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As widespread in Spain as practically absent in Italy: let's talk about Tapas Bars, do you know them? Whether on the high Basque cliffs or in the sun-drenched Andalusian plains, these places kick off a cheerful late afternoon ritual. If you have been to Spain you know exactly what we are talking about. If not, let this little girl advise you guide to the best Tapas Bars in Barcelona.


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What are Tapas?

These tasty dishes were born to fill the bellies of the diners between one sip of wine and another. The mug, in fact, was served "tapado", that is covered by a saucer with jamón (ham), chorizo ​​(salami) or cheese to avoid the entry of annoying insects into the drink.

With the passage of time, tapas have evolved considerably, becoming more and more elaborate preparations. Now you can even find real miniature versions of typical Spanish dishes. "Ir de tapas" traditionally means moving from one Tapas Bar to another consuming what we would call a appetizer. This ritual enjoyment can also last up to 21pm and tradition provides for a visit of at least 14pm Bar de Tapas!

The best Tapas Bars in the city

Patatas bravas, tortillas, fried fish, jamón serrano, mini paella, croquetas and so on and so forth! Typical recipes and fusion alternatives that follow a single rule: nibble!

1 - Bar Celta Pulperia

  • Address: Carrer de la Mercè, 9
  • Phone: + 34 933 15 00 06

Legendary for his octopus, is mainly frequented by locals. All seafood is worth trying. Entering this historic pulperia of the Barrio Gotico and not tasting the Octopus alla Gallega is practically an outrage. Excellent value for money.

2 - Cal Pep

  • Address: Pl. De les Olles 8
  • Phone:+ 34 933 107 961
  • Website:

It is one of the best known and most appreciated in the city and is located in Barceloneta area. It has an open kitchen and offers an infinite amount of tapas. His are almost legendary very fresh fish fry. Excellent quality / price ratio: not very cheap but the expense is worth the goodness of the dishes offered.

3 - Bodega Manolo

  • Address: C / Torrent de les Flors 101
  • Phone: + 34 932 84 43 77

It is a kind of restaurant in family management in the heart of the Graçia district. It offers excellent tapas and is frequented almost exclusively by locals. Recommended fresh anchovies served with salad and Greek yogurt and tomato. Excellent value for money.

4 - D'Or Cerveceria

  • Address: Carrer de València 263
  • Phone: + 34 932 15 92 36

A small place near Passeig de Graçia that prepares excellent bombetes salsa and croquetas pernil. Affordable prices and great tapas.

5 - Cerveceria Catalana

  • Address: Carrer de Mallorca 236
  • Phone: + 34 932 16 03 68

Known and very popular by the locals, but not the cheapest. The highlight is the craft beer to be tasted with many delicious tapas. Excellent place where you can eat very well, so you will find a bit of a queue. Arm yourself with patience.

6 - El Quim

  • Address: Mercado de La Boqueria, La Rambla 91
  • Phone: + 34 933 01 98 10
  • Website:

It is located inside the beautiful and colorful Boqueria market. Prices start from 5 Euros and the management is strictly family.

Among the tapas to try boquerones, chipirones and arroz negro. They don't take reservations and it's always busy.

7 - Els Pollos de Llul

  • Address: C / Nàpols 272 and C / Ramon Turró 13
  • Phone: + 34 607 35 02 89
  • Website:

He is famous for his roast chicken, free-range and crunchy. Highly recommended for lunch: a few euros to enjoy chicken, salad and dessert.

8 - La Plata

  • Address: C / Mercè 28
  • Tel: + 34 933151009
  • Website:

You will have to try this place simply because it is not like the others! Here tapas are only 4, as in the old days when it opened in 1945. Spartan atmosphere but with character.

9 - Euskal Etxea

  • Address: Placeta de Montcada1
  • Phone: + 34 933 10 21 85
  • Website:

It's not really a cheap place, but they serve dozens and dozens of varieties of tapas. They are all original, tasty and delicious. It's a More touristy Tapas Bar of others, but still worth a stop.

10 - Flash Flash

  • Address: Carrer de la Granada del Penedès 25
  • Phone: + 34 932 37 09 90
  • Website:

A tortilleria that has become a real social phenomenon! Flash Flash proposes over 70 types of tortillas, but also serves beans, some great sausage and tasty burgers. A place to gorge yourself on a budget.

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