The strangest bathrooms in the world

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"When in Rome do as the Romans do"...
You know, each country is a micro-world in itself, with its own customs and ways of being, and we travel lovers cannot help but adapt to the context.
But how would you react if you found yourself having to meet your physiological needs in one of these? wc?
Here are the strangest toilets in the world, the anti-conventional ceases more crazy and curious scattered in the various corners of the earth.


  1. In mirrored glass
  2. Shaped like a mouth
  3. modern
  4. At aquarium, Japan
  5. Artistic
  6. Sexy and awkward, Portugal
  7. Sculpture
  8. Help us distinguish ...
  9. Shaft with built-in urinal
  10. The bath with your arms
  11. The Trombones of Freiburg
  12. For those who want a little help ...
  13. A warm hug
  14. Open legs
  15. Hentai
  16. Bomb Drop!
  17. The Guillotine
  18. The largest bathroom in the world, China
  19. User questions and comments

In mirrored glass

This incredible public toilet with mirrored glass walls has been implemented in the very center of Sulfur Springs, in the state of Texas. It has since become one of the main attractions of the city. The same bathroom is also located in Houston and in front of the Tate Britain museum: the peculiarity is that from the outside, you can't see anything, but from the inside, it's like being completely outdoors!

Shaped like a mouth

Designed by a Dutch designer, are found scattered around theEurope he United States. The artist says he was inspired by the lips of the heroines of his favorite manga, however this has not prevented him from the fierce criticism of feminist groups around the globe. The toilets in the photo are located inside a casino of Las Vegas.


La China it has now become a driving economic reality and probably part of the successes achieved are attributable to important insights into technological field. Between one ingenious invention and another, the elite of Chinese engineering had time to design modern toilets with a thousand functions. In the photo the public toilets of Hong Kong.

At aquarium, Japan

Another unusual oriental creation ... The toilet in the photo is undoubtedly one of the most curious in the world.
It is located in Japan, Within the Mumin Papa Café di Akash. It is enclosed in aquarium walls, populated by graceful and fascinating fish.


What if we told you that there are toilets that are even considered works of art? The toilets in the photo were made by well-known local artists and exhibited in the main square of Kiev in Ukraine. The invitation addressed to passers-by was to sit on the cup for mulling over the economic crisis and on possible solutions to it. On the other hand, everyone knows that the shower and toilet are ideal places to reflect on problems of a social, political and philosophical nature.

Sexy and awkward, Portugal

Have you ever failed to meet your bodily needs because you feel observed? If so, you are one of those people who absolutely could not benefit from the bathrooms in the picture. Managers of a well-known portuguese shopping center they had the brilliant idea of ​​placing gods behind the toilets winking mannequins who spy on customers during "the act".


But embarrassment, in the bathroom, can be created and how ... the sculpture that takes up a David more or less, has an "excessive angularity" in a certain point ... but it is functional and indispensable (for some not) after having completed the act of urination ... and if you want to wash your hands ... "it touches you"!

Help us distinguish ...

In Germany they have a different toilet based on what you drank ... Water, wine, beer ... but we are sure that the users will be "honest"?

Shaft with built-in urinal

Usually the trees, as well as the wheels of the cars, are the total prerogative of dogs or in any case of 4-legged friends ... but let's face it, which boy at a young age has never happened, perhaps after an evening of drinking with friends , of having to stop and have it leaning against a tree? Here is for you, drinking friends and nature lovers ... a comfortable (not so much) tree urinal!

The bath with your arms

It is not exactly the best of serenity, having to do it with two arms and two hands in equivocal positions that are right there while you ... you pee!
And if the hands are mechanical ... then the risk of getting "stuck" increases even more!

The Trombones of Freiburg

In Freiburg they put real ones trombones in the toilets, and you have to do it right there, inside the mouth of the trombone! But we are sure there won't be a great sound when flushing the toilet!

For those who want a little help ...

The goliardic and dubious discussions, in this sense, between boys and teenagers have always been at the bottom ... who holds it up, who doesn't ... in short, everyone does it in their own way, but just "get carried away" ... if in doubt, here you are!

A warm hug

We are sure that not many women will appreciate this version of the toilet, and not many will be willing to be embraced by a toilet! Moreover, if the figure turns out to be quite naked and in position ... which leaves little doubt to the intentions! But my ladies, if you run away ... this is the price to pay!

Open legs

Here we are right in the top of the trash ... and if we have any doubts as to whether women can appreciate the above hug, here we have no doubts! But it is in fact an exclusively male bathroom but that really leaves you speechless ... and it's okay that we're not in a tea room, but there is a limit to everything!


We are always in a men's bathroom, and here are the classic images of japanese hentai, that is, those slightly hard cartoons. What effect will these young cartoon lolitas have? Up or Down?

Bomb Drop!

Here a nice drawing, a decal, was enough to arouse the hilarity of the users! On the toilet palette, a "metaphor" of what we are about to accomplish ...!

The Guillotine

A scene that not even in the worst horror films ... a fear that unites all men ... that of losing our "tesssoooorooo"! And in the worst way: while we pee, with a guillotine! A bath for "only the braves"!

The largest bathroom in the world, China

The city of Chongqing it houses the largest public bath in the world.
Made up of over 1000 sanitary ware distributed over an area of ​​approximately 32 thousand square meters. Perfectly recognizable in photos, they have very imaginative shapes: dragons, Holy images, female breasts etc.

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