The Strangest Objects Forgotten in the Hotel

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It will be the holiday rhythms, relaxation and tranquility, for some the jet leg but many have forgotten something in the hotel, be it the toothbrush or the bathrobe. But were these the objects we would not have written an article!

Yes, because around the world there are those who forget everything. This is why we decided to create a list with the "author's pieces": those forgotten items which deserve to be cited for their originality.
Here the strangest objects found in hotels around the world.


  1. Complete set of products ... Royalty, England
  2. Turtle, China
  3. Suitcase with money, China
  4. Wedding dress, Maldives
  5. The Wedding Ring, Iceland
  6. A shark, Portugal
  7. Denture, various locations
  8. Breast implants, England
  9. Orthopedic prosthesis, USA
  10. Dressed as a rabbi, Goat Island
  11. Inflatable sheep, Edinburgh
  12. Human skeleton, Location not received
  13. Urn with ashes, Location not received
  14. A horse, England
  15. 18 month old child, Location not received
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1 - Complete set of products ... Royals, England

Immediately after Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee, a cleaner of thePremier Inn Hotel has found a full set of "real" products which included no less than 18 Queen Elisabeth masks, 12 Prince Philip masks, 36 UK flags and a life-size hardcover of Kate Middleton. God Save the Queen!

2 - Turtle, China

In a luxury hotel in Macau, one was found in China turtle who, forgotten by her master, has seen fit to go ahead through the corridors of the structure, until she was found by a member of the staff who tripped over her.

3 - Suitcase with money, China

Not so original, but rather bizarre is the strange "habit" of forgetting money. We are not talking about a few coins but of full suitcases, An example that we report happened not in the hotel but at theHong Kong International Airport, where a bag (unclaimed!) was found with the modest sum of 100.000 Korean dollars (HK $) inside, the equivalent of US $ 12.900.

4 - Wedding dress, Maldives

In a Maldives hotel instead it is mystery about a wedding dress found in the room of a couple of Asian newlyweds: custom, forgetfulness ... or did the honeymoon not go as well as expected? It is not known.

5 - The Wedding Ring, Iceland

In Iceland they are no less, since another couple on their honeymoon has forgotten an important detail: the wedding ring.

6 - A shark, Portugal

Let's move to Portugal. We are in the Algarve, one of the European Surfing Capitals.
It must have been a few too many beers or simply a lover of fishing, we do not know but if this list were a ranking what was found in a room of the Hotel TiFlights Marina would certainly be on the podium (or at least deserve a scene in films like " One night the lions ") since it was found there a live shark. In the shower.

7 - Denture, various locations

Another object often found in the rooms is the dentures! Strange to say since it seems obvious not to have it, but in a classified one of the Novotel hotel chain, it seems almost a kind of trend.

8 - Breast implants, England

And then there is the case of breast implants lost: it happened in Newcastel, where an American woman traveling to London forgot her future breast in her room.

9 - Orthopedic prosthesis, USA

Last but not the least remaining on the subject of prostheses in Texas instead someone managed to forget the orthopedic prosthesis! Yes, you read that correctly: a leg!

10 - Dressed as a rabbi, Goat Island

In a quiet family hotel on Goat Island, however, some strange character has forgotten a precious paraphernalia: a rabbi costume complete with beard, hats and a badge that reads "don't mess with the Texan secret services". Item never claimed by anyone.

11 - Inflatable sheep, Edinburgh

Erotic games are the order of the day among the forgotten objects in hotels, from whips to handcuffs to costumes and accessories, they are no longer so original. Apart from if you find an inflatable sheep as it happened in Edinburgh. So for us it deserves a place on the list.

12 - Human skeleton, Location not received

The location is unknown but rumors say that somewhere in the world, a life-size human skeleton has even been found.

13 - Urn with ashes, Location not received

Then there are those who forget the urn with the ashes of their mother-in-law inside. Will it be a coincidence?

14 - A horse, England

Returning to the animal category: in Droitwitch, England, someone was able to forget even a horse (actually one wonders how he got in). Fortunately he was not alone, with him were found dogs, rabbits and a series of exotic animals including a snake, a tarantula and a lizard.

15 - 18 month old child, Location not received

We conclude this bizarre list with something that is incredible. Remember the movie "Mom I Missed the Plane"? Then you are on the right track! We don't know exactly where it happened but there are those who have forgotten… the unforgettable: a 18 month old baby! Let's hope it's an isolated case.

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