The Pirata Bus in Formentera, one of the best chiringuitos to admire the sunset

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El Pirata Bus, chiringuito symbol of Formentera

The Pirate Bus is the quintessential symbol of Formentera nightlife. In the beginning it was a small street bar made inside an old Volkswagen van, which served cold drinks to the hippies of the island.

The original bus was taken away in 1983, but the bar continued its beachfront business, becoming a local institution over the years. Today, although it's little more than a beach hut serving sangria and guacamole, this little chiringuito is one of the most loved and crowded places on the island. At dusk, everyone heads to El Pirata Bus for the most traditional aperitif in Formentera, admiring a magnificent sunset.

The environment is extremely jovial, quiet, frequented by friendly people who happily welcome new friends eager to join in the traditional "greeting to the sun".

  1. Where is the Pirata Bus located?
  2. What is a chiringuito?
  3. The spectacle of the sunset

Where is the Pirata Bus located?

The Pirata Bus overlooks the coast of It's Migjorn, in the south of Formentera. It is an area with a bohemian charm that stands out precisely for its relaxed atmosphere.

Although Migjorn is one of the most beautiful beaches in Formentera, this long stretch of sand is less developed than the areas in the north of the island, therefore the free and equipped beaches that follow one another in this stretch are characterized by a more relaxed atmosphere. Migjorn is then embraced by alternative people, which "escapes" from the commercial areas further north.

What is a chiringuito?

Beach bar is a Spanish term used to refer to typical kiosks for the sale of food and drinks that characterize the Balearic Islands, and more generally the seaside areas of Spain. The more traditional chiringuitos are therefore wooden kiosks serving cold drinks, snacks and sandwiches.

However, the chiringuitos have evolved continuously and from mere shelters they have become real trendy clubs, can also serve seafood dishes based on fried fish, squid, cuttlefish of all shapes and sizes, accompanied by every kind of drink, alcoholic and otherwise.

The Balearic Islands enjoy international influence, therefore many modern chiringuitos (especially those of Ibiza) combine exotic, Asian, minimalist styles. The more “in” chiringuito today are rather elegant and chic, but the Pirata Bus keeps the tradition alive, offering an extremely informal environment where you can relax in contact with nature, rocking yourself with cheerful music and admiring the sun that is lost on the horizon.

The spectacle of the sunset

What makes Pirata Bus a must in Formentera? Simple, it is a unique place to admire the sunset. With great skill, the owners have been able to transform this kiosk into a truly magical place. At sunset, people witness the spectacle of nature moving to the rhythm of the music. And every day, as soon as the sun disappears between the waters of the sea, there is a great applause capable of moving and giving goosebumps.

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