Tips for traveling by plane with an infant

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Do you have to travel by plane with your little one and you already feel anxiety rising inside you?
Keep Calm: Don't get stressed out at the thought of a I travel by plane with a newborn!
Fortunately, many mothers and fathers have already suffered the pains of a bad flight and have kindly provided us with their precious contribution to write a useful and effective guide.
You can keep your sanity when traveling with kids ... just be prepared and organized like the most diligent of boy scouts! Here's everything you need to know for a safe and smooth flight for the whole family.


  1. Infants on the plane: what risks?
  2. What is the minimum age?
  3. Do infants pay for the ticket?
  4. What documents do you need?
  5. Is the little one entitled to baggage?
  6. Can I take the stroller on the plane?
  7. What is the best place to sit?
  8. Otitis and ear pain, tips and remedies ...
  9. Children with a cold or fever: what to do?
  10. How to survive the flight?
  11. User questions and comments

Infants on the plane: what risks?

From a medical-health point of view, children do not run any risk, as long as they are not suffering from particular pathologies or dysfunctions.
Remember that each child on board must be accompanied by at least one companion, therefore, if you need to travel alone with several children, consider that you must necessarily find someone who can accompany you and assist you during the flight.

What is the minimum age?

Unless it is a premature baby, theminimum age for small passengers varies between two and 14 days depending on the airlines.

Do infants pay for the ticket?

Generally yes. Your children need to buy a ticket. Sometimes children under the age of two can fly for free, but not always. Most airlines charge a percentage of the mom or dad fare.
If the little one has less than two years, can sit on your lap companion wearing a seat belt extension, provided by the cabin crew.
However, if your child is older than 6 months, we still recommend reserving a seat (paying for a second ticket), this will make you much more comfortable.
On some long-haul flights it is possible to book special cots to allow the child to sleep on board.

What documents do you need?

For travel in Italy and abroad, children must have individual documents.

  • An identity card is enough to fly to Italy, which must be requested at the registry office by both parents. At the time of release, ask for the validity condition for expatriation to be expressed, in this way the child can travel within the European borders with a single document.
  • A passport is required for travel abroad. Obtaining your passport can take several weeks so it is best not to book a trip until you have actually received it.

Is the little one entitled to baggage?

All well-known companies allow parents to carry a bag for the infant as long as the request is made at the time of booking the flight. This is not a sure rule, it could also happen that a company asks you to give up one of your hand luggage. In any case, remember to pay attention to the restrictions for carrying liquids on board.

Can I take the stroller on the plane?

It is not possible to bring the stroller into the cabin, for reasons of space and above all of safety.
However, if you have paid for a second ticket for your little one, you can bring an approved car seat and take the seat next to yours. Alternatively, you can book an Amsafe Cares harness that will allow you to better secure your child throughout the flight.
For longer flights it is also possible to request a small cot which will be placed in the front rows of the plane (dimensions: maximum 10 kilos in weight and 70 cm in height).

What is the best place to sit?

If you have booked the crib when purchasing your tickets, you will certainly be positioned at the front of the aircraft.
If, on the other hand, you have not booked a cot, you can choose a strategic place... Our advice is to avoid seats by the window. If you have booked two seats, leave the central seat empty, unless the flight is full no one will disturb you.

Otitis and ear pain, tips and remedies ...

During the descent and take-off, breastfeed the baby or have him suck something to relieve the pressure in the ears.
A pacifier, a bottle or his favorite toy will do just fine.

Children with a cold or fever: what to do?

Traveling in the event of a high fever or severe cold is highly discouraged, this is because the pain in the ears could intensify extremely during the take-off and landing phases.
However, keep calm! It is not said that all is lost. The last word is in fact up to your pediatrician, trust his judgment ...
If he feels the symptoms are not too severe, he may give you the okay to leave.

How to survive the flight?

  • Let him sleep
    As much as possible, try to make the flight coincide with the baby's rest periods. Keep him awake until after take-off: a sleeping baby is a happy baby.
  • Let him relax
    If your baby is awake, take him for a walk up and down the plane so he can look around and relax. If the baby cries, avoid doing it, you could annoy the other passengers.
  • Be polite
    If the baby cries, stay in control and don't worry about getting dirty looks. But remember to have a polite attitude: apologize to the other passengers and offer them candy or earplugs.

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