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The itinerary of the journey: 11.430 km routes with 184 hours of driving in 24 days.
Our campers: Mobilvetta Kea M75 and Mc Louis tandy 640
Participants: Michele and Giovanni, Antonio and Daniela, Rosaria and Massimo, Giulia, Lillo, Groove, Mia, Le Renne
The countries crossed are: Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway
The big cities? Visited are: Munich Berlin Copenhagen Stockholm Tromso Trondheim Bergen Oslo

? 1850,58 Diesel
? 267,82 Toll
? 206,07 Bridge
? 18,35 Tunnel
? 661,54 Ship
108,73 Camping
? 30,64 Parking
? 154,55 Transp. Urb.
? 170,85 Lunch
? 435,58 Food
? 60,41 Consumaz.
? 175,92 Musi

1 day

8 August 2015? Departure at 3:45 am for the first stage: Munich. We stop after Florence for the first refueling, find queues at the Brenner Pass and arrive at Campingplatz M? Nchen Thalkirchen at 19 pm.

2 day

August 9, 2015? We visit the Munich art galleries that we had not been able to visit at Christmas and we leave for Berlin at 15 pm. We arrive in Berlin at 23 pm after 8 hours of traffic and accidents; ? black stamp also in germany! We stop outside the parking area in an avenue in the company of other campers.

3 day

August 10, 2015? We settle in the rest area and take the metro to the center passing through the Bundestag, the Brandenburg Gate, Posdamerplatz, Alexanderplatz, the Jewish cemetery and the mythical Berlin wall.

4 day

11 August 2015? After the usual loading and unloading operations at 9:30 we leave for Copenhagen. We meet with friends at the port of Puttgarden at 14 pm and then take the ship to Rodby (Denmark) at 14:45 pm. We arrive at the Copenhagen rest area at 18:00. We settle down and go to the center on foot trying to reach the TiFlights park but when do we arrive? already? closed and so? we return to the campers to sleep.

5 day

12 August 2015? We take the tourist bus, offered by the manager of the area, to the center at 8:45 am and visit the city? not making us miss the visit to the little mermaid. We are then at the royal palace for the changing of the guard at noon. We continue the visit of the city? also trying the specialty? Danish: sm? rrebr? d (literally: bread and butter), practically slices of bread, especially black rye bread, buttered and enriched with pieces of fish, with an aromatic sauce. We then visit Cristiania, a self-managed neighborhood and again the center. We return with the 18pm bus and leave for Gripsholm castle only after loading and unloading operations. We cross the 8 km long Oresund bridge paying the toll of 750 Danish crowns equal to 102,50 euros. Beyond? of the bridge we stop for the control at the Swedish border, they ask us for the passport for the animals that we have prepared months before departure. Everything OK, we continue for the destination stopping in the rest area at 23:30 pm near Varnamo.

6 day

August 13, 2015? We leave at 5:30 am to reach Gripsholm Castle at 10:30 am. We visit the castle that we find beautiful, the perception of the colors outside is very striking, they are dazzling, of an unusual sharpness for us. After a quick lunch in the castle parking lot, we leave at 14pm to arrive at the Stockholm rest area at 30pm. Despite having booked for two nights in the area on the island of Langholmen, for a mistake they asked us to move to another area not far away but less suggestive, offering us a discount to apologize. Antonio and I immediately get to know this wonderful city? traveling it by bike.

7 day

August 14, 2015? By public transport we reach the museum of photography, an obligatory destination for Giulia's studies, then in the center we witness the procession of the changing of the guard and reach the Vasa museum where we meet with others not interested in photos. The museum ? dedicated to the vessel. After having lunch based on hot dogs, we continue the visit of the city? passing through the royal palace to then reach the Gamla Stan district. We return for dinner at 19 pm and we meet a couple of campers who discourages us from continuing to head north by proposing to cut from Lumea to Narvik, we just think about it a bit, but then convinced not to betray the purpose of our trip we continue without delay .

8 day

August 15, 2015? We leave at 6:15 am and stop before Umea for a quick lunch. We then reach Gammelstad at 19:30 after having accompanied Michele to the hospital for a check-up. The church village of Gammelstad? Heritage of humanity UNESCO, it is located on a small island in the delta of the Lule River. At its center is a 424th century church, around which wooden houses have been built whose purpose was to house the faithful who would not be able to return to their homes before sunset. We spend the night together with a crew from Perugia that we will meet again in Caponord and Geirangerfjord.

9 day

16 August 2015? We leave at 8:15 am to arrive in Rovaniemi at 12 to greet Santa Claus and take the usual photo. From here passes the Arctic circle, the weather and the writing in Italian make the photos that immortalize our passage not very credible !!!
We leave at 15 for Inari, we continue to meet the reindeer that often force us to stop to let them pass, the vehicles are less and less frequent and the roads are very pleasant to travel. After 315 km and a few stops, we arrive at 19 at the campsite that will host us? for a short refreshment stop.

10 day

August 17, 2015? We leave at 10:30 for the last stage, there are 420 km left for the goal, we have traveled 4510 km, the time? still wonderful and even if tired, we are all in a good mood for the splendor of the journey that we have been traveling for 10 days now. We walk the long tunnel? Nordkapptunnelen? of 6870 m with a slope of 10? that passes under the ocean discovering only after that not? pi? for a fee. Shortly after we arrive at the destination, we pay for the parking and we settle in a panoramic position, we are all very excited for the enormous suggestion that the place emanates, we toast for the event and then photos? .Photo ?? photo? .. photo? .. then shopping and a bit? of rest to admire a fantastic sunset from 10 pm until am when we left our two boys to spend the night in this wonderful scenery. We dead tired went to sleep to wake up the next morning with a completely changed scenario but suitable for the place that just a few hours earlier seemed unreal.
Color note with a paranormal flavor: compared to the schedule prepared months before departure, the parking ticket carries a time difference of only 2 min. !!!!!!

11 day

August 18, 2015? We leave at 10:30 for Sorstraumen, to travel 380 km it takes 8 hours, we stop for lunch at Skaidi and continue to Sorstraumen where we stop in a rest area. We try to fish but without success.

12 day

19 August 2015? We leave at 8:50 am and arrive in Tromso at 14:30 pm, we take two ferries and we settle in the paid parking with loading and unloading. Do we dedicate the afternoon to visiting the city? which I find very beautiful. The town, defined as the border between the world and nowhere, does not give the impression of discomfort that we think you can live 350 km above the Arctic Circle,? a pretty town that you can? very well to choose to be able to live there. I am very curious to see it in winter! Here the phenomenon of the midnight sun in summer and the long night in winter occurs. We have dinner in the area and try to fish but still without success, in a while? we will be well rewarded for your patience!

13 day

20 August 2015? We leave at 6:15 for Lofoten, take two more ferries, make a short stop for lunch in Svolv? R, pass by the white beach of Ramberg and arrive at? at 17 pm Before having dinner we also dare to swim, after Antonio and Giovanni's dive, I can't help but dive and Mia follows me in the icy water of the Norwegian sea.

14 day

21 August 2015? Shall we start from this wonderful village? to take the ship that will take us from Moskenes? to Bodo to continue the inevitable descent towards home. The ferry leaves at 14 pm to arrive at 17:30 pm. While waiting we catch the first fish that herald what it will be? the "P? big catch of our life. Disembarked in Bodo, we travel only 30 km to stop at Saltstraumen to witness the largest eddy. powerful world visible when the tide tries to fill the Skjerstadfjorden. The difference in height between the sea level and the inland fjord can? be up to 1 meter and this causes the huge vortex. Right here we caught a nice black cod and other fish that we will review later.

15 day

22 August 2015? We wake up at 7 to continue fishing but the fish are asleep at this time and at 10, after buying bait at the coop, we set off for Mosjoen along a beautiful road. We stop for lunch at the Arctic Circle. Just before Mosjoen we ask for information for a nice place on the sea and we deviate to Sandnessjoen. We find a nice campsite by the sea, we stop for two nights and enjoy a bit? rest.

16 day

23 August 2015? Sandnessjoen. We take the opportunity to carry out the "camper chores" and to rest. It is also a good time to have a braciata with the fish caught by us.

17 day

24 August 2015? We leave at 6:15 for Trondheim, we arrive at 14 in the parking lot on the Nidelva river. IS? a very nice town. Did we visit the Romanesque-Gothic cathedral of Trondheim? considered the church more? famous of Norway. This city? emanates tranquility? and a feeling of good living, leaves me a sense of well-being in my heart, I would gladly return. 

18 day

25 August 2015? We leave at 7:15, we head towards the Atlantic road,? a road of 8 kilometers between the cities? Norwegians of Kristiansund and Molde. ? built on several islets and rocks, which are connected by several causeways, viaducts and eight bridges, the pi? important of which? the Storseisundet bridge. We have lunch right on the Atlantic Road, then we get back on the bike along a road that does not give? a moment of respite to our emotions !! As soon as we leave the sea we come across a landscape with waterfalls and breathtaking valleys, until we arrive at Geirangerfjord at 18 pm. Between the two campsites we choose the one in the village, very suggestive why? right on the tip of the fjord, we decide to spend two nights and we position ourselves in a wonderful place! Look at the fingertip in the photo.

19 day

August 26, 2015? The next day we go up the tourist route to the Fjordcenter and do a little? of camping life.

20 day

August 27, 2015? We leave Geiranger with the 8 o'clock ferry with the spirit of cruise passengers, we sail the fjord passing under the waterfalls called the seven sisters. We arrive in Bergen at 17:50, we discover that in the area marked c ?? the construction site of a building with the indication of the new area. Here we settle down and immediately reach the center by tram. Bergen? beautiful, but for how? positioned appears to be the city? pi? rainy to the world. We visit the Bryggen district that extends behind the waterfront houses, on wooden flooring.

21 day

August 28, 2015? we continue the visit of the city? passing through the fish market. In Bergen we say goodbye to our fantastic travel companions who having a few more days? available will follow a different itinerary from ours. We leave Bergen for Oslo at 18:30, we still travel along very suggestive roads and due to an unclear sign, at the very end of this road, we find the tunnel closed and we are forced to go back for 45 km. We stop to sleep in Eidfjord.

22 day

29 August 2015? We leave at 5 in the morning to arrive at 10 in Oslo. Here we find a nice rest area and we reach the center by bus. After visiting the center we go to the Munchmuseet which also housed Van Gogh, we pass by the royal palace, Opera House, Renzo Piano's Tjuvholmen and more? ..

23 day

August 30, 2015? After the usual loading and unloading operations we leave at 7 in the morning, heading home! Highway at last! We arrive in Trelleborg at 12:30 to find that the first useful ship left at 23:30 pm. We return to Malmo to retrace the bridge to Denmark and then reach Rodby to embark for Puttgarden. Shortly before Berlin we stop to sleep.

24 day

August 31, 2015? We leave at 5 am, make a short stop for lunch in Insbruck and arrive home at 2 am on September 00st 1.

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