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Unlike much of the US urban areas, most of the inhabitants of New York City uses public transport instead of private cars; this is due both to the presence of a good and efficient public transport network (based on one of the largest subways in the world), and thanks to disincentives in the use of private vehicles, such as the high costs of tolls and parking lots and the considerable traffic, especially during rush hour.


New York has 3 major airports: John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport (JFK), located in Jamaica (Queens), 25 km from Manhattan; Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), New Jersey; and LaGuardia Airport (LGA), located in Jackson Heights (Queens), used exclusively for domestic and Canadian flights.

Local transport

The local transport system is mainly based on the subway, the fastest and most reliable way to get around the city.

The network, which is very extensive (1142 km and 469 stations), is characterized by the fact that there are both local trains (they stop at all stations) and express trains (they stop only in the main stations).

Thanks to a network of railways and local buses, then, it is possible to reach various locations, from Long Island, to New Jersey, to Connecticut and the innermost part of the state of New York.

These lines are managed by several companies, among which the most important are theMTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority), whose lines mainly converge at Grand Central Terminal, and the PATH (Port Authority of New York and New Jersey), which has the PATH Bus Terminal (near Times Square) as its terminus.

The system is then integrated by a series of Ferries (“Ferries”), which mainly connect Manhattan to New Jersey and Staten Island, and to the numerous ones yellow taxis that run through the city streets.


The city's two main train stations are Grand Central Terminal and Pennsylvania Station (better known as “Penn Station”) and both are located in Manhattan.

La Grand Central Terminal It is located on the East Side and is the terminus of railway trains from the north of the state and Connecticut.

La Penn Stationinstead, it is located on the West Side and is the terminus for Amtrak trains, coming from all over the USA and Canada, as well as for commuter train companies.

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