Top 10 Tallest Statues in the World

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The Tallest Statues in the World

Imposing constructions that often depict national deities or heroes, made to glorify the deeds of these individuals who really existed or to worship legendary religious figures: the statues they are present all over the world and are often a destination for tourist trips or pilgrimages.
Sometimes the artist who made them is important, other times the area in which they are located is unique, such as the top of a mountain or in the center of the city that hosts them.
The Statue of Liberty, the Venus de Milo, the Pietà by Michelangelo up to the huge Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro: these are just some of the best known and also tallest statues that exist in the world.
However, there are other constructions that achieve real records of majesty with theirs immense height. Here she is Ranking of the highest statues in the world!

10 - Buddha of Ling Shan, China: 88 meters

It is one of the tallest Buddha statues in China and is located in the Longshan Mountains. It is entirely made of bronze and measures 88 meters, was completed in the year 1996 and it weighs 700 tons in all.

9 - Great Buddha of Thailand: 92 meters

It is the largest statue in the state, it is made up of concrete and covered with gold paint. The construction of this statue took 18 years: it began in 1990 and ended in 2008.

8 - Statue of Liberty, United States of America: 93 meters

It is one of the most famous statues in the world and represents one female figure holding a torch and a "tabula ansata", a tablet with a characteristic dovetail ornament, on which the date of the American Declaration of Independence.

The woman represented is, more precisely, the Roman goddess of freedom precisely called Libertas. It was donated by the French people to the United States on October 28, 1886, it is 93 meters high (including the 47-meter pedestal) and is visible up to 40 kilometers away. It is formed by a steel armor covered with copper plates, it weighs 204 tons in all.

7 - Statue of Peter the Great, Russia: 96 meters

This statue has a really curious history in Moscow, Russia. It was built in 1992 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America, but initially it depicted Christopher Columbus. A quick "change of head" made it possible to recycle the statue, transforming the protagonist figure into that of theemperor Peter I, who ruled the country for 43 years. It measures 96 meters and is made up of 600 tons of stainless steel and bronze.

6 - Sendai Kannon, Japan: 100 meters

Represents the Japanese Buddha Bodhisattva and is located on top of a hill in Sendai, Japan, which makes it visible from many parts of the city. The figure represented holds a jewel in the left hand and a jug of water in the right hand. It was completed in 1991.

5 - Statue of the emperors Yan and Huang, China: 106 meters

The result of twenty years of work, which began in 1987 and ended in 2007, the Chinese statue is a real colossus with its 106 meters high. It depicts the faces of the emperors Yan Di and Huang Di, symbols of politics and economics.

4 - Ushiku Daibutsu, Japan: 110 meters

Back in Japan for this statue of 110 meters high, 120 with the base in the shape of a lotus leaf, and is made of bronze. The statue's index finger alone measures 7 meters! There are four different levels inside the statue, which can be reached by visitors via an elevator: on the first level it is possible to listen to beautiful music, the second is completely dedicated to the study of the scriptures, the third even contains another 30.000 Buddha statues. From the top you can admire the wonderful gardens that surround the building.

3 - Laykyun Setkyar, Burma: 116 meters

In second place in the ranking there is again a statue that represents the Buddha, this time in Burma and with height of 116 meters, 129,5 with the pedestal. Construction started in 1996 and finished in 2008.

2 - Buddha Zhōngyuán or Spring Temple Buddha, China: 128 meters

The Buddha Zhōngyuán statue measures 128 meters and is located in China. Completed in 2008, it is placed on a pedestal that increases the height by another 20 meters and consists of 1.100 pieces of cast copper.

The name of the statue derives from that of the Buddhist temple located at the foot of the same, which in turn takes it from the nearby one Tianrui Hot Spring, a thermal spring in China famous for its therapeutic properties. Its construction is a response to the destruction by the Taliban of the Buddha statues in Afghanistan and to precede India's plan to build the largest statue in the world. Externally it is made up of 1.100 copper sheets and the total weight is about 1000 tons.

1 - Statue of Unity, India: 182 meters

The big toe alone is as high as a basketball hoop, and to reach the head you have to climb 182 meters.
This mammoth sculpture overlooks the green hills and Narmada River in the western state of Gujarat, India. It's almost the size of two vertically stacked football fields. It was designed by Ram V. Sutar ed it cost a whopping $ 400 million.

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