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    The serial traveler: in all the countries of the world before turning 40

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    Before turning forty, this boy visited all the countries of the world. His name is Gunnar Garfors is originally from Norway and has achieved what for many remains only a dream: to travel around the world.

    Already in 2008 he had visited 85 states and it was then that he decided to make it his mission, to travel to all the countries of the world, 198, to be exact in less than ten years.

    He managed to achieve his goal on May 8, 2013, earning the title of the youngest person to travel to every country. Three years before reaching 40. he Holds the record for being the youngest traveler to have visited so many places.

    He has since written a book called "198: How I Ran Out Of Countries", and has created a website dedicated to his travels.

    Garfors - who works at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) - managed to keep his job on his travels; she never wanted to stop.

    “In Norway, those who work have 5 weeks a year of vacation plus 2 weeks of national holidays - he wrote on his blog -. I have traveled on every occasion, taking advantage of every weekend and day off. But you have to be determined and save "

    Instead he wanted to combine a job he has always loved with running, his greatest passion in life.

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