The Suspended Bridge of San Marcello Pistoiese

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The Pistoia mountains, located on the southern slope of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines,? the ideal destination both for those who want to walk surrounded by nature and for those who want to spend a day discovering small medieval treasures.

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Venturing along the SS 66, which while not the original Route 66? a beautiful itinerary to follow, I decide to be inspired by the detours along the road.
The first stop is suggested by my stomach, which hungry takes me to San Marcello Pistoiese, a small village where? It is possible to taste the typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition.

Anyhow? I ate the fish. In the mountains, yes, so what? :)
Suspension Bridge - Bridge View

With a full stomach and a satisfied smile, I head to the Suspended Bridge.
The suggestive bridge, which connects the two sides of the Lima stream,? It was built between 1920 and 1923 to help the workers of the mountain factories to reach their workplace in a few minutes without necessarily having to go around the river.
Over the years it has lost its main function, remaining abandoned and suspended in the void until some restoration works have restored it to safety.
Today this bridge, with its 227 meters in length and 36 in maximum height, allows a suggestive walk suspended over the valley.

What about the history lesson for today? finished!
Suspension Bridge - River View

The first steps along the iron construction seem to be peaceful to me too (so quiet healthy dizzy carriers, we can do it!), But? continuing (ops ..), that the real chills begin to be felt.
In fact, if the first part gradually comes off the ground, flying over a small artificial lake and a few parked cars, more? forward the trees are more? thick and the river runs fast under my trembling paws.

Below, but at a fair distance! However, don't be scared, dizzy or not? an? experience that you will make? feel free, as if you had just taken a beautiful flight.

? Easy Sav? .. Do you really have wings !?

I cross the bridge both ways, taking a little? of time to breathe between one direction and another, then I get back on the road.
I proceed calmly, without haste n? destination, the window down, the music to lull my thoughts and the mountain air to ruffle my beautiful rainbow hair ..
I look around, stop in a couple of places, sometimes even just on the side of the road to take a picture. But above all I fill my eyes with the beauty offered by nature, inventing stories that every curve and every fork seems to suggest.

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