Time Zone Disorders: How to Avoid and Fight Jet Lag!

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Il jet lag it is one of those inconveniences that the frequent traveler knows well and is used to dealing with.
It is an annoying clinical condition caused by the crossing of two or more time zones, which involves a conditioning of the regular "circadian rhythms" including the wake-sleep cycle. Said so it really seems something incomprehensible but in reality it is a quite widespread malaise, caused by a disruption of the natural biological clock.

This malaise is known above all to those who travel often and for a long time by plane, perhaps on flights that cross several continents. But there are gods natural remedies that allow you to prevent the disorder or possibly of dispose of symptoms?
Let's try to answer the question ...


  1. Jet lag syndrome: symptoms and effects
  2. How long does it last?
  3. How to recover: natural, homeopathic remedies and melatonin
  4. Tips to avoid it
  5. User questions and comments

Jet lag syndrome: symptoms and effects

What is Jet Lag Syndrome? It is nothing more than the set of effects caused by the disorder. In most cases i symptoms they do not all occur together, but in the rare cases where they do i hardships effects are greatly amplified.
Main symptoms:

  • Insomnia or on the contrary excessive sleepiness;
  • Unnatural fatigue;
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • General malaise;
  • Pain in the muscles;
  • For women, menstrual symptoms.

These symptoms can occur more or less intensely depending on the severity and in some extreme cases they can even request medical interventions external such as drug intake or particular therapies.

How long does it last?

The times to reset your biological clock and adapt to the time zone can vary a lot depending on certain factors.

  1. First of all we must take into account the number of time zones crossed: the more the spindles, the more the perceived disturbances increase.
  2. L'age of the traveler: the older you are, the more you tend to suffer from symptoms.
  3. Lo health state: a patient must keep his pathology under control
  4. Il sense in which you travel: yes, because traveling from west to east is very different from east to west. In general, moving from west to east causes greater inconvenience.

Generally speaking, it is possible to state that the duration of the disturbances is equal in days to half the number of spindles crossed.

How to recover: natural, homeopathic remedies and melatonin

Those who often deal with the discomfort caused by the disorder have developed their own methodology to prevent the symptoms from becoming too acute.
Unfortunately there is no real method that works 100%However, there are still some constant elements that allow recovery in a very short time. L'taking melatonin for example, it is considered a rather effective alternative and provides substantial help to therapy. The effects of the hormone are opposite to those of sunlight so if you want to "adjust back" your body will have to take it in the evening, on the contrary if you want to "adjust forward" it will be better to take it in the morning. In any case for methods, times e intake doses it is advisable to ask your doctor for advice.
Other methods used for bio-rhythm conditioning are the caffeine and some details protein diets, but there are no reliable data on their effectiveness.

Tips to avoid it

There are some precautions that can allow you to limit the effects of time zone disorder. Below we indicate the most effective:

  • Rest properly before the trip;
  • Gradually change your habits before the trip according to the place where you have to go;
  • Drink a lot of water during the flight, dehydration can make symptoms more annoying;
  • Accommodation by plane at night time at the place where you are going.

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