The Top airlines most safe in the world - Ranking 2021

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The plane is the safest means of transport in the world, although the news reports some tragedies that took place on board these vehicles. The Australian air traffic survey site, carried out a study on the safest airlines in the world, examining over four hundred of them. This study produced three different rankings: one dedicated to the safest airlines, one dedicated to the safest low cost airlines, and finally one dedicated to the safest aircraft.

Evaluation criteria

How is it possible to draw up this ranking? What are the parameters to consider when deciding if an airline is more or less safe? The criteria used are divided into 7 points, based on which companies earn one or more stars. Obviously, the more requirements are fulfilled and the more stars earned, so the higher the score and the higher the ranking. Each company can therefore win up to seven stars. Let's see what are the seven evaluation parameters:

  1. IOSA certification: This is an internationally applied evaluation system which estimates the management and control systems for each airline. This certification, re-evaluated every two years, is not mandatory but it is up to the airlines to decide whether to obtain it. For the purposes of the ranking we are talking about it is worth 3 stars.
  2. EU black listIf you are part of this list, you cannot fly in European airspace. On what basis can you be blacklisted? Aircraft safety and poor maintenance issues. If the company is out of the blacklist it earns 1 star.
  3. Risk of accidents in the previous 10 years: Has the airline not suffered any accidents, due to terrorist attacks, hijackings, pilot suicide? Earn a star.
  4. FAA approval. American airspace may also be banned for those airlines that do not pass approval by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). For the ranking, this parameter is worth 1 star.
  5. I ICAO parameters, i.e. the rules for air safety, efficiency and regularity drawn up by the International Civil Aviation Organization. They are in turn divided into eight control parameters which include airline legislation and organization, licenses etc. For the ranking it has the value of 1 stars, but at least 5 parameters must be met.
  6. Takeoff denied. If the airline's planes are left on the ground for a total of 5 years, due to safety concerns or bureaucratic reasons, you will lose 1 star.
  7. An additional star is awarded if the company includes only Russian-built vehicles.

The safest airlines in the world

According to the study, Qantas is the safest airline in the world. Specialists noted that over the course of its 98-year history, the world's oldest airline has amassed an incredible record of success in terms of safety and innovation, establishing itself as the industry's leading expert. Among the various technologies used by the Australian company we find air monitoring systems and aircraft performance, automatic landings and tracking systems around the mountains, and many other advanced technologies that use satellite communications for greater safety in flight.
The remaining 19 companies were simply listed in alphabetical order, therefore what follows is not a ranking of merit.

NB: The winning company is in bold.

The safest low-cost airlines has also identified the top 10 safest low-cost airlines. Unlike most low-cost airlines, the ten award-winning airlines have passed the stringent safety tests (IOSA) of the International Air Transport Association. Here is the list of 10 companies in alphabetical order:

The safest planes

It has to be taken into account that most of the air accidents are actually caused by manufacturing defects of the vehicles and not so much by bad procedures implemented by the airlines. For this reason, we report below the list of aircraft with 0% fatalities from the date of the first flight to today.

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