Northern Lights in this nation is visible from autumn to April, while it is invisible in summer due to the midnight sun.
  2. Tasiilaq: founded in 1894, Tasillaq is the largest city in eastern Greenland. Overlooking the sea, the port of the city and its typical colorful houses they welcome tourists all year round. Here is also the Polar Museum.
  3. Qaqortoq: this, with its 3.300 inhabitants, is the largest city in southern Greenland. Many populations have followed one another here in over 4.300 years of history, including the Saqqaq, Thule, Norwegians, Danes. Qaqortoq offers unique architectural examples, including the fountain placed in the town square.
  4. Icebergs and glaciers: being able to admire an iceberg or a glacier up close is a unique experience, which each of us should try at least once in our life: these huge natural pieces are in fact so beautiful that they leave you breathless. It is the north of Greenland in particular that offers beautiful examples of icebergs and glaciers.
  5. Helicopter tour: there are few roads that connect the different communities of Greenland, so many people have become accustomed to traveling by snowmobile, boat or even by helicopter: several companies have equipped themselves from a tourist point of view, offering guided flights over icebergs, glaciers, water springs and the Icefjord area.
  6. Kangia fjord: one of the best known fjords of Greenland, is located in the west of the country and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. 10% of Greenland's icebergs originate from here, and it is a very popular tourist destination, reachable by heliport.
  7. Whale watching: Easily visible especially in the Arctic Sea, Greenland whales can reach 20 meters in length and over 150 tons in weight. Being slow swimmers, you have the opportunity to observe them carefully, thus trying an unrepeatable experience to say the least!
  8. National Park: with its 972 thousand square meters, that of Greenland is the largest national park in the world. It is home to several Arctic species and is estimated to be inhabited by only 40 men: In the past, the Inuit lived here for thousands of years.
  9. Nuuk: the capital allows you to immerse yourself in both the history and contemporary culture of Greenland: Inuit art museums, Arctic history and lifestyle tour, gourmet restaurants and numerous shopping opportunities make Nuuk a city worth a visit.
  10. Blue River: this is one of the most important natural wonders of Greenland. With crystal clear water, it almost looks like a vein passing through the frozen desert. The shape changes every year because of the Petermann glacier that feeds it.

Greenland Tour: Recommended Itineraries

There are several tours suggested by the various tourist boards that allow you to experience unique emotions in Greenland. Let's start with, for example dog sled ride, to admire the ice cap and the Northern Lights: the reference area is that of Kangerlussuaq, just 4 hours flight from Denmark. From there with a flight lasting about 50 minutes you can move to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, full of life and culture and full of outdoor activities including kayaking.
Another recommended tour is the one starting from Tasiilaq and that from there leads to move, by plane, to the Kulusuk Peninsula, which unfolds between jagged mountains and vast fjords, for a truly incredible panorama.

When to go? Here is the best time to travel!

The winter and summer periods are very different from each other: in summer you can see the midnight sun and enjoy the water of Greenland through numerous sports and outdoor activities while in winter there are dogs pulling sleds, the Northern Lights and hiking in the snow. In short, pure charm for 12 months a year: the choice is yours!

Prices and costs of a holiday

To reach Greenland, the main air routes are the ones that depart from Denmark, from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq, operated by Air Greenland, e from Iceland. Flight prices range from around € 350 to € 600, round trip. Within Greenland you can always travel by plane with the Greenland company, and the prices depend on the distance: for example, to travel from Nuuk to Kangerlussuaq the average price is about € 240.
The hotels are part of the European project called "Stars Union Hotel", for which they are starred like the European ones: with € 100 per couple per night you sleep and eat with dignity in an accommodation facility. The average costs of the excursions are between € 60 and € 80, to which, however, the displacements.

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