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Travel insurance for the reasons I explain in the article on health care costs in the US it's a fundamental element when planning a trip to the United States.

Even more important having a health insurance policy is when a pregnant woman undertakes the trip.

But let's start from the beginning by considering a factor that is often taken for granted but is not, considering that it is a topic also dealt with on the official website of the US Custom and Border Protection (Customs and Immigration Site)

Can a pregnant woman enter the USA?

As written on the official website there is no regulation prohibiting a pregnant woman entry into American territory.

Having said that, however, as in any other case, the Permission to enter the United States is at the discretion of the CBP officer.

In fact if the official determines that the date of delivery may be while in the US and you do not have sufficient funds or medical insurance to cover the expenses, it may deny entry.

So the advice is to undertake the trip to the USA by the 26 XNUMXth week of pregnancy also to be covered by medical policies, as we will see below.

Until which week can you take the plane?

In general it can travel up to the 9th month of pregnancy, during which, however, it is mandatory to do fill in the MEDIF form (Medical Information Form) to the gynecologist, at most 7 days before the departure date.

Now let's see the various policies and what they cover.


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Coverwise ha le conditions most transparent of all and cites all cases covered or not.

Maximal: € 100.000 per complications of pregnancy (in the information booklet all the complications covered are reported, such as ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa, etc ...)

Events related to pregnancy not included in the "complications" field are excluded.

Of course, normal births are also excluded and travels made after a doctor has reported an increased risk of premature birth are not covered.

Maximum period: in the information sheet there is no maximum coverage period, as is the case for all other insurances that do not cover pathologies beyond the 26th week.

Trip cancellation

Nothing is reported in the information booklet regarding the cancellation of the trip in case of pregnancy.

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Maximal: nothing specific is reported on the ceiling in case of pregnancy.

Exclusion: birth even if premature are not covered and the puerperium. Any illness resulting from pregnancy is excluded from coverage beyond the 26th week of gestation.

Keep in mind that in case of childbirth even the newborn would not be covered by the insurance and therefore in case of need for treatment, they would all be borne by the parents.


La cancellation policy reimburses the cost of the trip in case of pregnancy it is ascertained after booking the trip; you must cancel within 7 days.


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Maximal: there is no specific ceiling for which the general one should apply.

The policy covers only pathologies deriving from pregnancy and not physiological states of the pregnancy itself.

Exclusions: Columbus does not cover pathologies beyond the 6th month of pregnancy and non-premature birth.


In the case of Columbus the cancellation occurs exclusively for pathologies of pregnancy and not simply due to pregnancy, there must therefore be complications that make travel impossible.

In addition, the pregnancy must have been established after the policy was issued.


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Axa specifies in the information sheet that it does not cover pathological states resulting from pregnancy beyond the 26th week of gestation.


The mere state of pregnancy, even if discovered after the stipulation of the policy, is not sufficient to obtain the reimbursement of the trip, but it is necessary that there are pathologies.


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In Allianz Assistance's information booklet practically does not deal with the pregnancy section.

Only the exclusions are reported (voluntary termination of pregnancy, non-premature birth) and that if the birth takes place while traveling, the newborn is not covered.


Allianz reimburses only for illnesses resulting from pregnancy, if this was discovered after the policy was taken out.


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ERV's pregnancy dossier is not very explanatory.

Indeed it is only a paragraph where the exclusions are reported.

Exclusions: pregnancy-dependent diseases beyond the 26th week of gestation are not covered.

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