Thessaloniki: ancient Thessaloniki in two days

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Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki Peninsula, Greece. Ancient Thessaloniki? a hub of energy. He has an ever-changing spirit that wants to have fun. Street art festival, works of contemporary art, modern architecture blend with the ancient soul of the city, that of a cat sleeping in the shade, of a community? celebrating in the courtyard of an Orthodox church, an? agor ?.

To visit it takes two days. IS? perfect for a last minute weekend, a small escape or as a starting point for an on the road itinerary of Halkidiki.

1 day

Our Thessaloniki tour starts with the White Tower. IS? the monument pi? representative of the city, even if its history? rather sad. In 1826, the Ottoman sultan Mahmud II ordered the massacre of the Janissaries, Christians forced to convert to the Islamic faith, on charges of treason. We started from here not so much for its fame but why? from this point? possible to reach the majestic statue of Alexander the Great, the most? great of the Macedonian kings. Suggestive? say the least. Continuing along the promenade we encountered games and contemporary art installations. This area of ​​Thessaloniki in particular shows how much the city? is modern and how much it wants to have fun.

In sequence for a full immersion in history: Palazzo, Arco and Rotonda dell? Imperatore Galerio. The Roman domination in Thessaloniki has left considerable traces that can be seen everywhere, especially in the Kam? Ra district. The Arch of Galerius was erected in 303 AD to celebrate one of the numerous victories over the Persian army. The Rotunda of Galerius, on the other hand, was built by the Emperor as a mausoleum which Constantine then transformed? in church and finally the Ottomans converted into a mosque. The ruins of the Palazzo di Galerius, with its mosaic floors and columns, close the circle perfectly. Another MUST TO DO? l? Agor ?. From the level of the city? contemporary we looked out over the archaeological site which is located at a lower level than the road. We got off, entered and fell in love. Suggestive? a term that is too simplistic.

After such a day, hotel, a nice shower and back out for an aperitif at the port. Area ? with attention to every detail, it has a unique design and everyone gathers here to watch the sun go down. For dinner we instead opted for the Jewish quarter. Lots of tourists, but what about eating like this? good that we have forgiven him.

2 day

To start our second day in Thessaloniki we chose the Modiano Market, so? that you can officially say that you have known the true essence of the city: breathing its smells and getting lost in its colors. Pi? later we headed to? gios Dim? trios, one of the most ancient Byzantine churches? belle, which contains the relics of the patron saint of the city? and Agia Sofia, one of the most? ancient.

Next stop? Ano Poli, the City High. This is the area more? old town, surrounded by the ancient Byzantine walls of the 5th century BC. For a panoramic view of the city? and on the gulf this? the ideal spot. Here you can breathe a suspended atmosphere that has nothing to do with the comings and goings of today's Thessaloniki. Some had advised us to take the bus, but after a short and in vain search we hailed a taxi down the street. With only euros the taxi driver took us up and we saved a lot of time.

Being a lover of street art, Thessaloniki made me really happy. The city? neither ? full and they are amazing. Palaces like canvases, twenty floors of colors. Here and there scattered a bit? everywhere. For some years now Thessaloniki has hosted a great street art festival and writers come from all over the world. Unmissable ? the one created by BLU in the university district. Unlike almost everyone else it doesn't? in the center and is not met by chance, you have to look for it. The Euro, Europe and Greece.

Before leaving the city? we popped into the new Concert Hall. Designed by the architect Arata Isozaki, a leading exponent of the Japanese metabolist movement. Directly on the sea. Steel, concrete and glass. Elegant and minimalist.

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