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Vienna diary -16/21 July 2019
Small necessary premise: For me to write about travel? to put into words the passion and the emotions that travel gives me? and unfortunately, despite my initial good intentions, I can never be as synthetic as I would like. It is enough that those who owe me and wanted to read cultivate my same passion and it will be? all simple and pleasant. Thanks
Vienna had long been at the top of the list of European capitals I wanted to visit. In net delay compared to my habits, halfway? of the month of May I'm looking for something interesting to get there, and after many attempts I finally find a combination of flights Palermo-Pisa-Vienna and vice versa operated in symbiosis ryanair / lauda airlines at an acceptable price: with little more? of 100? (120? Including luggage priority for all routes) I bought 3 tickets for the period 17/21 July 2019.

Next step: the hotel. I immediately discover on (I always travel relying on them) that for a 3/4 star hotel, with reviews no less than 8/10, breakfast included and free cancellation c ?? to bear a good expense! But I persist in looking, I sift through many combinations and after a couple of days of tenacious research I find the Senator Vienna hotel, which is 3 km from the historic center, but is very close to the Hernals line S45 and Alser strasse line U6 metro stops and right in front. the tram line 43 Rosensteingasse stop which for 3 people for 5 nights and breakfast costs 538? ... with the above characteristics I have not found anything else that did not cost at least 20/30% more. Taken.
The pi? ? done.

Considering that there are only 2 months left, I soon start to read up on the attractions, the history, the Viennese culture ... already? after a few days, following the advice of all those talented guys who write and publish travel diaries and tips, I book the entrances to the Belvedere castle (where you can admire the kiss and others of klimt, but also of other illustrious artists), the Hofburg palace (with annexed museum of Princess Sissi), and Shonbrun Castle. In vain I tried to book also those for the entrance to the Cathedral of Santo Stefano, but in the days of my stay I did not find availability. Among the various sites / apps that I consulted to make my purchases, I point out Tiqets. Simple and convenient,? In Italian and find all the information you need to make your experience simple.
I study and memorize how to move by public transport, since? already? upon arrival at Schwechat airport you have to choose and know how to get to our hotel and by what means (you can opt for trains, buses, metro), which passes, and I highlight all the stops close to the main attractions. visit. For this operation I found a very useful app: city rail map Vienna? I used it the whole time, cool!

1 day

And comes July 16th. Expected departure at 11 and Ryanair leaves and arrives on time (yes, lately it happens often ... it seems they are serious!)
Stop in Pisa and stop for about 7 hours ... we leave at 20. Fortunately, the city? ? very close and we take the opportunity to go for a ride in the center. As soon as you leave the terminal, on the left, c ?? the terminus of the train? pisamover? what for 2,70? each way in 2 stops and in a few minutes takes you to the central station. From? in a little more? of 20 minutes (about 1,5km) you can? reach the famous square of miracles. Once we got there we a bit? enjoy seeing the stunts that people manage to do in order to immortalize themselves in the most? absurd with the Tower in the background ... so we stopped for lunch in via Santa Maria 133 just 2 steps from the leaning tower at the restaurant pizzeria da Antonio. Obviously ? one of those places with tourist menus par excellence, but in the surroundings one is worth the other, at first glance ... but I must say that in the end? went better than expected: a portion of bruschetta, a platter of cold cuts, a plate of fettuccine with porcini, a hamburger, water and coke for 42? ... and it was all very good.
Shall we linger a bit? in the room where you are comfortable for the air conditioning ... it is very hot outside! Then another round and off to take the train back to the airport.
It starts with the Lauda Airlines company, which operates in collaboration with Ryan air, at 20.30 and arrives on time at 22.00. I confess that the aircraft was not bad, more places? spacious and courteous staff. From the airport itself you take the means to reach the center of Vienna, there are fast trains (CAT) which for? they cost a bang, but they are quick then c ?? the subway S7 that with 2,20? (50% discount for children) takes you to the city center. As for transport and related costs, you will find many options, with or without city pass, for 24-48-72 hours ... after a long time I opted for the weekly pass. But beware: this goes from Monday? to monday? ... so for me that i arrived on tuesday? and I leave on Sunday that's fine, but if for example you arrive on Saturday or Sunday ... better not. This has a cost of 17,10 and gives you? the right to use all public transport throughout the day. I confess that we have used it a lot. Still with regards to transport, you will notice that the subway lines are constantly chock-full of people! At all times, in all stations and on all trains! I did not expect so? so many people who used the subway ...
Another thing I want to tell about the Viennese metro? that you will notice that you enter and exit without controls, controllers, turnstiles etc? someone? says that from time to time there are random checks, but it is not known if this is real or not ?. What a heightened sense of civilization? to get there !!
Come back to us ...
After a couple of changes (and some initial difficulties in understanding the mechanisms of Viennese public transport) we arrive at the Hernals metro stop-line S45 from where we reach our hotel in 10 minutes on foot. Quick check in and immediately to rest which we really need.
Impressions about the hotel:
? a very well maintained 4-star hotel, excellent location, rooms with all comforts, fridge, TV, air conditioning ... one thing I found that I don't like? the carpet. The breakfast ? abundant, served in a beautiful large room, but for us Italians, not? perfect: very few sweet products? you need a spirit of adaptation, and me?
But overall a great experience. Indeed, considering the quality ratio? price, I would say excellent!

2 day

Wednesday? 17 July 2019
Wake up at 8 and breakfast at the hotel.
We leave for the city center. In front of the hotel c ?? the stop of the tram line 43 rosensteingasse, which in a few minutes takes us to the pi? nearby metro: Alser Stra? e -line U3 and from there changing again at Westbahnhof, we arrive at Stephansplatz.
Avoid? to copy and paste about the works, the relative historical-artistic details, but I would like to limit myself, where possible, to transmitting my emotions and feelings to those who want to read these lines, perhaps accompanying them with some synthetic (I hope) description.
Immediately at the exit, the beautiful Cathedral of Santo Stefano stands out with a sumptuousness that you are sure will surprise you. I think in seeing it from the outside and while I visit it at the most popular cathedrals? beautiful that I was lucky enough to visit ... the first that comes to mind, by similarity, and the cathedral of Freiburg (to give you an idea), or even the cathedral of Seville? they are works that will always remain etched in my memory. This in more? has the particularity? of the roof covered with 250.000 colored tiles and which also draw the Hapsburg coat of arms? you will see how nice!

So: for the entrance tickets obviously I choose for 14,50? (9? Guys) the all-inclusive formula that gives you the right to an audio guide to visit all the part of the church that is not? open to all visitors, the north tower where you can access very small groups with a lift and once at the top you can? enjoy a beautiful view, but what more? important, the famous Bell Pommerine, which was made with 100 cannon balls found during the Ottoman siege.
On the other side, the South tower, which can be reached with great difficulty by climbing the endless 345 steps ... but the least pleasant part is not? only this, but when you meet people who go in the opposite direction to yours ... especially if the bad luck just won't? help you and catch someone not exactly skinny ... believe me, pu? become a drama! Could you stay awhile once up? disappointed ... why? you will find yourself inside a shop with a couple of small benches and 4 windows with grates from where you can admire the view and take some photos. For those like me who expected an open space, especially after the effort, can? feel bad. The guided tour is suggestive (explanation in English and German, but they give a brochure in Italian that will help you to follow the path) in the catacombs, where you can admire the crypts with the coffins of all the Austrian cardinals, the ossuaries with impressive stacks of bones (once here there was a hole where through a trap door in the square above they threw the bodies of dead people), then urns with the entrails of various royal descendants and the coffins of other Viennese nobles, some also dead? recently ?.
The church ? all very beautiful, but I have admired with pleasant curiosity? the pulpit (Pilgramkanzel) and the funeral monument (really monumental!) of Rudolph IV, he who founded? this church.
After the visit of the Cathedral, we buy some delicious sandwiches with iw? Rstel in a kiosk right in front of the church, on the corner with the Graben, and we go to eat them in the beautiful Stadtpark ... but how lucky are those who have in the their city? parks?!? Then if they are so? treated and even have more? of one ... wow! We sat in front of a pond with ducks and enjoyed the sandwiches and the peace of the place ... wonder !! We would have liked to have extended that moment of relaxation, but c? still so much to see ...
A tip: avoid feeding the pigeons, after a second there will be hundreds of them! And will you find yourself in the stern looks of those whose peace you have disturbed?

Next stop: the? Public housing? (improper term, you will discover) of the controversial architect (but also sculptor, painter, etc.) Hundertwasser, built in the 80s, in the very central district of Landstrasse. It is an absolutely unconventional construction, Irregular lines, pastel colors, hanging plants and more, which looks like a mix between Batl? and the little house of the 7 Dwarfs!
But, beyond? of subjective impressions,? truly a beautiful vision! Don't miss it. Adjacent there are some souvenir shops and a few bars.
Can we stop here too? in the cool benches under the gigantic tree overlooking the building. From there, in a few minutes we reach the Prater. The very famous forerunner of the European amusement parks with its Ferris wheel which at the time was a futuristic work ... obviously beyond the purely fun aspect, c ?? then a huge green area where you can walk and enjoy nature (I like parks, I want them too !!!). Just as I prepare for this other full immersion in the green ... my daughter (who will turn 14 at the end of August) runs up to me all excited and says: "Daddy, can we take a ride on the roller coaster?"
Mountains what? Russian! Panic! But between the fear of adventure and the possibility? to tell her no ... what I tell you to do: roller coaster both !!
I omit further details, but I really don't think I have more? that verve you need in these cases ...
The walk, we said ... now it takes me and how! Beautiful, great as far as the eye can see ... I'd spend the rest of the afternoon there! But the city? it offers a lot ... so we are still moving towards the Graben: a square which, to be clear, has the narrow and elongated shape of Piazza Navona, for those who know it. In the past this place? been many things: moat in defense of the city walls, market, site of triumphal marches, religious festivals, processions ... until today what? the beautiful living room of the city.
In the center c ?? the plague column, built after the end of the plague that afflicted the city? at the end of the 17th century, and at the 2 extremities? 2 fountains. In a recess of the same, luckily we knew its existence, is the church of San Pietro. Built where before c? Was already? a church built a thousand years earlier,? been restored about ten years ago ...? truly a beautiful surprise, not to be missed!
As for today, the Graben? a meeting place for everyone, not just tourists. Throughout the square and then continuing in the Kohlmarkt up to the Hofburg, and on the other side in the Bognergasse, I challenge you to find the best brands. emblazoned missing ... Rolex, Hermes, Tiffany, Tods ... nobody is missing !! At the bottom of the kohlmarkt, on the right, just before Hofburg, you will also find the famous Demel pastry shop, but if you want to delight yourself with one of their prestigious desserts, no later than 19.00 pm ... then they don't sell them anymore.

The day ? It has been as long as it is exciting and intense, we need a technical stop at the hotel and then we leave for dinner.
Parenthesis tips for restaurant staff: they often ask you? If you want to leave them a tip ", then it's up to you to decide if and to what extent to do it. I have regulated myself every time leaving 10%, and judging by the enthusiasm with who thanked me and greeted me must have been more than adequate (could 5% be enough ?? But yes, that's okay ?!)
For our first dinner (which I have been looking forward to for some time) only Austrian dishes, and reading a bit? of advice from who before me has already had? experience, we choose Lugeck, at n 4 of the homonymous square, a few steps from the Cathedral. Which dish to start with? Of course the Wiener Schnitzel! A huge slice of beef (but they also make pork) accompanied by a salad of boiled potatoes with a sweet and sour onion sauce, really yummy! The local ? very elegant and the staff very professional (almost too much at times) the location? definitely suggestive, if you sit outside with a view of the beautiful square a few centimeters from the statue of Gutenberg who seems to look at you sternly. For 3 servings of Schnitzel and soft drinks 66 ?. Satisfied?
Satisfied by the delicious Austrian dinner, we take a stroll again between Sthefanplatz and Graben, and then already? by subway to return.

3 day

Thursday? 18th July 2019
Breakfast and then straight to the Belvedere Castle where we got the tickets online, then we arrive (metro stop: Quartier Belvedere lines S1-S2-S3-S4) and immediately enter. Here we bring out some? of our Italian pride, since? this palace was built at the beginning of the eighteenth century for Prince Eugene of Savoy, who was mistreated at home, and? to fight in the pay of the Habsburgs and obtained great military successes and as many huge awards from the royal family.
We collect the audio guide that is not? included and costs 6? per person and we start the tour.
? Needless to say, we can't wait to see Gustave Klimt's famous kiss, but immediately upon entering, surprisingly, we find ourselves in front of the wonderful statue (no less than the romantic story of Apuleius) of Antonio Canova, Cupid and Psyche ... what better start?
So some works by klimt, Van Gogh, cos? to warm up a bit, and in the next room there it is ... the? kiss? pi? world famous! Seeing how people throng and get excited in the presence of this work, I relived the moment when I saw for the first time Leonardo's Mona Lisa exhibited in the Louvre ... obviously we too, like everyone, have lingered a lot in admiring this spectacular opera ... plenty of photos and then we continued the tour. Other important and beautiful works by klimt and after Egon Schiele ... among his many works I really appreciated? The hug? ... I reproached myself for not knowing practically anything about this artist and his works. Other very beautiful works can be seen in the rooms reserved for Impressionism, then also a couple of Monet, a Manet and a Renoir ... and last but not least, a Hundertwasser (yes, that of the colored houses!)
After enjoying the Upper Belvedere, we cross the beautiful gardens that slope down to the Lower Belvedere, where you can visit the prince's private gardens and a temporary exhibition. Considering that this part of the tour is paid separately, if you are short on time I would like to advise you to invest it better ...
We go out and have a snack in the refreshment area just outside the castle.

Without getting caught up in the relaxation and coolness that we enjoyed in that place, we head straight to the Royal Palace - Hofburg. This ? right in the center, a few meters from the Graben. Here too, tickets online on the site, which I found very convenient, for the complete tour and audio guides included in the price I spent 39? (15? Adults x 2 and 9? Under 18). The tour begins with the exhibition of imperial silverware ... and after a couple of rooms and a million cutlery and plates, although very beautiful, we have decided to reduce this part to the minimum possible.
So full immersion in the world of Sissi, the famous empress of Austria.
When she was only 16 she married Prince Francesco Giuseppe, a woman that you will probably re-evaluate after this tour ... in my case not for the better. Cultivator of physical form, aesthetics and culture, universally admired for her beauty and great elegance, but often shy and disturbed to the point of longing for death ... which unfortunately arrived? in September 1898, at the age of 61 years old, in Geneva at the hands of an Italian anarchist! Solidarity? to the emperor F.sco Joseph, her husband, what tolerance? many of his behaviors and whims that for the time surely threatened to embarrass him, and which continued? to love her to the last?
This is followed by a visit to the royal apartments, to the beautiful richly furnished rooms and halls that are really very beautiful and perfectly maintained.

The artistic-cultural day can? also stop here for today ... we go to the hotel to freshen up and go out for dinner.
Today's dinner we decided to have it at the highly recommended? 7 Stern Braeu ?, in siebensterngasse 19 (tram stop line 49: stigtgasse) classic atmosphere of the breweries / pubs, very friendly and nice staff. Their originality? lies in the fact that they have the menu with photos of the dishes and descriptions in Italian ... cheers! To order once? it was very simple! We ordered Goulash, and gnocchi with cheese and bacon, really very good, but the fatal blow comes with the strudel with cream ... Yummy !! Put it on your agenda
Let's go back to the tram stop and go back to sleep.

4 day

Friday? 19 July 2019
Today we go out early why? the tickets I bought (also on to visit the Schonbrunn Castle, which was the summer residence of the Habsburg Royals, in this case have a specific time for entry: 10.32. Considering the times to arrive by public transport, we leave the hotel just before 9am.
If you are traveling with children, you should take the family ticket, you will undoubtedly find it more? convenient ... even more so if the children are more? of one, since? the price does not change.
We arrive quite early, so we take advantage of this time and go to visit the wonderful gardens that extend up to the hill where the Gloriette stands (built in the mid-18th century to commemorate the victory against the Prussians) after a nice walk of almost 1 km.
From here you dominate all of Vienna and you can take beautiful photos, not only with the camera ...
The garden was gradually, first by Maria Teresa and then by Francesco Stefano, enlarged and enriched with the fountain of Neptune, the many statues, the labyrinth and a large zoological garden. The result today? something wonderful.
Almost in a hurry we go to our appointment, it is 10.35 am and the control officer makes an imperceptible grimace for the 3 minutes late ... at the entrance they give us the very useful audio guides (also in this case included in the price) and we start . First astonishment already? going up from the? blue staircase? with the beautiful fresco on the vault, by the Italian Sebastiano Ricci. The project was also the work of an Italian architect: Nicol? Pacassi. Oh yes ... we were once good and appreciated!
The first room you visit? the billiard room, where the ministers or anyone waiting to be received by the emperor, was pleasantly entertained (but how long did he make them wait?). It continues through a couple of rooms, lounges, dining rooms perfectly set, to arrive at the beautiful and huge party hall, also known as? The gallery ?, therefore? The room of the million ?, so? call why? it seems that to decorate it so? com ?? it took a lot of money. Also in this building you will notice? what an emperor and empress we had very distinct from each other the rooms, their living rooms, toilets, etc ... poor things how sad!
Once the tour of the palace is over, we return to the wonderful gardens, to take a further tour without the hassle of time. Let's take a ride and even 4 laughs in the labyrinths, then we go into the park and in a cool clearing we allow ourselves a picnic and a bit? rest.
The zoo, which seems to be the most? ancient world and you pay separately, we skip it, we prefer to devote time and money to something else. Before leaving, we take a tour of the prince's gardens and the orangery, where you can discover some experimental plants.
For the rest of the afternoon we have a specific program: to walk the entire Ring Strasse, the road that basically forms a ring that was built in 1857 by will Francesco Giuseppe in place of the walls that encircled the city, actually triggering the investment rush to build the most important buildings. beautiful determining what today? a beautiful architectural achievement. What foresight did this man have in that period, if you think that the road exceeds 50 m in width ?!
Then with the metro from Schonbrunn with the green line U4 to Schottering we go to what ideally represents the beginning of this beautiful and romantic walk of about 5 km to circumnavigate the heart of the beautiful and regal Vienna.
Shottering, Universitatring, Dr. Karl Renner Ring, Burgring, Operniring, Karntner ring, Schubertring, Parkring, Stubenring ... an hour's walk through the wonders of this city? which will certainly leave you? a great memory!
During this walk you will be able (in the order of the streets that I have listed before) to notice the Rathaus town hall, in the homonymous square where in this period there are many gazebos / stalls where you can drink and eat, in addition? a big screen and a stage to listen to the concerts scheduled in the various evenings. Right after the parliament building, what unfortunately? packed for jobs, but I could still see its magnificence. Continuing along the wonderful Volksgarten until you arrive in the museum district, or where the natural history museum and the science and technology museum are divided one from the other by the popular Maria Theresien Platz, where the statue of the famous and beloved empress on horseback. Here we linger a bit? why? ? really very nice, c ?? lots of people and it's fine ...
A little? pi? forward, continuing, you can? admire the Vienna Opera, another park, the Stadtpark, and you come to the end of this interesting experience that I was very fond of, almost as if it were a way to embrace all the wonderful center of Vienna.
On returning to Stephansplatz, we pass Mozart's house, but we don't intend to visit it: were there very few enthusiastic reviews from the customers?
As ? our custom, we like to take some souvenirs from our holidays with us, but we also bring some to some friends who maybe share with us the passion for travel, and once in the center we start to take a look and start taking something. Here in Vienna this? a task more? easy: here are the famous? Mozart balls ?! Therefore we fill a bag of multiform and multi-flavor packs of chocolates to give and eat too. I personally am obsessed with Starbucks mugs, have a nice collection of them and love to watch them grow? then we visit the shop located in the Graben and I buy it. Another must: the Hard Rock Caf ?? Does my daughter Serena love their sweatshirts?
Since today we have gone a long way with the times and we have not been able to stop at the hotel, we stay in the area and for dinner we have a couple of delicious sandwiches with sausage and after, as scheduled, what? unquestionably a cornerstone of Austrian gastronomic culture: the Sacher Cake! As I said before, the most popular pastry shops? noble, Demel, Hotel Sacher, etc, serve it until a certain time, so we look for a place that is talked about well ...
right on the corner of Stephansplatz and Singerstasse c ?? a pastry shop, Aida, which has tables full of people, among these many have the Sacher in the saucer and it doesn't seem bad at all, I consult my faithful tripadvisor and I decide that yes, can you? do. We sit down and consult the men? (what? nice rich) in the end, thanks to the warm evening, I decide for an ice cream cup flavored with, needless to say, Sacher torte! Was the choice ever more? apt! I tasted the classic sacher, good, yes, but that nice fresh ice cream, with many pieces of cake, cream, chocolate? divine! Prices and quality I found them excellent. I advise. The only drawback of this experience? was the megaphon of some people who were just a few meters from us, which, I think since? I do not know German, they wanted to convince others to convert to some religion and all the while they have convinced all their sorrow!
Sweet evening, but tiredness is pressing, we return for a mega shower and a proper sleep.

5 day

Saturday August 20 2019
This basically? our last day. After breakfast we go to visit the church of San Carlo (Karlskirche) which, needless to say, remains in the center of one of the many parks in the city. Very beautiful, but we could not visit the inside because? was it early? Stop to follow the nearby Nashmarkt city market. Since when I visited the boqueria of Barcelona, ​​to visit the markets in the cities? ? become a must for me? This from Vienna? a sort of long snake that winds over an area in the middle of 2 streets, divided in turn into 2 corridors where on one side there are all cafes, pastry shops and gastronomic places in general where people stop to consume maybe later having gone around the stalls. On the other hand, the decidedly more? crowded, there are hundreds of stalls and shops that mainly offer food such as fruit, spices, sweets and many souvenirs. The space between these is not? very broad, so proceed towards the end? an operation of great tenacity.
L? same we buy some sandwiches and a little? of fruit and we head towards the not far away Burggarten, which incidentally? one of the parks of Vienna, together with the Volksgarten, a world heritage site. This was the private garden of the emperor, in fact it was only open to the public a couple of years after his death. You will be able to admire a statue of him and also that of Mozart: in one of the many available spaces we lie down on the soft and green grass, eat our lunch and begin to realize that the holiday is ending?
Without hurry (do I even escape a nap?) From there? in a few minutes we return to the center which? close enough, we complete the souvenir purchases and then go back to the hotel, where do we begin to put in some? of stuff in the suitcases, since? tomorrow's flight? quite early.
In the late afternoon we go again to the center, aim: to find a good place for our last Austrian dinner! One of the very popular places? figlmuller, which remains just a few steps from the cathedral. The one very close to the other, figlmuller has 2 rooms, but at the moment one of the 2? closed, we go to that of B? ckerstra? e 6, and in front of the entrance we find 2 elderly guys dressed as waitresses, but who in reality? must be 2 rottweilers, who without too many frills chase you away why? the local ? full and not c ?? place? never mind, if a good morning starts in the morning? I want to spend my money better!
IS? Saturday evening ? many of the more? frequented (and recommended) are full, then we decide that, since? we appreciated the dinner at Lugek's very much, and that that evening in fact many of the dishes we saw arriving at the other tables had intrigued us, considering also that? very close? we go back there and miraculously we immediately find a place!
Obviously there is ?? the full of people, the service? imperceptibly more? slow, but fast anyway if we consider the people there ??. Let's take: a plate with the? Emperor's Goulash? which in practice includes a part of meat in a sauce less strong than the common Goulash and a part of dumplings handled with a tasty and delicious cream cheese; a plate of minced viel, which are excellent meatballs made of stale bread, sausage, spinach and other ingredients, served with a very delicate sauce and a tasty pur ?, and again the wiener schnitzel, who doesn't mind? excellent holiday closing dinner!
Vienna? a city? very elegant, a little? like those noble and beautiful ladies who are aware of their rank and beauty and go out of their way to emphasize it in every way? do you notice that the culture of care, efficiency, beauty? the flower in the cap of this people, honor to them and their beautiful city? turn and turn and you never tire of admiring every corner. Will you keep it? a beautiful memory.
Shall we go back to the metro? and must I say Saturday night? pi? likely to meet someone for a while? pi? high or that, in his hands, has the tools to become one soon (alcohol). Tonight I decide to be a little bit? pi? cautious as we return to the hotel, you never know?

6 day

Sunday July 21 2019
We wake up early and already? at 6.30 we go down to have breakfast. The groups of Chinese who have been coming and going from our hotel since we arrived are equally early risers?
We have a quick breakfast, we take the bags and immediately at the tram stop and then get to the metro, change and take the S7 to the airport. I discover that early Sunday morning the tram does not have the same frequency as other days, and since? to get to the metro it is about 10 minutes, we decide not to wait and go on foot.
We arrive at the airport, pass the controls and go to the gate assigned to our flight. Punctual at 10.30 we leave and by 12 we are already? in Pisa.
The flight to Palermo? at 22.30, then we decide to leave the luggage in the deposit. It costs 7 euros per piece and they keep it until 20 pm. The delivery operation requires that these are first subjected to routine checks then, once marked with the specific label, they can be left. It will take about twenty minutes to complete everything.

Arrived at the station of Pisa, we look for a restaurant maybe not too touristy to have lunch. Considering that the station from the center is 1,5 km? there are good chances? to find it? and in fact the faithful tripadvisor suggests to me the nutcracker in a few minutes, in via C. Colombo 24, a place a bit? dated, but where you eat well, a lot and pay little !! Highly recommended.
It is very hot, and we are not in a hurry to leave the room where we are cool thanks to the air conditioning? but at some point we have to do it. With a walk of about fifteen minutes, we arrive in the square of miracles, behind the tower c ?? a lawn in the shade? ? there that we will rest a bit ?. As if he knew we were there to pass a while? of time, a sprightly gentleman (Renzo) playing with a dog, feeling that we are Sicilian, starts talking to us and, as if it were a story for children, tells us about his life? cool!
Well in advance, after taking a tour of the Pisan shopping streets (fortunately without additional costs!) We go back to the airport, do we collect the trolleys? and with a slight delay who will then come? recovered we leave.
Arrived shortly after midnight, we return from this beautiful holiday certainly more? rich than before.
Happy holidays everyone !!!
Peppe, Laura and Serena

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