Travel insurance for America: what it is and how to choose the right one

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  • What is travel insurance
  • Why subscribe to one
  • How to find the most suitable travel insurance
  • Covers and clauses
  • How to manage the Covid-19 risk
  • How much does travel insurance cost

When planning a vacation, it is very important to be able to leave peacefully and without worries. For this reason, it is imperative to stipulate good travel insurance that can protect the person from accidents and health problems that can happen when traveling abroad.

Each country in the world has its own health system and in some cases such as United States, every service, even the simplest, is subject to a fee.

Leaving without coverage means risking having to shell out a lot of money in the event of needing medical assistance. With travel insurance, on the other hand, you will be protected from any unforeseen events, including those related to travel and travel Covid-19 pandemic.

There are different types of policies you can purchase, each with different coverage, such as baggage protection and cancellation. So here's how travel insurance works, what they offer and how much they cost.

What is travel insurance

Travel insurance is nothing more than a policy that protects the holder from the occurrence of unforeseeable events for health or assets. They can be stipulated various kinds of policies as there are many situations that can happen before, during or after the trip.

Travel insurances are extremely customizable and tailor-made for each traveler and usually cover the most common risks such as trip cancellation, lost luggage, accidents and much more.

The options available must be carefully analyzed, especially if you are leaving for a country in which medical treatment is subject to a fee. Some policies also include civil liability in the event of accidental damage to third parties and legal assistance.

Therefore, before purchasing a travel policy it is essential to carefully evaluate the product, taking into account factors such as destination, means of travel and type of trip.

Why subscribe to one

The North American healthcare system is mainly run by private companies and therefore patients are required to pay for everything.

The costs for medical treatment can be very expensive, up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, this issue does not only concern Canada and the United States, but also many countries in Africa, South America and Asia.

Then there are some states such as Russia, Cuba and Algeria in which medical insurance is mandatory for incoming tourists.

It may happen that you need to receive health care and cannot be treated without coverage or without spending a lot of money, even on the most mundane things. Taking out travel insurance is therefore desirable for travel in all serenity and without any fear.

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How to find the most suitable travel insurance

The travel policy must be selected according to the country of destination. The insurance coverage is valid for trips to Spain, Europe and the rest of the world.

trips to Spain 24/7 assistance is generally offered with full reimbursement of medical expenses and with the opportunity to add additional safeguards to protect your home, pets and family members left at home.

In the case of travel to European destinations it is preferable to opt for a policy with 24/7 assistance, reimbursement of medical expenses, baggage coverage, accidents, reimbursement of rescue costs, roadside assistance and protection in the event of Covid-19.

If your journey takes you towards a non-European nationIn addition to 24/7 assistance and the usual options, it is good to include the guarantee for home assistance, travel accident coverage and civil liability.

Also, it is worth mentioning that travel insurance it can be single or annual. The single policy covers only a single trip and is ideal for those who take only one holiday a year or who travel occasionally.

The annual policy is cheaper and is designed for people who plan to make more trips during the year but have a maximum duration of 30 days. This is the perfect formula for those who travel frequently for business or pleasure.

In conclusion, the main difference between the annual policy and the single one is that the annual policy allows you to do an unlimited number of trips in the 12 months following the signing of the contract.

Covers and clauses

As mentioned, travel insurance is flexible and customizable according to the specific needs of the traveler.

In addition to the options already mentioned such as health care, reimbursement of medical expenses and civil liability, there are other coverage that should always be included in the contract.

The policy that should never be missing is the one for cancellation of the trip. The most common reasons that allow you to cancel your holiday are illness, death, accident, layoffs, dismissal, theft of documents and property damage.

Usually the cancel option you subscribe at the time of booking or within 8 days of this date. Reimbursement may not take place for those suffering from chronic diseases or for those traveling to countries affected by international sanctions or which are included in the list of states not recommended by the Foreign Ministry.

Another essential coverage for excellent travel insurance is loss, damage or theft of luggage. In this case, the money and personal effects inside are also insured.

Usually the policy also acts in cases of delay in the delivery of baggage, reimbursing an amount corresponding to the expenses incurred by the insured to replace the missing basic necessities.

Compensation will still be given in the event of theft or damage, according to the value of what has been stolen or damaged.

Finally, it is advisable to make sure that the policy includes medical repatriation, surgery, hospital expenses, sending medicines abroad and the travel of a family member to provide assistance.

Even before taking out travel insurance it is preferable carefully examine the contract and its conditions to avoid nasty surprises once on the road.

Many of these clauses relate to health care, especially for people over 75, those suffering from chronic illnesses and engaging in risky sporting activities.

Regarding the protection of baggage, it is necessary to check the clauses on the traveller's guilt. In fact, valuables such as cameras, jewelry and cameras are only insured if worn or in hand.

How to manage the Covid-19 risk

Considering the current health situation regarding the pandemic caused by Covid-19, it is essential to choose a travel policy that covers the possibility of falling ill abroad or being stuck in quarantine.

Today, almost all insurance companies include Covid-19 among their coverage options. In any case, it is always good to check that in the exclusions there are no references to Covid-19 or pandemics in general.

It is important to check what it is intended for quarantine situations regarding cancellation and health care.

If you cannot leave for the holiday or return on the scheduled day because in isolation, the insurance company may not be able to refund. On the other hand, if you are positive before departure, the cancellation policy should cover the cancellation fees.

However, if you contract the virus while traveling and cannot return on the set date, many of the travel policies provide coverage for the extra costs of staying and buying new tickets.

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How much does travel insurance cost

Travel policies have different costs depending on the specific destination. This is because there are different costs between hospitalization in the United States, where medical services are expensive without insurance, compared to any European country.

The cost of each policy is essentially determined by the degree of protection chosen. The more options and coverage policies are added, the higher the final expense will obviously be.

We remind you that this type of insurance product is offered by the main Spanish insurers and can be purchased from the same insurance companies, travel agencies or simply online.

Giving an approximate cost is complicated since the rates vary between single and annual policy. But on average the prices for a good travel insurance they can vary from 15 to 150 euros.

Going into detail, for trips to Europe the price is around 15 euros, while with 25-30 euros you can buy a policy for non-European countries. Finally, for full coverage, the insurance will cost you around 130-150 euros.

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