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In summary, we spent an average of 190? per person (including flights, food, trains, accommodation, entrances ...) for 4 full days. Can I say with certainty that this trip? was a success, not only for the beauty of the castles or landscapes, but above all for the hospitality? and kindness of the locals. In fact, more? bargains offered to help us with nothing in return and even a taxi driver offered us a 5km ride to Bucharest! Recommended trip !!!

1 day

09/06/2018 We leave Treviso at midnight, and after a 2-hour flight with Wizz Air (30? Each A / R) we arrive in Bucharest. Having pre-booked a taxi online with 20? we are escorted to our hotel "The Embassy Nord" (triple room 50?), which is within walking distance of the train station. In the morning we will have to wake up early to take the train that will take us? in Sinaia, therefore? without wasting too much time we go to bed.

In the morning we wake up at 7, we head to the station, where we have a quick breakfast, and without having to buy tickets (about 4? Per person), as we already had? booked from home, we get on the train. The journey lasts 2h 30, but we are taken by admiring the landscapes outside the window and soon we arrive in Sinaia, a small village immersed in the green of the mountains that hides a fairytale castle on the top of its hill. Even the train station enchants visitors with its early 15th century charm. Outside of it, a taxi driver offers us a ride to Peles Castle, but we refuse and set off up the hill. After 2 minutes of walking we reach the castle, which? literally immersed in the woods and overlooking a huge green lawn. Here we buy a tray of raspberries for 30 euros from a little girl who sold them (they sell fruit everywhere) and walk through the courtyard outside the castle. After a full half hour, spent queuing to enter (7,5 lei per adult one floor and 60 lei per student one floor / 15 lei per adult two floors and lei per student two floors) and taking photos of the place, we finally enter inside.
Here, unbeknownst to us, don't we? allowed to take pictures with the mobile phone; in any case it is enough not to be seen. The castle ? built in German Neo-Renaissance style, and served as a summer residence and hunting lodge for King Charles I of Romania in the early twentieth century. Internally? divided on pi? floors and more? halls, each decorated with different styles and luxurious ornaments and precious materials. The visit of its interior? unmissable! At the end of the visit we also make a jump to the nearby Pelișor castle (nothing of that in comparison) and go back to the train station.

We get on the train and, enthusiastic about the morning, we enjoy the mountain scenery offered by the Carpathians. In a little more? of an hour we are in Brașov, or the city? pi? important of Transylvania and also our starting point for our itinerary. We stay at "Casa Witting" (apartment for 3/4 people 40? Per night), and we could not make a choice more? wise. The apartment ? in front of the burnt church? Biserica Neagra? and a stone's throw from the central square. What? (now around 16 pm) we set aside the rest of the day to wander around the city center. All downtown? clearly Saxon in style, kept extremely clean and full of clubs and restaurants serving the usual Italian dishes for tourists. In conclusion ? a real gem this center! I decide to go to the barbershop for a quick cut (8?) And in the meantime the others choose where to eat. Finally, the evening ends with dinner at "La Ceaun", where we eat the main dishes of Romanian cuisine, such as legume soup served in bread or "Papanasi" pancakes. The restaurant satisfies our needs, but without leaving a memory. memorable, spending just over € 5 per person.

2 day

10/06/2018 Today? the great day when we see the famous Bran castle ... (mistakenly associated with that of Count Dracula) Resuming from the previous day, we decide to take a taxi to the bus station in Brașov, and take the bus to Bran (about 2? Each). In less than an hour we arrive at the castle village and it rains and c '? the fog; which we do not mind at all, even better the atmosphere like this! It is about 11 and we go to eat in a restaurant in a side street. Here you can breathe the classic mountain atmosphere, as it is also found in traditional dishes!
After lunch, and with the entrance tickets (35 lei per adult and 25 lei per student) we are ready to go up. The castle looks spooky not only from the outside but even more? inside ... the visit? somewhat unpleasant due to the hordes of tourists that come and go! Then admire all the rooms and photograph the towers and go back to the entrance, where we have to wait almost an hour for the return bus. What? we take the opportunity to buy souvenirs of the trip. Do I have to say that the market with stalls set up at the entrance is? turned out to be very interesting! Did we sip the coffee? Turkish made to us at the moment by an elderly man and we bought two Romanian Communist medals at the antique (5? each). Back in Brașov we are exhausted and so? we decide to organize the following day with the time left. We eat at McDonald's for laziness (3? Per person) and book a ride with BlaBla Car for the next day to Sighișoara (4? Per passenger).

3 day

11/06/2018 Wake up very early, have breakfast with donuts, and do we reach the fixed meeting point with the boy who will guide us? until there. He turns out to be a sociable and nice person, luckily for us, and he also drives prudently. In less than 2 hours we are in Sighișoara, famous for being the city? birthplace of Vlad III Prince of Wallachia (Dracula). In front of us we have the whole morning to explore its historic center, which? raised compared to the pi? modern. The center immediately looks like a messy intertwining of colorful and cobbled streets to get lost in, as it doesn't have much to offer. We enjoy the view from the top and enter the alleged house of Dracula (ridiculous, tourist trap!) ... we also walk among the graves of a cemetery and finally go back to the foot of the city? to find a restaurant. After eating, we take care of the "return" issue and book another passage with BlaBla Car (3? Per passenger). Unfortunately, the person is delayed by 1h 30 and not? over here! Does a different person appear than the one you contact and mostly? with the steering wheel on the right (even if in Romania it goes on the left!). Throughout the journey we were terrified of his reckless driving, risking twice to make a head in the wrong direction. However, we were also able to enjoy beautiful scenery along the way, such as villages on the road, donkey carts and storks.
Back in Brașov at sunset we want to end our hours here in Transylvania in the best possible way and therefore? I am committed to finding a restaurant that is affordable, yet local and noteworthy. This is called "Casa Rom? Neasc?", And although it is not exactly in the center it is absolutely worth reaching it (10 min walk). We ate the pork ribs with potatoes, the classic soup, a kind of Romanian couscous with vegetables (delicious!) And three beers, spending about 20 euros.

4 day

12/06/2018 This day we dedicated entirely to the capital Bucharest, where we returned by train in the early hours of the morning. After unloading the backpacks in our room / apartment (triple room 30?), Which was inside a red light night club, we decide to rent bikes for the whole day (if I remember correctly about 5? Per bike ) and eat falafel sandwiches in the Lipscani neighborhood (about 2/3 euros per falafel). Lipscani? full of night clubs and cuisines of different ethnicities, in short? super touristy but not for this reason not fascinating. Thanks to the bikes we can visit the city? from South to North, from Tineretului Park to Kisseleff Park, passing through the Parliament Building, Unirii Square, Lipscani, the Roman district and much more ...
We spend the evening wandering through the lively streets of Lipscani, but without going to bed too late! Before dawn we will have to wake up to take the return plane.

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