The seven most haunted houses in the world

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There are elements that unite the whole world, going beyond cultures, religions, languages: one of these is the supernatural. There are many people who seem obsessed with what happens after death, and sometimes this obsession turns into a real terror of spirits and ghosts.

Someone attributes this fear scattered almost everywhere in Hollywood: in the history of cinema, especially the American one, many films have dealt with the theme of the supernatural. In reality, however, there are several documentaries and episodes according to which the supernatural is much more than a simple construction ... and here is a list of seven most haunted houses in the world, to be read strictly with the light on!


  1. Sallie House, Atchison, Kansas, USA
  2. Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica
  3. Monte Cristo Homestead, New South Wales, Australia
  4. Borgvattnet, Ragunda Municipality, Sweden
  5. Poveglia Island, Veneto, Italy
  6. Seven Gables House, Salem, Massachusetts, USA
  7. Haunted house, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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1 - Sallie House, Atchison, Kansas, USA

This house is named after a little girl - ghost obsessed with their being there evil spirits and that for this he warned the couple who lived there through continuous apparitions. However, it seems that even earlier a woman so cruel and violent lived here to the point of pushing her husband to flee elsewhere along with the rest of the family. This house has become over the years one of Atchinson's most famous attractions, and has been the subject of many documentaries: even some investigators, in trying to collect paranormal elements inside the house, suffered unexplained cuts and burns.

2 - Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica

According to legend, Annie Palmer, one of the owners of this former th century plantation house, used to practice voodoo, with whom she killed several husbands and many attendants. It is said that today the house hosts all the spirits of the people who died here, and also that of the mistress. Curiosity: Johnny Cash wrote a song dedicated to the story of Annie Palmer, entitled "The Ballad of Annie Palmer".

3 - Monte Cristo Homestead, New South Wales, Australia

Many tragic and violent deaths took place in this cottage: it is therefore not surprising that this house is seen as the most haunted place in Australia. Someone was killed, someone died of sudden death, someone else was the victim of accidental death; some examples? A man pushed from the balcony, a squire burned alive, a child thrown down the stairs. Oliver Ryan, who has lived there for over 50 years, recounts episodes in which he felt a hand on his shoulder, or his own name called even though there was no one; in short, there are enough paranormal elements.

4 - Borgvattnet, Ragunda Municipality, Sweden

This small village, located in the north of Sweden, is known for a group of haunted houses called "The Old Vicarage". The first ghost manifested itself in 1927 in the rectory: the chaplain reported many strange events, ditto the next priest. The current building houses a bar / restaurant and a guest house: if you have the courage to stay all night, don't miss the chance of a paranormal encounter!

5 - Poveglia Island, Veneto, Italy

Italy also appears in the ranking of the 7 most haunted houses in the world: from the XIV the island is completely abandoned, and the old houses were transformed into hospitals hosting the plague patients.
One building was also converted into an asylum.

Today there are many who are afraid to cross that area for fear of suffering one curse: even fishermen refuse to fish in those waters, for fear of unearthing human remains. In fact, it is said that the ghosts of patients roam restlessly all over the island, and there are several episodes of sightings of strange shadows.

6 - Seven Gables House, Salem, Massachusetts, United States of America

Salem is known for one of the greatest persecutions of witches, which occurred in the th century. Of this sad episode, the House of Seven Glabes (translatable as "Seven Dormers") represents the most macabre: Once a deceased boy was seen at the window, while another was found playing in the attic. The house is now a non-profit museum.

7 - Haunted house, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

There are several haunted houses in Jeddah: the most terrible is located a few meters from the sea, and not even taxis come close. Rumors say that this house is a real magnet for anyone around: it is estimated that as many as 16 people have entered it, without ever leaving it. The roof is always covered with crows and there is no electricity.

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