Top 5 European Capitals to Visit in December

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You have a week of vacation or worse, only a weekend available for yours December holiday? No problem, think about it to suggest the European capital to visit! Rest assured, whatever your choice, an unlimited amount of wonders await you to discover and explore. Snow-covered landscapes, thermal pools and incredible themed festivals: Europe is certainly among the best destinations for winter. Here she is top 5 of the capitals to visit in December.

5 - Rome, Italy

Rome is undoubtedly among the top 5 destinations to spend your winter holidays.
Remember the old saying: "all roads lead to Rome"?
Leaving aside the original meaning of this statement, walk along any of these streets and fall in love with the "magical" city.
Between Navona Square e Field of flowers you will find plenty of Christmas stalls where you can buy Christmas themed sweets and souvenirs. With a little luck you can admire the Colosseum covered in a blanket of snow: a unique spectacle!

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4 - Berlin, Germany

Berlin becomes another city in winter. The lakes, streets and sidewalks freeze, and people flock to museums, art galleries and theaters, which offer a wide range of events and entertainment.
Despite the cold, the streets come alive thanks to Christmas markets, ranging from the smallest provincial market to the huge and sumptuous central market.

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3 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Winter ad Amsterdam, as in other central European cities, it is particularly cold, but if you are willing to brave the low temperatures, you will enjoy the charm of one of the most spectacular cities on the continent.
Most of Amsterdam's attractions and museums are open all year round, even on public holidays.
Close to Christmas the city becomes even more alive, with performances of classical music and ice skating, in addition to the show of the Festival of Lights.

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2 - Prague, Czech Republic

Snow-capped spiers, cobblestone streets, soft lights and romantic tones ... Prague it's just a wonder in winter.
The natural beauty of the city comes to life under a blanket of snow.
Despite the cold, Prague manages to be an excellent refuge from the harsh winter: you just have to walk through its castles and sip a coffee to warm your heart. Here, too, remember to take a tour of the fantastic Christmas markets.

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1 - Copenhagen, Denmark

La Copenhagen by Hans Christian Andersen, is undoubtedly the most fairy-tale city in Europe, especially in winter. It is in first place among the recommended destinations in December thanks to the absolutely "intimate" atmosphere (the Danes say "hygge"). Immerse yourself in a capital with a great tradition, spend the afternoons drinking hot chocolate in one of the typical bars, and relax by visiting the beautiful surroundings of the city.
A must see i TiFlights Gardens, Christiansborg Palace and Rosenborg Castle, even more fascinating attractions when covered with snow.

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