The safest plane in the world in the event of an accident

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If they can really make it happen, this plane could save thousands of lives. The prototype of ejection booth was born from the idea of ​​the Ukrainian Vladimir Tatarenko. It would be vital in the event of a plane crash, fire on board or hijacking.

In practice, the fuselage, with all the passengers on board and the goods in the hold below, would detach from the cockpit to which the wings would remain attached.

The fuselage would plummet for a while, but at the right altitude special and highly resistant parachutes would be activated able to support all the weight making it glide smoothly to the ground. In the event of an emergency landing on the water, gods would automatically activate inflatable pillows able to float the fuselage full of people, suitcases and goods of all kinds.

The system would be activated in an emergency by the pilots themselves who, from inside the cabin, simply should press a button.

The pilots should then dash out of the cabin and enter the fuselage along with the passengers to escape to safety. Unless the situation is such that they can continue to fly the plane and make it land. The alternative, for them, would be lethal.

Tatarenko is looking for investors who can implement his project which would be very expensive to say the least. Taking into account that a plane costs between 100 and 350 million dollars, not including maintenance costs.
Especially since, according to data from the IATA, the airline association, plane crashes have become increasingly rare. The cost of making such an aircraft would be useless at the moment.

Also, there are some technical problems that should first be resolved: is an airplane made of two parts safe or could it even break off in flight due to some technical fault? And then, what happens if, without control by the pilots, instead of landing on a plane it was on top of a mountain or on top of a forest? The fuselage would be at the mercy of the currents and no one knows where it could land ... If you have the answers to these questions, ask yourself!

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