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Among the Utah Mighty Five, the Bryce Canyon it is by far the most famous and visited, either because it proudly presents itself as one of the most beautiful national parks in the southwest USA, or because its position is strategic for the classic parks loop from Las Vegas and other more specific Utah itineraries, such as the one to or from Moab along UT-12.

After providing the details of the trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, in this article I want to give you some specific advice on how to arrange travel from Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon, on the distances, the available itineraries, the organized tours and any intermediate stops to be included in the route.


  • From Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon: distance and travel times
  • The shortest route: I-15 N
    • Variant with overnight stay in St. George
  • The scenic route: the UT-9
  • From Las Vegas to Bryce with an in-depth tour of the Zion
    •  Zion and Bryce in one day: can it be done?
    • Recommended itinerary
  • Route map
  • Organized tours
    • Give Vegas to the Bryce
    • From Las Vegas to Bryce with a stop at Zion

From Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon: distance and travel times

The duration of the trip from Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon is often underestimated when organizing on the road, especially by those who have little time available and want to visit as many parks as possible. The shortest route is in fact of 420 km, to be covered in about 4 hours, without breaks. Moreover, the shortest is not the most beautiful, which - as we will see - is even longer.

Whereas a satisfactory Bryce visit would require at least 3 hours, it is not difficult to understand that the departure from Las Vegas must be quite early in the morning, especially if it is then also necessary to add to the kilometer count those needed to reach the next overnight stop usually in the direction of Page (Kanab, for example) or Moab (Boulder or Escalante, for example). The speech is also clearly valid for those who make the trip in the opposite direction, or for those who go from Bryce to Las Vegas coming from Page or Moab. Finally, it must be remembered that, due to the particular time zone between Nevada, Arizona and Utah, on the journey between Las Vegas at Bryce you lose an hour.

Better to get closer? The distance is not short. So yes, you need to evaluate carefully if it is not worth it approach the Bryce the evening before the visit, leaving Las Vegas for an overnight stay in St. George (for example) which is halfway there.

This solution is recommended for those who are satisfied with having already spent a note to las vegas (it is undoubtedly an experience to do, but in my opinion one is enough!) or for those who, on the contrary - coming from Death Valley or from the south - have no interest in sleeping in Las Vegas, interpreting it as a mere stop over towards the parks.

The shortest route: I-15 N

The main street of Panguitch

From Las Vegas, take the boring I-15 N (this is St. George's) to Exit 95 towards Panguitch / Circleville. From here you drive for a few kilometers on the UT-20 to the junction with the US-89. Outdated Panguitch (whose main street offers a modest tribute to the far west), you enter the splendid UT-12, cross the Red Canyon and finally reach the Bryce Canyon.

  • As anticipated, to make this itinerary of 420 km it takes about 4 ore without stopping. If instead you leave from Saint George, you'll get by with 230 km to do in approx 2.20 hours of travel.
Heading to Vegas? You discover...
  • The best areas to sleep
  • The best themed hotels in the city
  • Where and how to rent a car
  • The main things to see
  • How to get to the national parks

Variant with overnight stay in St. George

If you have some time on your hands and you would like it visit the area between Nevada and Utah with a little more calm before reaching Bryce, you could plan your trip like this:

Day 1

  • Depart from Las Vegas in the morning
  • Valley of Fire visit (distance about 80 km, about 1 hour from Las Vegas). The ideal would be to visit the state park at the latest in the late morning to avoid the summer heat. Remember in this regard that it is also possible to get an idea of ​​the park just by crossing it by car, but obviously the more time and energy you dedicate to it (maybe doing a couple of trails) the better;
  • Travel via I-15 N to St. George (150km, approximately 1.40 hours). If there is time left, in the afternoon I suggest a visit to one of the natural attractions in the city or in the immediate surroundings of St. George (for example, the hidden Sand Hollow State Park or the Snow Canyon).
  • Overnight in St. George

Day 2

  • Depart St. George and travel north on I-15 N. On the way the advice is to deviate towards Kolob Canyons (Exit 40 of I-15) for a quick but incredibly impressive tour of the detached section of Zion National Park.
  • In this variant of the itinerary, the exit to take is not 95 but 57, towards Cedar City. Stay on the main road that cuts through the town up to the intersection with E Center St, turn right and continue on UT-14 up to the intersection with the UT-148 N (left, towards Cedar Breaks / Panguitch / Parowan).
  • From Cedar City, it takes approximately 35 minutes to get to the Cedar Breaks National Monument, a hidden gem of Utah which, as you read in the article, is a nice preview of what you will be able to see at Bryce. The visit of this park will not take you long, as you can also be content to reach the 4 viewpoints that are located along the UT-148.

ATTENTION! There UT-148 it is closed from November to May!

Ignore this variant if you are traveling in the off season.

  • To arrive dal Cedar Breaks National Monument al Bryce continue on UT-143 S to Panguitch (from there follow the directions for the short itinerary). Alternatively, from the park you can go back on UT-14 and follow it to the intersection with US-89 N. At the intersection, go left and drive to the intersection with UT-12. From there follow the itinerary as indicated in the previous paragraph.
  • Visit of the Bryce and overnight in the park or in the surrounding area.
Please read our article on Cedar Breaks National Monument carefully: if looking at the images and reading the description you think that visiting the Bryce is enough for you and you want to skip it, just follow the directions provided above, taking exit 95 of the I-15 N towards Panguitch. This also applies if you are planning your trip between November and May, in low season, when UT-148 is closed.

The scenic route: the UT-9

In addition to the seasonal UT-148 that leads to Bryce via Cedar Breaks, there is a much more suggestive road than the I-15 N, which, however, passes somewhere else: the UT-9. Here's how to take it:

  • From Las Vegas you have to reach St. George along the usual I-15. Shortly after St. George, take theexit 16 towards Hurricane and stay on UT-9. When you arrive in La Verkin be careful: you will need to turn right at the light onto the W 500 N to stay on the correct road and not return to the Interstate.
  • From here on begins the panoramic UT-9, which cuts the "outer part" of Zion National Park along an unforgettable itinerary. This is such a beautiful road that we have decided to dedicate an article to it: read it carefully and take note of any stops and things to see. Remember that a section of this road is an integral part of Zion National Park and is therefore subject to a toll (included in the parks pass).
  • The UT-9 ends at Mount Carmel Junction, where the usual US-89 crosses. At the intersection you will need to turn left and drive until you meet UT-12 on your right. From there, a few miles and you will be first at Red Canyon and then at Bryce.

As you can see below, compared to the shorter itinerary there are fewer kilometers to do, but - since the UT-9 is not a highway - the route is more tortuous and you drive at a moderate speed, with the real possibility of slowing down.

  • The distance of this route from Las Vegas to Bryce is about 390 km to go through in almost 4.30 hours.

Moreover - unlike the first case - it is unthinkable not to do some intermediate stages to admire the view or make a short visit. It goes without saying then that the travel time can reach almost 5 hoursIn my opinion, anyone who wants to travel this route to get to Bryce must take seriously the hypothesis of staying overnight a St. George (or Hurricane or La Verkin), for a chance to really enjoy this itinerary and arrive at Bryce at a decent hour. If there is no time available for an intermediate night, then it will be better to fix it departure from Las Vegas quite early in the morning, to arrive at Bryce at the latest in the early afternoon.

Tips for staying overnight at Bryce

Tips for staying overnight in St. George

From Las Vegas to Bryce with an in-depth tour of the Zion

Lo is located between Las Vegas and Bryce Zion, a pretty good pearl. Let's go and see how it is possible to visit it while moving between the two destinations.

 Zion and Bryce in one day: can it be done?

I know, I know: ltemptation is strong. Passing along scenic UT-9 at Springdale you will be practically on the doorstep of the Zion. What am I saying? The UT-9, for a long way it is an integral part of the Zion, so much so that you pay the entrance. Except UT-9 isn't Zion Scenic Drive, that is the main road of the park from which all the paths start (which is, however, only accessible by shuttle during the high season).

That's right: as you will have understood, driving along the UT-9 you will see only superficially the Zion show. Show that, to be fully enjoyed, requires much more than a simple passing visit. You will ask me then: can't I also visit Zion while I'm there? Shouldn't I stop my journey on the UT-9 and go for a few hours along the Zion Scenic Drive, postponing the arrival at Bryce for a few hours?

I answered this question here too, but before you open the link I can already tell you that the answer is no. The rule is always this: if possible, avoid visiting two national parks in one day. If you want to visit both parks starting from Las Vegas, follow the itinerary I suggest below.

Recommended itinerary

Again, the ideal would be to start from St. George, to give the Zion all the attention it deserves (the distance between the city and the park is 1 hour). However, given that between Las Vegas and Zion there are "barely" 2.30 hours on the road, you can also decide to leave directly from there.

  • Departure from Las Vegas or St. George;
  • Path along the first section of UT-9 (see above) to the entrance to the Zion Scenic Drive;
  • Park tour by shuttle or by car (it depends on the time of year in which the visit takes place). The minimum time needed to visit the Zion in my opinion is 3 hours, but if you are a hiker know that there are paths that can take even more than half a day.
  • If you have left Las Vegas and / or are particularly tired after visiting the park you can decide to stay overnight in Springdale, in the immediate surroundings of the park entrance. If, on the other hand, you have slept in St. George and you are still cool after visiting the park, you can decide to get closer to Bryce making the last stretch of UT-9 and finding accommodation in one of the towns recommended below.

Advice on where to sleep between Zion and Bryce

Route map

Organized tours

Give Vegas to the Bryce

If you are in Las Vegas but do not have the possibility, the time or the desire to travel independently by car, you can always rely on a organized travel. At the link below you will find an interesting package which includes:

  • Hotel pick-up and return
  • Travel by air-conditioned minivan
  • Guide in English
  • Bryce Canyon entrance fees
  • Packed lunch and breakfast

The tour has a duration of 12.30 hours and is departing from Las Vegas at 7.00 am. The stay in the park is 3 hours, in my opinion more than enough time to visit it with the help of the guide.

Learn more about the tour

From Las Vegas to Bryce with a stop at Zion

If you just can't give up on visiting both Zion and Bryce on the same day, you can join this tour departing from Las Vegas. Since you will be visiting two national parks in just 24 hours, you will have to expect a little more superficial hikes and, in general, a less than relaxing experience. The main advantage - in addition to the rare possibility of seeing two natural beauties of this magnitude in such a short time - is that you don't have to drive for so long. It turns include:

  • Hotel pick-up and return
  • Travel by air-conditioned minivan
  • Guide in English
  • Entrance tickets to Bryce and Zion
  • Lunch and snacks

Learn more about the tour


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