Tips for traveling by ferry: where to sleep and what to bring

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Traveling by ferry, you know, is not an experience that many aspire to: hours at sea at the mercy of weather conditions, inconvenience for those who want to sleep, crowds of people that make relaxation difficult are just some of the typical ferry "worries". Yet there are ways to make the most of your ferry experience, even if you travel with children: let's find out which ones!


  1. Where to sleep: deck passage, armchair or bed?
  2. What to bring?
  3. 10 tips for traveling well
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Where to sleep: deck passage, armchair or bed?

The quality (and the possibility) of sleep varies totally according to the type of accommodation chosen.

Prices vary according to the route and seasonality: if you spend € 30,00 for the deck in high season, for the armchairs the cost is at least € 45,00 while for the double cabin it starts from € 90,00.

  • Bridge passage: it is the place where you need to adapt the most and it is also the cheapest solution. To be able to grab a good seat it is necessary to be able to get on the ferry first;
  • Armchair seat: already being able to have a seat in an armchair is a good result. And if you have an eye mask or a pillow with you, you can be relatively comfortable;
  • Bed: the maximum comfort, especially if you are traveling with the elderly and children, is the sleeping place in the cabin. There you have the insured bed and all the privacy you need.

What to bring?

For your ferry trip there are some essential items, which will help you cheer the journey.
Here is the list:

  • Medicines for seasickness: Prevention is better than cure! There are many drugs, bracelets and pads on the market that help prevent seasickness. Among the best known brands stand out P6, Xamamina, Volontan, Travelgum;
  • Travel documents: obviously you cannot forget your travel documents;
  • Book: do not forget the company of a good book;
  • Mask: if you do not have a seat in the cabin, the anti-light mask is a must;
  • Pillow: same as above;
  • Blanket: very useful to cover yourself from drafts and air conditioning if you are on the deck passage or in the armchair;
  • Bottle of water and snacks: better to bring them from home, because on the ferry they could cost a lot.

Curiosity: What can't you bring?
As with airplanes, there are also some "prohibited items" for ferries. These include:

  • Security wallets or briefcases with alarm systems;
  • Explosives and pyrotechnic articles;
  • Gas, both flammable and non-flammable;
  • Flammable liquids and solids;
  • Radioactive materials.

10 tips for traveling well

Do you want to travel by ferry at its best? Here are 10 practical tips!

  1. Dress comfortably: "onion" clothing is a must have, to face air conditioning and climate change;
  2. Choose corners that are not very popular: to have a bit of tranquility in busy periods, choose not particularly coveted corners such as those behind the latest armchairs;
  3. Choose areas that are not too bright: artificial light or natural light may bother you in the long run;
  4. Remove a few things from the backpacks: choose your luggage carefully and moderately; the more items you extract, the more chances you have to forget them;
  5. Medicines at the first alarm: do not wait to feel completely ill; at the first symptoms of nausea, take the appropriate drugs for seasickness;
  6. Anti-loss bracelet for children: apply an anti-loss bracelet to your children, writing your name and telephone number;
  7. Hand sanitizer: a good hand sanitizer recommended, especially if hundreds of people are expected on the ferry;
  8. Avoid calling: as long as roaming exists, the charges for calling on board are quite high. So, except in emergencies, avoid using cell phones;
  9. Fun: indulge in some entertainment, with a stroll in the bar or in the play areas (if provided);
  10. Travel documents: always keep your travel documents with you, even when you have to leave your station.

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