The places in the world that welcome tourists without too many restrictions

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We are all aware that, unfortunately, this is not an ideal time to travel. However, there are gods places in the world that welcome tourists without too many restrictions and in which, above all, the number of Covid-19 cases seems rather low or under control. He thought about drawing up a list about it Forbes, a prestigious US magazine. Let's see together which are the places where, at this moment, traveling is easier.

Forbes tells us about the Dominican Republic, one of the most varied Caribbean countries and which, despite continuing to welcome visitors, manages to keep both the number of infected and that of hospitalizations low. Accessing it is pretty simple: no tampons are required, at most there may be temperature control at the airport. However, it should be noted that a security curfew from 21pm to 5am on weekdays and from 19pm to 5am on weekends. But in fact, this condition is not a big problem, as most tourists stay in resorts and villages.

Havens that welcome tourists without too many restrictions are the Bahamas, which in recent weeks have seen a further decline in coronavirus cases. Again the limitations are not so stringent: visitors must submit a negative test done within 5 days of departure. Finally, they have to fill out documentation that costs between $ 40 and $ 60.

Not least are Bermuda which, as reported by Forbes, have the most restrictive entry requirements compared to the other countries on the list. There have been no Covid-related deaths here for months, but despite this serve a negative test to enter which must be done within 7 days of departure. Then, no less than 24 hours before entering the country, an authorization must be requested online at a cost of $ 75 which also covers the other tests required during the stay. Analyzes that will take place on arrival, on the fourth day, on the eighth and on the fourteenth day. Furthermore, after the test on arrival, tourists will have to quarantine themselves in their hotels until the negative result (usually within 24 hours) and then be free to move.

Another extraordinary country where the restrictions are rather soft is Nicaragua, although Forbes magazine warns that there are doubts about the reliability of the numbers released by the country on coronavirus cases. However, at the present time, it is enough to enter this fabulous American place a negative test done 72 hours before arrival.

After rather complicated months, the situation in Peru has improved, an extraordinary place in the world where visitors can access with a test carried out in the 72 hours prior to arrival. Furthermore, there are no other restrictions on entry, although there is a curfew in the country at 23pm.

Ghana, which reopened a short time ago, is also of rather soft restrictions. And to enter this magnificent African nation it is enough submit a negative test done in the 72 hours prior to your trip and then take another test on arrival that costs $ 150. The result is communicated within half an hour and if negative there are no other restrictions.

Not least are the magnificent Maldives which, according to Forbes, are another example of a country that has managed to keep infections low, despite having remained open to tourists. And to enter it you do not need tests and there are no particular restrictions.

To close the list drawn up by the US magazine is Bahrain, which reopened some time ago and seems to have brought the numbers of infections back to low levels. In this case all tourists - except children under 6 - come tested on arrival at a cost of around 80 euros. In addition, a second test is required for those staying for more than ten days.

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