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Weather warning and very cold temperatures, snow, rain and hail ... Let's face it: in Italy in the last winter seasons just about everything has happened. It is true, as a Mediterranean people with Latin blood (as the Andalusian "caliente" cousins ​​would say), we are not used to arctic climate, but the fact is that historical minimum temperatures have certainly been reached that our thermometers have not marked for some time! Extreme and absolutely risky comparisons have started on social media: Palermo like Milan, Milan like Berlin, Berlin like Helsinki... in short, freezing cold everywhere.

But what are actually the population centers in Europe and the world capitals that hold the historical record of lower temperature ever? Let's find out in the Ranking of the coldest cities in the World!

10 - Helsinki, Finland: -34,3 ° C

It starts from the Old Continent and precisely from Helsinki, capital of Finland. Always one of the coldest places in Europe, Helsinki has a very rigid climate. In winter, the average temperature hardly exceeds -5 ° C. The time low never touched is equal to well -34.3 ° C, registered in January 1987.

9 - Ottawa, Canada: -37 ° C

From Europe to Canada: Ottawa is ninth in the standings thanks to a record temperature of -37 ° C. The federal capital of the state has always been one of the coldest regions on the North American continent. On average, winter temperatures fluctuate around −15 ° C.

8 - Minsk, Belarus: -40 ° C

Minsk, the capital of Belarus, is characterized by a continental climate. Winters are often quite cold and there are peaks of -20 ° C. It is undoubtedly among the coldest towns on earth, and ranks eighth for its record of -40 ° C.

7 - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: -49 ° C

La città Ulaan Baatar was ranked seventh with a minimum of -49 ° C. The city boasts a particular record: it is the coldest world capital, with an average annual temperature of -1.3 ° C. These particular climatic conditions make the ground perpetually frozen in any season of the year (Permafrost).

6 - Astana, Kazakhstan: -51,6 ° C

Astana in Kazakhstan, it is the best positioned capital in our ranking. The historical minimum is −51.6 ° C, and it's a national record. For about 6 months the roads are covered with ice and snow. Furthermore, the incredible cold is particularly perceived due to the very strong currents.

5 - Ust 'Nera, Siberia: -60,4 ° C

Once in the top five, temperatures drop considerably. The first 5 positions are occupied by villages concentrated in the vast region of Siberia, in Russia. In fifth place we find Ust'-Nera, one of the "Poles of cold". Here i have been touched −60,4 ° C.

4 - Yakutsk, Siberia - Russia: -64,4 ° C

Not too far from Ust 'Nera is located Yakutsk, capital of Sacha-Jacuzia, the latter an autonomous republic within which all the coldest municipalities of the inhabited world are concentrated. The city in 1891 reached guinness temperature -64,4 ° C.

3 - Verchojansk, Siberia - Russia: -68,8 ° C

Verchojansk wins the third step of the podium with minimum temperatures on average close to −47,7 ° C during the month of January. In absolute terms, the lowest ever recorded is equal to -68,8 ° C and dates back to February 1892.

2 - Tomtor, Siberia - Russia: -69,2 ° C

Second position for Tomtor, another village located in Sacha Jacuzia, which is therefore confirmed as the coldest inhabited area in the world. Tomtor's record is ben −69,2 ° C, stuff to freeze the blood of us Italians.

1 - The Coldest City in the World: Oymyakon, Siberia - Russia: -82 ° C

Oymyakon is the coldest city in the world, although in fact it shares this primacy with Tomtor and Verchojansk. She was awarded and awarded the gold medal for her incredible record of ben −69.9 ° C reached on January 26, 1926. According to different sources, the temperature reached that year was even lower, equal to −71,2 ° C or even −82 ° C.

Curiosity: The coldest city in Italy is ...

Believe it or not, even in the beautiful country incredible temperatures have been reached.
Just a few years ago, precisely on December 27, 2010, the -48.3 ° C in the sinkhole Busa di Fradusta, located in the Dolomites, in the territory of province of Trento.
Instead the primacy of colder common it is shared by two villages: Anzola, in the province of Bologna, e Conselice, in the province of Ravenna; raw on a par with the temperature of -26.2 ° C.

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