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Il Top of the Rock is the skyscraper that is part of the complex of Rockefeller Center.

The imposing General Elettric building is very famous, being one of the most popular attractions for tourists and locals alike who go inside not only for the panoramic terrace, but also to spend time in one of the more places evocative of Manhattan.

Height of the skyscraper

Top of the Rock - or 30 Rockefeller Center - is a building built in the shape of a ship and is the tallest in the Rockefeller Center complex.

Its height is equal to 259 meters, so as to place it in third place among the most famous skyscrapers in New York: it has 70 floors, of which the last three are used as an observatory.

One of its characteristics is theelevator that carries its guests up to the observatory in just 30 seconds, with a rather maniacal and precise organization by the staff.

Visit the Top of the Rock

Unmissable one visita al Top of the Rock which stands majestically at Rockefeller Center, visible directly from 5th Avenue and not far from the Empire State Building.

The building boasts the 14th place in the ranking of the tallest buildings in New York with approx 60 Schindler lifts inside.

If it is the time for an aperitif or dinner, the advice is to visit the 65 floor where the famous Rainbow Room restaurant is located - the first restaurant built inside a skyscraper since 1934.

An exclusive story that of this restaurant, closed due to crisis in 2007 but reopened in 2014 totally renovated and with the addition of a ballroom and cocktail bar: for this alone it is worth a visit - for a different evening than usual.

From 67th floor up to 69° there are observation decks that give a suggestive image of Manhattan in every season: from those points you can admire Central Park in all its glory, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.

Do not miss the 70th floor which offers a total view of the place 360 degrees.

These observers they are very particular, in fact, the terraces are protected - for safety reasons - by transparent plexiglass plates and on the roof it is possible to stay outdoors to have the sensation of flying over New York.

But during the winter, in order to do not give up the visit, it will also be possible to stay inside - equipped with free wi-fi - and photograph all the best of the city that never sleeps.


To buy tickets, the advice is to do so online in advance to avoid the queues, or get numerous discounts thanks to the various passes.

[su_box title = "Carlo's advice" style = "default" box_color = "# 1fc823 ″ title_color =" # FFFFFF "radius =" 3 ″ class = ""] For spend little on the price of tickets and skip the lines, if you visit at least two attractions it is convenient to purchase a pass.

Discover the best attraction passes [/ su_box]

The prices - subject to change - of each ticket are:

  • $ 36.00 for adults
  • $ 34.00 for people over 62 years old
  • $ 30.00 for children aged 6 to 12

If you want to visit Top of the Rock during sunset there is an additional $ 10 fee.

I know if it has possession of a Pass, proceed with printing the voucher and go directly inside the building to choose the most suitable time for the visit.

Opening Hours

The observers they are always open, both during public holidays or important events according to the American calendar, from 8 am to midnight, with the last lift run at 24 pm.

It asks to ask particular attention on 24 and 31 December as the closing is brought forward to 22, while on 1 January the opening is delayed at 10.

The best time to visit is when there is less queue

admire New York in all its splendor, sunset is the time that each person could recommend, thanks to the many colors that caress the city and suggestion that makes every romantic corner lighting up slowly as night falls.

seen the big one influx of tourists, it would always be better to book the visit the day before so as not to waste time with queues or to go to the building during opening hours (or, if you prefer, during closing time).

The Top of the Rock elevator

One of the great peculiarities of the Rockefeller Center building is its elevator - in reality there are 60 spread over the whole area - which leaves every tourist speechless. A vertical tunnel of 69 floors that are reached in just 30 seconds: inside all the floors are traced by a phosphorescent blue LED line.

The tail is not very long and thestaff organization it is coordinated for the ascent and descent, in order that there are no delays or traffic jams.

The other observers of New York

New York, thanks to his people famous skyscrapers in every part of the world it is capable of making a dream live. But in addition to the Top of the Rock, absolutely to visit we find:

  • Empire State Building the most famous skyscraper that has been the setting for wedding proposals or films of all kinds since the earliest times. The second tallest building invites you to get to know the two observatories on the 86th and 102nd floors, offering an incredible view of the southern part.
  • One World Trade Center the latest addition, built close to where the two Twin Towers were located before the attack of 11 September 2001. In the first place for its height, it offers a breathtaking view from the 102nd floor and technologically advanced tools (such as its elevator called Sky Pod).

Where to eat near the Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock is located near the 5th Avenue and in the Rockefeller Center complex where you can find all sorts of restaurants, Hot Dog cart and other typical American fast food. One of the quaint places to try a cheesecake or cupcake is Magnolia Bakery - who opened her first shop here - famous for being mentioned in all the most successful TV shows such as Sex and the City.

If you want to opt for a meat-based lunch or dinner, do not miss the most popular places in the area or Nyy Steak and Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House. For less refined palates or for a quick lunch, the advice is to visit the Sixty Five Bar frequented mostly by managers of the area.

Top of the Rock history and curiosities

It was 1933 when the GE Building is completed, thanks to the team of architects who have made history coordinated by Raymond Hood. Its first name was RCA Building in honor of Radio Corporation of America - present inside the building, then changed later in 1988.

The building, which offers an atrium for shopping, will certainly be less famous than the Empire State Building but its observers are recognized as the best in terms of location and sight not to be missed, to experience a New York different from the usual.

One of the curiosities that few know is related to shot that the photographer Charles Clyde Ebbets he did in 1932 during the construction of the building naming it Lunch a Top Skyscraper.

One of the most famous New York skyscrapers it is adorned with the frieze made by Lee Lawrie: the same wanted to depict the Wisdom reporting the phrase:

“Wisdom and Knowledge shall be the stability of thy times”


"Wisdom and knowledge must be the stability of your days" - taken from the Book of Isaiah 33: 6.

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