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Un long drive is synonymous with freedom. A long drive alone will make you feel more free than ever. These trips can take you to some wonderful places where not even airplanes can take you, and often driving is much cheaper and more convenient than flying. During the journey, you can also plan some stops for visit, explore and take some fabulous photographs. The problem is that sitting in a car for 6, 8, 10 hours or even more quickly becomes boring and uncomfortable, especially if you are traveling with children. Here are some useful tips for better face a long car journey!


  1. Advice before leaving
  2. What to bring
  3. What to eat during the trip
  4. What to do to not get bored
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Advice before leaving

Preparing step by step for the journey by car is a detail that will largely contribute to its success.

  1. Try to plan better all the various stages and not planned too many hours driving: five hours is the ideal maximum. It would be better to leave early in the morning, between 6 and 6.30, to take advantage of the little traffic at least during the early hours.

  2. Equip yourself with a satellite navigator, which will automatically calculate the shortest or cheapest route for you. Some online services or certain models of more technological browsers allow you to receive information in real time about traffic conditions and the weather.

  3. At least one week in advance, bring your car to a specialized workshop, to carry out a complete check up which should include: the cooling system, tires, steering and suspension, oil change, air conditioning system. Make sure the car doors are locked e don't forget your seat belt!

  4. Tell someone you trust your movements, departure and arrival but also your various stops.

  5. If your trip includes overnight stays, book your accommodation in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. Visit the specialized websites, which can recommend excellent hotels or bed and breakfasts, check room availability in the chosen period and take advantage of the offers for online reservations.

What to bring

The advice is to prepare light luggage and bulky. In fact, if your trip includes several stops, it may be inconvenient to open and close, as well as carry all the luggage in the various hotels and B & Bs. In addition to GPS and technological tools, also bring a map, which you can scribble, highlight and write at your leisure. For every eventuality, a practical first aid kit and a blanket will make you feel very safe.

What to eat during the trip

Before departure, have a light meal. You can then choose between two options for your meals during the trip: eat in your car or stop to eat somewhere. Along the main roads in Italy, but also in Europe, there are numerous refreshment points where you can enjoy a snack or a quick lunch. Some of these places also have restaurants and fast food. The duration of the stop will therefore depend on your schedule but also on your hunger! Remember that a meal that is too heavy will risk making you sleepy, a company absolutely unwelcome to the driver. If you travel in many, prepare some sandwiches before departure, perhaps reminding you to add some light and healthy snacks such as fruit. Indispensable is a large supply of water and drinks, possibly not sparkling or too sweet.

What to do to not get bored

Another enemy of the motorist is boredom. Staying in a confined space for many hours limits our ability to distract ourselves and pass the time. Furthermore, if you are traveling with children, thinking about leisure activities is absolutely essential. First of all, use your vehicle's audio system. Prepare playlists that can entertain, engage and entertain all passengers! Little known in Italy but useful and interesting they are audiobooks: there are numerous versions of classics but also of contemporary releases, read by a narrator, which can accompany you for a few hours. Also try to involve your travel companions in stimulating conversations and engaging discussions: travel can be a useful opportunity to get to know each other better, socialize but also plan but, above all, an excellent excuse to forget about smartphones! Exist numerous games that can be done by car, many of which are particularly suitable for children. Do you know the alphabet game for car travel? Invite your children to find, looking out the window, something whose name begins with the various letters of the alphabet. To know other car games, consult the net!

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