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Nothing like the pizza it probably is capable of unite Italy from north to south. Whether tall and soft, low and crunchy, classic or gourmet, pizza in Italy is an institution and a symbol of our country. It is our Saturday night dish, that of going out with friends, or in front of a football match, accompanied by the inevitable beer. But which are the best pizzerias in Italy? It is really a difficult task to draw up a ranking of this type, if we consider that in our country there are over 30.000 of them, and new ones continue to open every day. But challenges do not scare us, and here are the 10 best pizzerias in Italy. Enjoy your meal!

10 - Pizzeria Montegrigna by Tric Trac - Legnano (MI)

Awarded one of the best pizzerias in Italy by Gambero Rosso, this pizzeria is famous for its very slow leavening dough in different versions and for the use of cereals such as rye, kamut, spelled. Between tradition and experimentation.

  • Address: Via Grigna, 12, Legnano
  • Specialty of the house: the real specialty are the doughs, with a very wide range. Let yourself be tempted by the basil or the saffron dough
  • Price for a pizza: 8-12 euros

9 - The News - Naples

The two pizzerias in Naples managed by Enzo Coccia they are true synonymous with quality and attention to raw materials, with typical products of Campania. Let yourself be conquered by the Mediterranean flavors and the dough made to perfection, with a crunchy edge and perfect leavening.

  • Address: Via Michelangelo da Caravaggio, 53 and 94, Naples
  • Specialty of the house: Pizza San Gennaro, with yellow tomatoes, oregano, anchovies
  • Average price for a pizza: 7-10 euros

8 - Pepper in Grains - Caiazzo (CE)

The pizzeria of Franco Pepe, true "artisan" of pizza, is counted among the best in the world, thanks to its exceptional dough, made entirely by hand, which is soft and tasty on the palate, for a real explosion of flavors.

  • Address: Vico San Giovanni Battista, 3, Caiazzo
  • Specialty of the house: The sun on the plate, pizza with buffalo mozzarella, piennolo from Vesuvius and anchovies from Cetara
  • Average price for a pizza: 6-15 euros

7 - From Remo - Rome

An institution in Rome, popular venue and Spartan which reflects the Testaccino spirit. The main feature is the Roman pizza, low and crunchy, cooked in a wood oven, but among the specialties to be counted there is no shortage of fried foods: supplì, cod and courgette flowers.

  • Address: Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice, 44, Rome
  • Specialty of the house: Roman pizza and fried. Pizza margherita.
  • Average price for a pizza: 5-8 euros

6 - I Tigli - San Bonifacio (VR)

The real gourmet pizza, certainly not cheap, but in which the raw material is carefully selected to amaze and leave an excellent flavor. The strong point of Simone Padoan's pizza, which has revolutionized the concept of pizza as we knew it, is certainly in the dough, with the use of natural yeast.

  • Address: via Camporosolo, 11, San Bonifacio (Verona)
  • Specialty of the house: try one of the gourmet pizzas, you will not regret it. To signal the pizza Semplicemente, with burrata and red shrimp
  • Average price for a pizza: from 15 to 33 euros

5 - The cat eater - Rome

Received i Three segments of Gambero Rosso, the mangiona cat is confirmed to be among the best pizzerias in the capital. With a lively atmosphere and a wide selection of beers to match the different pizzas, La Gatta offers a traditional pizza with special attention to the choice of raw materials.

  • Address: Via F. Ozanam 30-32, Rome
  • Specialty of the house: Margherita della gatta
  • Average price for a pizza: 8-16 euros

4 - Pizzeria F.lli Salvo - San Giorgio a Cremano (NA)

Let's go back to Naples, with the pizzeria of the Salvo Brothers. Once in Portici, since 2006 the pizzeria has moved to its new location and is managed with skill by the Salvo brothers. Passion, experimentation and tradition are the keywords of this pizzeria, among the best in Italy and in the Naples area.

  • Address: Largo Arso 10, San Giorgio a Cremano.
  • Specialties of the house: Pappacelle and tanned pizza, white pizza with mozzarella, Neapolitan and tanned pappacella
  • Average price for a pizza: 5-15 euros

3 - Antica Pizzeria da Michele - Naples

In third place, a true Neapolitan institution, also known as the "Sacred Temple of pizza", theAntica Pizzeria da Michele is a historic pizzeria, which has made the use of natural ingredients and its proven method of leavening the dough its strong points. Only two pizzas you will find here, the seafaring and daisy, following the directions of Michele, who did not want other ingredients to alter their taste and authenticity.

  • Address: Via Cesare Sersale 1-3, Naples
  • Specialty of the house: pizza Margherita
  • Average price for a pizza: 5 euros

2 - Sorbillo - Naples

You say Pizza in Naples, and you say Sorbillo. Another Neapolitan institution, the secret of its success is undoubtedly in the almost maniacal care and attention towards the dough and the quality of the ingredients, always keeping an eye on tradition.

  • Address: Via dei Tribunali, 32, Naples
  • Specialty of the house: pizza Margherita
  • Average price for a pizza: 5-10 euros

1 - 50 Kalò - Naples

And in the first place, always in Naples, we find the pizzeria 50 Kalo, the new pizzeria of Ciro Salvo, best pizza maker in Italy. The goal is clear, to make a good pizza, as can be seen from the name of the place: kalò, in fact, in the jargon pizza maker, indicates something good (from the Greek kalos, beautiful). The 50, on the other hand, in the Neapolitan grimace is bread, that is to say a good dough, the basis for making an unforgettable pizza.
Ma the detail that made the difference and that made him win is the dough: Ciro Salvo adds a lot of water, to create an extreme softness, melt and digestibility.
Another secret is the simplicity of the toppings: his pizzas are all stuffed with 2-3 ingredients, which thus do not suffocate the dough, which must remain the absolute protagonist of the recipe.

  • Address: Piazza Sannazzaro 201 / B, Naples
  • Specialty of the house: Margherita with buffalo
  • Average price for a pizza: 6-15 euros

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