Tour of Greece: from Athens to Santorini

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We leave for Greece, a solo trip to disconnect from the daily tram tram.
Alone, without the obsession of being a tourist and necessarily visiting all the "musts" written in tourist guides. Athens, Paros, Naxos, and finally maximum fun in Santorini, before returning home. Certainly sad for the return, but regenerated.

1 day

We had been dreaming of going to Athens for a long time, and finally I made it. I found a nice, unpretentious room in a small hotel overlooking a square in Plaka, the historic center of Athens. It has a beautiful wooden balcony right on the square, where you can watch the elderly gentlemen sitting on the benches chatting about life and the passing of time.
The Plaka? quite lively, a center full of bars and restaurants, shops.
In Athens? all so? ancient, but in the most? positive weather, and unfortunately for lack of time I have to choose what to visit, even if I would like to see everything.
I decide so? to throw me towards the Acropolis, with probably one of the most? important in the world: the Parthenon. A huge Doric temple, the only one made entirely of marble. The reference point for the grace and harmony of Greek architecture.
I continue towards the Odeon of Heroditus Atticus, built on the hill of the Acropolis, to accommodate 17 thousand people. Even today, in summer, there are performances by great Greek philosophers, such as Sophocles, Aeschylus and Aristophanes.
Dazzled by so much history, I can only go to the National Archaeological Museum, which as I expected,? spectacular. The importance of the finds? crazy. The attention of security officers? maniacal, and it is enough to get one centimeter too close to the exhibitions to be scolded aloud and without any delicacy.
Food in Greece is not? not bad, I got busy with wine, fresh fish, moussaka, lamb.

2 day

We leave for the Aegean islands, towards Paros. The journey was to last a few hours. 8 are by no means few. The fault of the sea is not really generous, but rather irritated, and the abundant breakfast did not help me at all.
But the first look at Paros? it was truly a charm. A typical Greek village, bathed by a sea of ​​a thousand colors, with narrow and winding streets that somehow connect all the buildings. In the evening, all the alleys are radiated by the lights of candles, and in the center music resounds which makes the atmosphere absolutely magical.
I find myself a fairly cheap room and, even this, without great pretensions, and I prepare myself with a sip of ouzo!
I travel the length and breadth of the island, I enjoy the beaches that are even more in the evening. beautiful, and then collapse of fatigue.

3 day

Route to Naxos, pi? great of Paros. I have breakfast with fresh fruit, walk around, follow the intertwined streets of the city, the olive trees and their smell keep me company. Great scenery, good food smell, truly wonderful.
A lot of tourists, mostly? in pairs or groups. I enjoy the day wandering around aimlessly, stopping to eat and drink when I feel like it.
In the evening Naxos turns into a really fun, lively center with lots of boys and girls, beach parties. A real charm!

4 day

And here we are in Santorini, perhaps the most? of the islands seen so far. The first impact? was amazing! Lots of donkeys carry up and down? tourists with their luggage, a truly original transfer!
Santorini? a submerged volcano, with steep rocky walls covered by white villas that cling to the rock like vines on a wall.
In Santorini c '? the tradition of the sunset greeting, which consists in sitting in a bar when the sun goes down and admiring the colors of the sun going to rest in silent admiration. Ed? the signal, why? from here the bars are transformed, they are full of people, you start drinking great as if it were always a party until the early hours of the morning.
Santorini may not have the best beaches in Greece, but it has a lot to offer. Food and wine are excellent, the nightlife? engaging, and leaves you with the feeling of never wanting again? go away!

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