The Walking Dead tour: discover the locations of the series in and around Atlanta

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Taking this itinerary means not only seeing some of the places where the filming of this fantastic series was filmed, but exploring a corner of Georgia that is generally not much considered by ordinary tourism.

In these places the countryside is incredibly beautiful and relaxing, small towns arise almost out of nowhere in the middle of small forests, the people are very helpful, the roads are easy to drive and sometimes very picturesque. Whether or not you are in the series why not consider a trip to Georgia?


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Atlanta locations

Among the things to see in Atlanta there are many that refer to The Walking Dead, and it could not be otherwise! The first image that immediately springs to mind when thinking back to the beginning of the series is that of Rick Grimes who enters the city on horseback along a desolate Freedom Parkway in ruins.

The official photo that represents it, however, is misleading and the use of photoshop appears evident once you arrive on the spot. However, the correct perspective of this shot is at the coordinates 33 ° 45'36.4 ″ N 84 ° 22'19.6 ″ W, but be careful: you will find yourself in the middle of an intersection! If you want an image instead that reflects your imagination a little more, move a little further east, on Jackson Street Bridge where you can also take some pictures in greater safety.

Freedom Parkway in the series
Freedom Parkway in reality

Just travel three kilometers further south to get to Grant park (578 Berne St SE), where in the series we saw the zombie girl with the bicycle, one of Rick's first encounters.

Grant Park in the series
Grant Park in reality

On the opposite side of the park, to the west a little over a kilometer, there are the Rick's house (813 Cherokee Ave SE) and immediately around the corner (376 Ormond St SE) that of Morgan.

Morgan's house
Rick's house

Moving about three kilometers to the west, and covering it all Hormon St SE and SW, we will come to Terminus, one of the most important places in the series: unfortunately the area is Private property, and it is not allowed to enter, but if you want to try to take a closer look (as we did ...) there is a small access to the corner between Doane St SW e Windsor St SW.

Terminus in the series
Terminus in reality

Four kilometers further north, next to the Philips Arena, is the ponte M.L.K. Jr Dr NW, from which in the series the protagonists throw themselves with the van to escape a horde of zombies. Also if you look south-east from the bridge, about 400 meters away, you will recognize the building on whose roof he was handcuffed. Merle Dixon.

About seven kilometers northwest is the Westside Reservoir Park whose name won't tell you much, but it's the quarry where our heroes take refuge after leaving Atlanta. The area, for safety reasons, it's close, but it was right to point it out.
Going three kilometers further north, at 1747 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW, we find the Police Station by Rick, while at 2401 Bolton Rd NW there is one of the iconic places of the series: the hospital where our deputy sheriff wakes up from a coma and begins to realize that something has changed.


The time has come to move 14 kilometers further north, almost on the edge of the city limits to reach the 2800 Cobb Galleria Pkwy, to find yourself in front of the place where the first season actually ends: the CDC.

CDC in the series
CDC in reality

These are the main destinations that can be found in Atlanta, and it is a path that if you are fast will take you away only half day. The recommendation to keep in mind is that in many cases you will be faced with private buildings, some of which with activities running, for this reason we recommend an "appropriate" behavior.

For the other locations that we are going to point out, it will be necessary to leave Atlanta and continue towards the South of the state. We will meet very beautiful areas, so the advice is to dedicate at least one day to your tour, as this part of the Georgia countryside deserves to be explored at a leisurely pace.

Location in South Georgia

For the second part of this itinerary we always start from Atlanta, where we will have to take the I85 in a southerly direction to the town of Newnan, about 40 minutes away. In this area the locations are numerous, so during our visit we chose the most iconic ones such as the hospital where Beth is killed, (east of the center on Hospital Road) but above all the "zombie-arena" of the Governor, in a block of flats at the end of the parking lot on the corner of Salbide Ave and Perry St.

Continuing to move south after about twenty kilometers we will reach the small town of Grantville, in which at 29 Church St we will find the red brick wall that had the writing in the series Away with you. The building where Morgan takes refuge (the one seen in the Clean episode) is a little further on at 21 Main Street. At the intersection with Lagrange St there is the baby store where Carl and Michonne go, while in front of Morgan's house, on the corner of Main St and Grant St there is the bar where Carl will go to retrieve the photo of his family .

Away with you
Bar where Carl retrieves the photo

Remember the scene where Daryl and Beth go through the woods until they find refuge in the abandoned house at the edge of the cemetery? Well, I'm still here in Grantville but… in two different places! There casa is located in the center, in Magnolia St (it is a private house), while the cemetery it's out of town, less than a kilometer north.

House where Daryl and Beth take refuge

It is time to move for about 25 km towards the North-East to get to the town of Sharpsburg, much used as a location for the second season.
In Main St, at the intersection with Terrentine Road we find the bar where Rick and Glenn go to find Hershel in the Nebraska episode, and the pharmacy where Glenn and Maggie go in Cherokee Rose.


Following the Elders Mill Road for about 10 km south of Sharpsburg there is another important location, that ofcamp near the river which closes the second season in which Rick pronounces the famous phrase this isn't a democracy anymore. It is located along the road, just off the intersection of Elders Mill and Rock House Road.

Continuing south for about ten kilometers, Elders Mill becomes Gordon Road, leading to the town of Haralson, important to the series because this is where Rick meets the Governor (2 Main St) and it's always here where it dies Merle (in the complex of silos opposite). Several private individuals organize paid tours in this area, but you can also explore the area on your own.

Meeting between Rick and the Governor
Place where Merle dies

Just travel 10 kilometers north and we arrive in the Promised Land of the Walkers: Senoia. Maybe the name itself won't tell you anything, but actually the whole world of The Walking Dead is here. In Main St it was built Woodbury and in the southern part of the city (around Morgan St) the sheet metal barriers give life to Alexandria. To the north the Raleigh Studios It "guards" the prigione, the farm of Hershell, the church of Morgan, the lair of the Saviors and many other more recent locations such as the clearing in the woods where Negan introduces Lucille to Rick and his companions for the first time!


Be careful though the whole Raleigh area is off limits, videosorvegliata with lots of checkpoints in all the back streets. We are increasingly talking about a possible opening of the sets, but unfortunately not in the immediate future. However, in the city you can really feel like a real walker, walking the same streets seen countless times during the series, and it's a feeling… exhilarating!

In Main St there are also the Woodbury Shoppe, which sells the series' official merchandise, and the Nic & Norman's, the restaurant opened by Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus.

Before returning to Atlanta we make one last stop in the city of Griffin, 30 kilometers to the East. The city, after being very active as a set in the first seasons, returned to being the protagonist in the seventh. On the corner of W Bank St and the railroad Daryl finds refuge with her momentary group (the rabbit scene), while it is Sasha and Rosita who pass this way on their quest to kill Negan.

The building from which the two girls observe the base of the Salvatori with the rifle sight it is the one a little further north, at the corner of N 8th St and W Central Ave. Going up a hundred meters to the North, along the nearby N Hill St we arrive in the macabre clearing where a group of antagonists eat their leg of Bob in the fifth season. The last stop is in the Easy Shop parking lot at 375 N 13th St, which is the place where they meet first Abraham e Eugene.

Map of all locations

Online there are many blogs that provide very detailed information on the complete locations of the series, to organize these visits we relied mostly on the map below which provides very precise and detailed information thanks to which you can understand in a single glance. the area you want to explore.

Those we mentioned in the article are the locations we have chosen, partly because they are among the most representative and partly because they are the easiest to identify. If you are, like us, fans of the series and on your journey you find yourself crossing Georgia, you cannot miss the opportunity to feel like real walkers for a day!

Organized tours

Given the enormous success that the series has enjoyed not only in the United States but also throughout the rest of the world, many private individuals offer tours especially in the Atlanta area. Based on the time you have to organize your trip, you can decide whether to do everything yourself or rely on a ready-made and tested tour.

Scopri i tour a tema The Walking Dead


As you may have understood by reading the article, the best base for zombie hunting is Atlanta. For this reason, if you intend to stay a few days in the state of Georgia, we refer you to our advice on where to sleep in the city. Below you will find the list of all available accommodations.

All Atlanta accommodations

The Walking Dead a Hollywood

For avid fans of the series, we would like to point out that Universal Studios Hollywood recently inaugurated an attraction completely dedicated to The Walking Dead series. So if you are planning a tour of the West Coast and Gerogy is a little too out of the way why not opt ​​for a visit to the Studios? This is what awaits you!


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