Toiano, among the places of abandonment

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Located between the Palaio area and the Volterra area, Toiano? a small ghost town.
Unknown to most, the small village? rose to the headlines for the murder of the young Elvira Orldandini, stabbed on 5 June 1947 during the feast day for the Corpus Domini rites.
The story was followed by all of Italy in the post-war years, but the case remains unsolved.

1 day

Coming back to me ..

I set off on a muggy Sunday morning.

I reach the town through a dirt path that favors, even before reaching the destination, immersion in the calm and peace of the place.

Once you have reached the entrance to the village? it is possible to continue on foot only.

Toiano, Borgo Fanstasma - Surroundings

It is worth stopping for a moment to admire the small cemetery, the now deconsecrated church and the sinuous valley that extends with its infinite shades of green (.. and you will soon be able to find my poems in the best bookstores on the planet).

In fact, it is enough to take a few more steps to realize that the only audible thing during the passage will be? own still and religious silence.

Only noise to keep me company from time to time as I venture along the road that crosses the town? the slipping of the stones under the legs.
The houses are visibly abandoned for some time, some so? full of brambles that visiting them is impossible.
Others, however, allow a short visit in the company of some stray cat that seems to be the only tenant of the village.

I do a couple of laps between the rooms of a house ..

The upper floor? collapsed for half? and the remaining beams, more? resistant, they seem ready to let themselves go at any moment, abandoned to the weight of time.

Under the shoes and in front of the eyes there is nothing but fallen rubble and cracked walls, making it difficult to imagine a time when someone really lived there.

Continuing the journey, a small Christmas ball helps the imagination, which, swinging on a half-open door, seems to indicate the imminent return of its inhabitants.

I arrived as far as Toiano curious to visit an abandoned town. But here's the surprise!

By now at the end of the main street, walls in good condition and some voices suggest that I am in front of an inhabited house, probably the last one. From here on, nothing but too tall grass.

The visit to Toiano? short but pleasant, especially if you want to immerse yourself in the silence and smells of the wonderful Tuscan landscape, feeling isolated from the rest of the world.

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