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Edinburgh: The city? that envelops you with its mysterious charm
We have always been fascinated by Scotland, Marco for its history and the breathtaking views of the Highlands and myself for its enchanting castles that exude something special, mysterious. We have always wanted to do a tour, of at least a week and, just before Christmas, we decided to give ourselves a small gift to make it special ... we had only three days, the Epiphany bridge. We open the pc and immediately look at the flights, Edinburgh? was the first thought in unison ... said and done, flights taken !!! Next step?! Where to stay overnight? Some research between Booking and Airbnb and also booked that, Haymarket Hotel, and we just have to plan the itinerary ... this? the part that sends me more? in fibrillation, which makes me feel the pre-departure with my hand and electrified I get to work because, after all, we only have 15 days before going to Malpensa and Take the flight!

1 day

Landed at Edinburgh airport at about 9:00, we immediately take the Airlink 100 bus which leaves us a hundred meters from the hotel. Time to check-in, ask for some information and we immediately set off. Not far from the hotel we find one of the many Starbucks located in the area, we decide to stop for a hearty breakfast! Now we are really ready ... we set out to discover the city, pausing often to admire the architecture, very different from the Italian one. We observe the facades of the houses and they have shades of gray that alternate with the windows of the premises with intense colors, we seem to be inside the TheSims game!
Camera continuously in my hands and detailed map among Marco's, do we let ourselves be transported through the streets of the city? for the first exploration. Are we attracted to the majesty? of St Mary Cathedral, a fascinating Gothic church and the most big city. Not far away, the map shows us Dean Village and we set off,? a picturesque? residential? crossed by a river. It has a fairytale atmosphere with colors that know of other times!
We approach Old Town where, immediately in the distance, can we? see the towering and imposing castle of Edinburgh overlooking the city? from the top of its hill. Arrived in Princes Street Gardens, in the eastern part of the park, we find the Christmas market set up with rides and stalls where the Scott Monument stands out in an imposing way.

After a stroll and a few tastings, we head towards the Royal Mile, the street more? famous and ancient of Edinburgh, just a Scottish mile long with at both ends? Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. You have to walk it at least once and let yourself be fascinated by its overwhelming atmosphere. The quaint shops selling souvenirs and whiskey, the windows of restaurants and pubs in typical British style, the boutiques display mannequins with kilts and tartan scarves in various colors. We find along the street St. Giles Cathedral, entering we are enchanted by the colorful stained glass windows in contrast with the Gothic style architecture, and then we get carried away by the sound of bagpipes played in the street. We can not fail to notice the closes, for those who do not know are narrow streets and alleys that wind through the old part of the city? resulting in the evocative evening hours and a bit? gloomy. I dispassionately recommend the night tour of Ghosts and Witches, we were extremely fascinated!

2 day

The day begins with the Ely Guide of Scotland Tour for the Edinburgh Historical Walk of over 3 hours. It starts from the Royal Mile going up to Edinburgh Castle with a succession of historical and religious stories, Scottish customs, curiosities? gastronomic, stories of great scientists and writers, reaching the square of the Museum of Writers. We continue towards the characteristic Victoria St, known for the bright colors of the different windows, we stop in Grassmarket Square, the place of executions and cattle market where we also find the most popular pubs. characteristic and ancient of the city. We enter the evocative Greyfriars cemetery discovering the story of the little dog Bobby, the writer JK Rowling and the different mysteries and paranormal phenomena of which? wrapped up this place.

After a quick lunch the next stop? at Edinburgh Castle. An imposing fortress perched on one of Edinburgh's seven hills, Castle Rock. It enjoys a privileged position giving the possibility? to wander with a 360 view? on the city? of Edinburgh with an extraordinary view.
Approaching the main door it is natural to notice the two large statues placed on the sides, one of Robert the Bruce and the other of William Wallace. Above the door, however,? placed the royal banner of Scotland (a red rampant lion with a yellow background) and the Latin motto? Nemo me impune lacessit? ? Nobody challenges me with impunity.
Inside the walls? It is possible to admire the Scottish Crown Jewels, the ceremonial hall (Great Hall) with its historical weapons that serve as decoration, the royal apartments where King James I was born, the unique prisons with hammock beds, the small chapel of St. Margaret , the Stone of Destiny (the Stone of Destiny) and the Mons Mag, the pi? large siege cannon from the 13th century. Do you know that every day at , except Sunday, Friday? Santo e Natale, a cannon fires a deafening shot; unfortunately we went on Sunday.

3 day

Last day in the Scottish capital and we decided to dedicate the whole morning to visit Holyrood Palace. The palace ? the official residence of the royal family in Scotland. The Queen of England spends a few days every year, in early summer, at the Holyrood Palace where various celebrations take place with the Members of the State.
We made the visit, with an audio guide in Italian, and were fascinated by the wealth it contains, beautiful paintings and furniture of unimaginable value. We were particularly struck by three singular characteristics: we are fascinated by historic castles and palaces, as you well know, but so far in none of them had we ever found the Royal Dining Room, a room with men? favorites of Queen Elizabeth and with the elegantly laid table; another uniqueness, however, we found it along the tour with halls enriched with Christmas decorations such as garlands, festoons, decorated Christmas trees but, even more? curious,? was the presence of photographs, positioned on special easels, with immortalized situations of real life in the presence of the Queen at the Palace.
Outside Holyrood Palace we could admire the Holyrood Abbey, an abbey almost completely in ruins, founded in the early 1100s. We found it very suggestive and fascinating!

Having the return flight at 20:00, we can spend a couple of hours, post lunch, getting lost in the rooms of the National Museum of Scotland (free). We hadn't taken this stage into account but with the arrival of rain we thought it was a better solution. In hindsight, we made an excellent choice ... immense, particular and leaves you speechless. I think it is impossible to stop and see everything, but we definitely recommend a curious walk! Just to give an idea: seven floors with a riot of science, technology, discoveries in the world, art, design, fashion and collections of antiques? Scots.
Our trip ? at the end ... we head to our hotel to retrieve our luggage, go to the airport, go home and immediately get to work to organize the next tour in Scotland. If the capital gave us so? so many emotions, I don't want to imagine the uncontaminated nature of the Highlands and the different castles located along the territory!

If you have at least one more day, I recommend adding to the itinerary:
- Rosslyn Chapel: became famous thanks to Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code. According to some scholars, Rosslyn Chapel is the place where? the holy grail was guarded.
- Leith: since the 1997th century? the port of Edinburgh and since the Second World War has undergone increasing redevelopment. It is worth taking a stroll and visiting the Royal Yacht Britannia, the houseboat of the royal family until .

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