They are the best desserts in the world and are eaten in Lisbon

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Beyond the iconic yellow tram, the striking Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara and the dynamic streets of Bairro Alto, there is another great reason to visit Lisbon, the same one that can give back the most succulent taste experience ever and which it takes the name of Pasteis De Nata.

Those who have tasted them know very well that these puff pastry tartlets, characterized by a creamy filling, are addictive. It is no coincidence, in fact, that over the years they have become real celebrities in Portugal, as well as the favorite food of travelers from all over the world who come to the country.

The pastéis de nata are now treated in the same way as other tourist attractions in the city of Lisbon. Why stop between historic pastry shops in the city, and tasting them all, is a real ritual for travelers. And it is for you that today we have decided to create theperfect itinerary in the capital of Portugal, for all lovers of tasteful travel. Are you ready to go?

Let's start with Pastel de Belém, a real institution in the city of Lisbon. In fact, we are talking about one of the historic pastry shops in the capital, a place steeped in history, tradition and flavors that deserves to be visited. And it is precisely in the restaurant, opened in 1937, that you can eat pastéis de nata best in the whole country. It is said that access to the laboratory, which churns out more than 20000 sweets a day, is reserved for the only three people who know the precious recipe of the famous dessert.

Even though pastéis de nata are known and produced all over the world - to the point that they are also the protagonists of the world competition melhor pastéis de nata do mundo - it is in Lisbon that the original recipe is preserved, because its roots are rooted here.

But let's go back to the patisseries in the city to visit absolutely to eat these succulent sweets. Another address to mark on the agenda is that of Confeitaria Nacional, the oldest pastry shop in Lisbon that opened its doors way back in 1829.

The confectionery proposal of the restaurant is, of course, rich and succulent e the menu is full of proposals which draw from confectionery tradition of the country. The pastéis de nata could not be missing, of course, to be ordered together with the espresso. It is said that the best coffee in town is drunk here.

1800's pastry shop, in largo do Rato 7, offers a variant of the pastéis de nata much appreciated by travelers and citizens. In this pastry bar, in fact, the traditional cakes are in a maxi version and are characterized by a vanilla flavor. The recipe has obviously been revisited, but it's worth trying!

The best desserts in Lisbon: where to eat pastéis de nata

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