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Know the busy schedule of demonstrations and events in New York it can help anyone who has to choose the best time to visit New York. This criterion is common among those who have already visited New York at least once and are organizing the second trip, with the intention of trying something different to get in greater harmony with the city and feel at least for a few days like a local ( or at least try ...).

However, even those who are preparing to travel to the first time in New York it would do well to keep in mind what they are events, holidays or celebrations that are held in the city in the chosen period, because it could be faced with some pleasant surprise!

What else must be taken into account to choose the best period?
    • Il New York climate. Not everyone is ready, for example, to wander the streets of Manhattan in temperatures below zero degrees or in the terrible summer heat!
    • La price seasonality. This parameter is of particular interest to those on a limited budget: to understand when we can talk about high or low season, we have published a cost estimate for a trip to New York organized independently.


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New York events month by month

What comes to your mind if I ask you to think about New York's most popular parties? Is there a particular event that you would define unmissable and that you would like to experience at any cost? The Christmas time and I don't think I'm the only one! Basically there is a reason if a December prices in the city soar dramatically: the Christmas holidays and especially the New Year in New York they are so famous that they attract people from all over the world. I'd say it's worth it brave the cold to see how New Yorkers celebrate the end of the year, in Times Square and beyond.

Yet this period is certainly not the only recommended period for experiencing New York: the city is able to offer a very rich calendar of events, events and festivals (not to mention the sporting events in New York ...), which would put anyone in trouble! So here's a concise list of the best events in New York, chosen by us month by month. Take note and try to understand if one of these events can help you choose the best time to visit the city:

January in New York

  • Three Kings Day Parade (Epiphany): January 5th takes place parata dei Re Magi, curated by the El Barrio Museum. It typically begins at 106th Street and Lexington, continues on Third Avenue, and ends at 115th Street and Park Avenue.
  • Martin Luther King Day: takes place on the third Monday of January. Every year it is possible to attend celebrations, peace marches, concerts and shows (the famous one at BAM in Brooklyn) dedicated to the memory of Martin Luther King.

The major events of January in New York

February in New York

  • Chinese New Year: every year the date of the Chinese New Year changes, but the month is always February. Go to Chinatown: Usually the parade with dragons and masks starts from Canal St and ends in Sara D. Roosevelt Park.

The major events of February in New York

March in New York

  • St. Patrick's Day Parade: the patron saint of Ireland is celebrated almost everywhere, and New York is no exception. On March 17, the parade takes place mainly on Fifth Avenue: bring yourself something green!
  • New York Antiquarian Book Fair: I speak from experience! This book fair it is one of the most famous in the world: if you are a bibliophile please note that the exhibition takes place every year in the Park Avenue Armory (643 Park Ave).
  • Easter Parade: as you know, this important religious holiday can take place in March as well as in April. In any case, on Easter day in New York Christians and do not dress in elegant clothing and showy hats to attend the parade on Fifth Avenue.

The major events of March in New York

April in New York

  • Tribeca Film Festival: one of the most famous international film festivals in the world! The event takes place in various locations, which I invite you to see here.
  • The Orchid Show: often starts in the previous months, but in April you can still see this huge orchid exhibit at the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory at New York Botanical Garden (2900 Southern Blvd).

The major events of April in New York

May in New York

  • Memorial Day: there are numerous parades that take place in the city for Memorial Day, usually held on the last Monday of May (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan). On this day we remember all fallen for the homeland.
  • Cherry Blossom Festival: this event celebrates the Japanese tradition (Sakura Matsuri) can also be held in April. This is a cherry blossom celebration, which takes place in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (990 Washington Ave, Brooklyn).

The major events in New York in May

June in New York

  • Mermaid Parade: on one of the Saturdays of June in Coney Island there is the party that celebrates the beginning of summer, with mermaids and mermaids parading from Surf Avenue to Steeplechase Plaza.
  • SummerStage: il summer festival New York's most famous music venue is held in various parks around the city, but the main stage is located in Central Park. Concerts continue throughout the summer, and some are even free.
  • National Puerto Rican Day Parade: the colorful parade is very famous in New York and celebrates the Puerto Rican culture. Held on the second Sunday of June along Fifth Avenue.

The major events in New York in June

July in New York

  • Indipendence Day: the 4th of July is celebrated l'American Independence with an impressive fireworks display. Where is it? Usually on the East River, between 24th St and 41st St.
  • Shakespeare in the Park: The stage of the Delacorte Theater in Central Park hosts free shows that are always packed with people. The actors who stage Shakespeare they are first level.

The major events in New York in July

August to New York

  • Jazz age lawn party: one of the New York jazz events held in June and August at Colonel's Row on Governors Island. It is not just a concert program but a real costume party dedicated to XNUMXs!
  • Battery Dance Festival: free dance festival that takes place in Battery Park.

The major events in New York in August

September in New York

  • Feast of San Gennaro: this feast dedicated to the patron saint of Naples it usually takes place in September. Go to Little Italy to experience the atmosphere of our home!
  • Labor Day: among other events, in the days before Labor Day, Randall's Island Park takes place theElectric zoo, an electronic music festival. The annual parade takes place along Fifth Avenue.

October in New York

  • Halloween Parade: the most famous Halloween parade of New York takes place on Sixth Ave in Manhattan. We in Italy have inherited this festival, but seeing it in the country where it originated has a certain effect!
  • Columbus Day Parade: the arrival of is celebrated in New York and throughout the United States Colombo in America the second Monday in October. The parade is held on Fifth Avenue.
  • Comic-Con: we have Lucca Comics… in New York comics lovers take the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center by storm. One of the ways to show your passion for comics is to do the cosplay.

November to New York

  • Christmas Tree Lighting: Rockefeller Center's tree-lighting ceremony is a classic for any visitor to New York. In fact they start the parties of Natale a New York.
  • New York Marathon: not everyone has the physical preparation to run the over 40 km of the Busiest marathon in the world, held in the first week of November. However, watching the participants running through all the boroughs of New York is not tiring!
  • Parata del Ringraziamento (Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade): one of the craziest parades in the US takes place in Central Park on Thanksgiving. They participate ... gigantic balloons, dancers, clowns, marching bands, etc. In the photo below you see an oversized version of the well-known Thanksgiving turkey!
  • Black Friday: as everyone knows, the Friday after Thanksgiving begins the assault on the shops they do dizzying discounts.

December in New York

  • Radio City Christmas Spectacular: of this very famous Christmas show we talked about in our in-depth article.
  • Hanukkah: the Jewish community of New York gathers in front of the menorahs, which are lit during the Hanukkah. The largest in the world (they say…) comes on in Grand Army Plaza.
  • New Year's Eve: the images and videos of the New Year in New York every year they go around the world. Go to Times Square to see the huge crystal ball falling from One Times Square.

The major events in New York in December

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