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Travelogue Barcelona

First day

And after a while? pause, perhaps too long, here I am again to tell about travel ...
This time the goal? Barcelona, ​​Spain!
We leave Trapani Birgi with Ryan Air (return tickets for 3 total cost 156?) At 8.40. Small tip for those who want to leave the car near the airport: with "park and fly", less than 1 km away, leave the car and a shuttle will take you back to departures. Cost for 6 days 35 ?.

1 day

We arrive early in Barcelona, ​​the temperature? quite hot ... immediately we go to the bus station - exiting to the right - and we buy tickets for Barcelona. Cost for 3 return tickets (validity of ticket 30 days) 75 ?. Ah, attention: at the ticket office they do not take credit cards, only cash !!
A little more? of an hour of smooth travel, during which I consider that here in Barcelona the streets are large and flowing ... finally it will not be? just a first impression, but? cos? really!
The terminus at the bus station, we go out and immediately find the red metro L1 - arc de triomph which after 2 stops leaves us at Plaza gl? Res, that is not far from our hotel: the ibis hotel Plaza gl? Res.
The hotel? in a modern style, the rooms are too small, they only give one towel each, isn't there? fridge and not even bid ?! After checking in at the hotel, let's go look for something for lunch near Plaza gl? Res ... beyond the gl? Res shopping center, where there are various McDonalds, burger kings, Starbucks etc, there are many others local, we choose one of these, at the moment we are satisfied: not bad.
Back at the hotel for a refresh, immediately afterwards we go out towards Barceloneta and take the L4-yellow metro at lacuna and after two stops we get off, in fact, in Barceloneta: but how many people were there?!?!
Once out of the metro we find it hard to walk! We walk, so to speak, towards the beach, on the left many locals trying to attract tourists, on the right street artists who perform in various ways.
And on this side of the eye why? you will see yourself constantly and dangerously touched by people running on bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, electric scooters, cyclotaxis (a sort of modern risci?), skates, runners, marathoners ... in short, everyone runs !!
The beach ? a carpet of people, many surfers try their hand more? or less brilliantly in riding the waves ... very nice!
From there we try to take the funicular to montjuic, but c '? much to wait: postpone, we will have time.
Let's consider an alternative ... the magic fountain of montjuic. Traveling friends, this? to be seen!!
Meanwhile, know that in summer, therefore June-September, the show starts at 21pm and goes on for a couple of hours.
After we have really enjoyed and appreciated the show, we follow the program, that is dinner at la rambla! We take the red line metro from the nearby placa d? Espanya until you cross the yellow line and then get off at the liceu metro stop, you exit right in the rambla. Immediately overwhelmed by a river of people !!! We take a tour, then we go to Plaza rejas to look for the local Les quinzy nits since? other friends had written that they would eat one of the best paellas in town? ... and we want to eat that one tonight!
Full room, c '? queue to sit down, at least outdoors, why? inside, if you want, you do it first. We cannot wait: we sit inside! Just a little bit? waiting, but after about ten minutes we are already? at the table. We order the paella, but they tell us it will take 30 minutes to prepare it, ok, let's wait. Only that they are already? 22.45 and we are afraid of not being able to make it in time x to take the last ride of the metro ... but, even if running, c '? we do it!
The next day we discover that the metro works on Saturdays 24 hours a day ... For the record: I don't have paella? liked: I find unjustified a lot of queue ... but maybe it will be? I to be, for cos? say ... too demanding.
Anyway for the paella, abundant for 3 people, 2 fries, 1 cup of sangria, 1 bottle of water and a can of pepsi, I paid 38?
Long day: rest is needed. Delight me a little? watching our national team win 2-1 against England in the match of the blue debut at the world cup in Brazil on the TV in the hall and then we sleep!

2 day

Second day
We do not have breakfast in the hotel, the amount they requested is exaggerated: 7,50? per person. We do it at the gl? Res shopping center, in one of the many bars that are there.
Done that, we take the metro at the gl? Res stop L1 to passeig de gracia and then purple L2 to sagrada ... Leaving the metro you immediately realize that, however, you were not prepared for the ingenious magnificence of this work! ! In general, a work can? be majestic or can? be perfect in
details ... the sagrada famila? all 2 things put together and even more ?!
I had bought the entrance tickets on the internet since? some reviewer friends had written what was it? long lines were avoided: true, well done!
There? a dedicated entrance for those who already have? tickets with no queue whatsoever! The cost of 2 tickets? of 37 ?. Children under 12 do not pay (rare exception !!)
If, once inside, you want to go up to the towers, you need to pay another 5,50 € ticket.
I do not dwell, even if not? easy, but inside you will be captivated: what a beauty !!
Under the churchyard c '? a crypt with a church where you will probably find a mass in progress and the tomb of Gaud ?. This ? free.
After the visit, do we feel the pangs of hunger, on the sides of the sagrada? full of clubs, I notice one, Lactuga, which I had read well ... awarded. With about 11? per person you can use the all you can eat formula, drinks included! Good for something quick and easy.
The day includes, without exception, a visit to the Picasso museum.
Yes, why? every first Sunday of the month x all day, and from 15pm onwards for other Sundays, access? free ... rarity? absolute here in Barcelona !!
Yeah, why? in Barcelona you pay handsomely, even for children, for every attraction or even pseudo.
To help us in the visit we take the audio guides, at the price of 5,50? one o'clock and we start the tour ... especially interesting to see the artistic / temporal evolution of Picasso. We have a good 4 hours, after the visit, we head on foot to Placa Catulunya, which is about 1 km away. Huge! Beautiful surrounded by many buildings of remarkable architecture. In addition to the various hotels, hard rock (for me always a must), famous fast food ... and then the rambla! It starts from here and, after a 1,2 km walk, ends at the port where the statue of Christopher Columbus stands in the center of the placa portal de la pau. You could write endlessly about the rambla,? a nerve center of Barcelona, ​​from here you go to the gothic barrio, to the boqueria market, to Plaza rejas, there is the liceu theater where, right in front of the exit of the metro station of the same name, we had the honor of walking over a mosaic of Mir? ? also found the tile with the artist's signature.
A swarm of people, mostly? tourists, flowing just like a river filling it for 24 hours a day!
Many stalls that sell everything: souvenirs, typical and non-traditional foods. Street artists ... and even some shady individuals who seem to be trying to locate their victim ... but actually can? just be a form of prevention!
? late, we are cooked, dirty and hungry. We return to the hotel and then, after a nice shower, have dinner without going too far. So in placa glories we find a Mexican restaurant, mariaki cellar, where we can enjoy a bit? of typical dishes not bad, cos? like the cost.

3 day

Third day
Do we have in mind that this morning we will go? at the boqueria market.
Did I hear and read so? so many enthusiastic reviews that? mounted the curiosity? at most.
Here we are, just out of the Liceu metro station, L4-yellow, a few meters and down, from the flow of people that all go in the same direction, we identify the entrance. A unique structure! Gi? the entrance looks like that of a castle ... after crossing which the first thing that captivates us ... are the colors! Stalls of fresh fruit cut into small pieces and placed in large plastic cups stored in ice that you would like to eat already? with the eyes!! I immediately buy 3: today breakfast like this ?!
Nothing? exposed them randomly. Nothing seems trivial to you. All ? neat, inviting, clean ... perfect!
We begin the exploration of what seems almost a labyrinth, but then do you realize its regularity? of the streets that compose it and go shipped.
Resist everything you see, the smells that come straight and strong to your nose ... I challenge anyone, don't I? easy!
To be sure not to miss anything I turn it around and around more? of the past ... I almost find it hard to leave!
Of course, taste this, taste that, we're good to go for lunch. Beautiful experience. Don't miss it!
Tired, yes, but we continue in the direction of home to beat him. You can get there by metro by taking the L3-green and L4 yellow lines and get off at the passeig de gracia stop. I confess that once I saw the line under the sun, and the prices ... well, I just took a look and took some pictures from the outside.
Via, now, to continue the Gaudi tour, the nearby Pedrera. Disappointment!! ? packed! Can't you? see, let's go.
Little time available for lunch, the day, as scheduled, includes a visit to parc guell. Once out of the metro, we climb up, following the signs, for a not so light climb, for about twenty minutes to the destination. And here we are again: the least interesting part of the park is free, but Gaudi's house, the staircase with the sculpture of the famous salamander and the panoramic terrace above, needless to say, all for a fee. We allow ourselves only the house, 5,50 €, very beautiful: it suggests the contrast between the immensity? of the project and (partial) realization of the Sagrada Famila and the essentiality? of the house where the artist lived? the Rest we ignore it for "protest". After the "incomplete visit", immediately at the exit, we buy some? some traditional souvenirs and go back to the metro.
Now do I want to reflect?
Barcelona? beautiful, immense, efficient and clean, but for tourists here, from the point of view of the costs for visits to the various sites and monuments, I think it is by far the most? expensive. Therefore, if? the case, a bit of accounts must be done ... and perhaps a few small renunciations.
? time to freshen up and get ready for the evening.
We go out with the intention of seeing the Sagrada Familia in a nocturnal version. At 21.30, isn't it? still dark, so no lighting. We eat something on the fly right there? half an hour later we return and? illuminated: if possible, even more? suggestive! Do we enjoy it a little? sitting opposite, some photos ... and then to bed.

4 day

Fourth day
Direction pueblo espanyol. You can get there with the red 1-way, espanya stop. At the exit you will find the signs and in about fifteen minutes of walking uphill you will arrive at your destination.
Admission price? Only? 14,50? per person. Pi? 5? for the audio guide?
Universally recommended by all traveling friends,? a village built for the universal exhibition of 1929 in a little more? of a year, representing all civil architecture,
religious and monumental characteristics of each region of Spain, to be dismantled after the exhibition. But luckily someone had a flash of genius, and here it is still intact visited by more? of a million tourists a year.
I go in and immediately think: are we on the set of a movie, or have I traveled in time to a couple of centuries back?
Obviously everything is perfect, functional and beautiful to look at.
We follow the guide and start the tour. He explains all the various buildings, squares, etc that we are going to meet. One of the characteristics of this place? craftsmanship: among the various bars, restaurants and souvenir shops, you will see the glassmaker blowing glass in front of you, the engraver, the luthier, the embroiderer, the wood and iron sculptor. For sure you will be attracted to buy some of these splendid artifacts: certainly more? original of conventional souvenirs!
We entered at 10,30 and leave at 14.30. Tired and hungry, we remember that upon exiting the metro, as soon as we arrived, we had seen the former Arena des toros - now converted into a beautiful shopping center. We jump inside and as soon as we find the first edible and beautiful thing to see, that is a nice sandwich with Iberian jamon, we make it ours!
Indeed a little? are we tired? but the beauty of visiting the big cities, rather than going to a beautiful tropical beach belly in the sun, or on a cruise eat and sleep? to see how much more? possible attractions cos? how did you imagine when you thought of doing this type of trip !! So, legs on your shoulders: are you going to Barceloneta to get there? telefericos de barcelona? what at the price of 16,50? each one will take us, allowing us to admire, during the transfer, a unique perspective of all Barcelona! On Time is not? granch ?? reached the terminus of the cable car, to get to the castle c ?? to walk a little (if you want there would be a bus, but the landscape is beautiful and? I force? everyone to take a hike!) ? we wear our waxes for the rain and run away already? to resume the cable car.
Got there while the rain? increased considerably, we run towards the barceloneta metro, where after only 2 stops we reach our hotel? cheers!
Let's hope that before we finish washing and settling down, anyway by dinner time, it will stop raining ... but it won't be? so ?! We are hungry, so? we decide to go down to eat something in the nearby rambla del poblenou, where, by chance, we discover a restaurant -Mammamia- in Carrer de Pallars, 230, which has a lot of Italian! Generally we don't: when we are around we like to eat the typical cuisine but, do you want the rain, do you want the lack of time to look for something already? visited by fellow travelers, we ended up there.
The choice, albeit fortuitous, yes? turned out to be excellent !! They make first courses (I strongly suggest spaghetti with clams !!) and pizza (wood-fired and nice big!) That have nothing to envy to those we are used to eating in? Our house ?. 2 starters, a pizza, a couple of fries and soft drinks for 3 ... 45 ?, excellent!
Satisfied and satisfied, we go out, the rain has stopped falling, we take a digestive stroll enjoying the coolness of the evening? And then go to bed!

5 day

Fifth day
The policy of optimizing resources and time will take us? today to divide us: as a good football lover, I cannot miss one of the times reserved for this sport: Camp nou !!
The rest of the group has a desire to see the famous local zoo ... so: for me, line L5 to collblanc for camp nou? their yellow line L4 to Ciutadella villa olimpica.
Out of the metro? I notice it almost immediately,? What looks like a sleeping giant? it grows as I get closer! I arrive and immediately buy the ticket for the guided tour, 23 ?, but I gladly spend these !!
Once you enter you start a path that will take you, following the arrows, to see the whole stadium, both inside and outside! I feel as excited as a child and suddenly I feel nostalgia for not being able to share this beautiful experience with my son, what to do? 20 years in a few days and football? passionate even more? of me!
Except that he rarely comes on holiday with us now, has his friends and? right to share with them the experiences of their age ?! But I call him, I immediately post dozens and dozens of photos to him, but I still want to share my emotion with him. I finish the tour of this wonderful sports venue, and still emotionally taken I take a tour inside the official Barcelona Fc store:? FCBOTIGA-Megastore ?. I decide to make you happy, why? I know that it will be so, my son and I buy him an entire official suit (I spend a bang!) by Andreas Iniesta, our common idol (on receiving the package his joy was my great satisfaction). I also buy a couple of souvenirs for me and some football-loving friends and go away.
In the meantime, they hadn't finished the zoo yet, so I start off and join them.
The zoo ? large and full of many exotic and non-exotic animals, but the myth that still lives within it? always that of Fiocco di Neve, the albino gorilla, who died of old age a couple of years ago.
For the last Barcelona lunch we have a final with a bang in store! The designated place already? from before leaving, thanks to what is written by the many friends who have known and appreciated him? ? the Paredeta? in passatge simo 18, just a few meters from the right side of the Sagrada!
Gentlemen, let me advise you: Don't miss this place! But don't you do like me, taken from the beauty and the assortment of goodness? exposed, I took more? of the double of the things that then in reality? we managed to eat!
We said ... you get in line, c ?? a fish counter exactly like that of the fishmongers we know, you indicate what you want and how much you want, they weigh it for you, they send it to the kitchen to prepare it, they give you the drinks you choose (? all self service, no table service!) , you pay, they give you a number, you sit down, when you hear your number calling from the microphone you get up and from a window you pass how much gi? ready? here, there I realized, after 5-6 times I heard my number calling, and from the table full of dishes, that I had exaggerated !! Anyway, to make you understand: a whole crab, a dozen huge prawns, as many prawns, a very abundant frying, an exceptional clam chowder, a large fried squid, another roasted and seasoned with oil, lemon and parsley, salads and drinks? 110 ?! But they were all worth it !!!
Grand finale? Really!
Are we very full? Let's go back to the hotel, can we rest for a while? and then off to enjoy the last Catalan evening!
Of course, there is no talk of dining! We want to review the rambla again and buy some souvenirs there already? observed in previous visits. Always starting from Placa Catalunya we walk all the way to the end, up to the port? Slowly to enjoy it to the fullest. We buy there? that we wanted and we like, we go up again and do a nice tour of the square, before retiring we take a smoothie from Starbucks and slowly return. Last photos at night and off to bed.

6 day

Sixth day
Wake up and breakfast, then a stroll to placate glories and then to repack your bags, check out and go to the bus station to reach the airport of girona. The same, while waiting, we eat a sandwich with that slight melancholy that inevitably pervades you when you know that the holiday? over. We leave at 14.00 pm and in an hour we arrive easily at the airport, we do the checks and we settle down at the boarding points? Very punctual departure, at 17.55, and arrival at 19.35. Goodbye Barcelona?
Peppe, Laura and Serena.

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