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Lovers of fantasy, breathtaking locations that surround scenarios of wars, struggles for the throne, intrigues and betrayals, will certainly know the wonderful HBO series "Game of Thrones". In the war between the Seven Kingdoms there are those who cheer for the beautiful Daenerys Targaryen, mother of dragons, or for the brave Robb Stark accompanied in his battles by the faithful half-wolf Gray Wind, there are those who think that the throne should remain in the hands of the Baratheon, a few others will perhaps cheer for the insane King Joffrey or, much more likely, for the uncle Tyrion Lannister!
But everyone is fascinated by the breathtaking landscapes of the Northern lands, or the red lands where the queen of the Dothraki is recruiting her army. Who does not remain enchanted by the magnificence of the castle of King's Landing or from the reign of Great Winter! But where are these mystical, dark, gloomy or magnificent places?
Do you want to do a "cinematic" tour ?! Follow us, let's go to ...


  1. northern Ireland
  2. Malta
  3. Croatia
  4. Morocco
  5. Iceland
  6. Scotland
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northern Ireland

Belfast is the production site of the TV series, where many scenes were shot:

  • Great Winter, featuring interiors of the Stark Kingdom: Paint Hall Studios
  • King's Landing, Red Fortress: Paint Hall Studios
  • Stark House: Castle Ward, County Down
  • Black Castle, home of the Night's Watch: Quarry in Magheramorne, County Antrim
  • The Barrier:: Quarry in Magheramorne, County Antrim
  • Iron Islands, kingdom of Greyjoy: Quarry in Magheramorne, County Antrim
  • City of the Dothraki: Morne Mountains


The scenes for the first season of King's Landing were mostly shot in Malta.

  • King's Landing: Fort Ricasoli, a fortification that stands on the promontory of Gallows Point from the late 600s, already seen in films such as Troy, The Gladiator and Agora
  • Interior of the kingdom: Mdina, where the intrigues of some enemies of the King who live at court and want to dethrone him are born and developed
  • Marriage between Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo: island of Gozo, country of Manikala


This magnificent land will be scenario of the fourth season; location like Novigrad, in Istria, with its walls and urban plan with a medieval structure, are the perfect setting for the bloody fights that will take place between the various clans.

  • King's Landing (Season onwards): Dubrovnik
  • City of Qarth: island of Lokrum, where the mother of dragons is hosted with the real intent of taking possession of her children ... who will demonstrate for the first time what they are really capable of!


And staying in the Targaryen house, we can say that the country of Khaleesi, queen of the Dothraki and mother of dragons, is Morocco.

  • Astapor, "bay of the slavers": Essaouira, with its port, its bazaars and white houses


This is where you will meet the White Walkers, this is where the Ravens protect the Wall from the brutes, who live in the Land of Eternal Winter. And what better place than Iceland could recreate these icy sceneries! Jon Snow and his brethren will fight against brutes, strangers and ... the cold.

  • Battles between the Night's Watch and Strangers: Lake Myvatn, near the Hverfell Crater, and Skaftafell National Park, where the largest glacier in Europe. In these places actors, director and technicians have "frozen their asses", fighting against the cold and the short time of daylight available to them to shoot the wonderful scenes of the Night's Watch.


Other pilot scenes from the series and from Winterfell, Kingdom of the Starks, were set in Doune Castle and its surroundings, located in Stiling. This castle was also the set of other films such as "The Holy Grail". This place lends itself a lot to mystical and ancient situations!
So have a good trip and get ready because ... "winter's coming", indeed ... winter is here!

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