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    The Phantom of the Opera: songs and plot of the Broadway musical

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    A show seen by more than 140 million people and staged in Broadway theaters for 29 years: The Phantom of the Opera is a truly timeless classic. For years the show has sold out and today is the musical with the highest number of performances on Broadway. Every night, for almost 30 years, this obsessive love story has come to life in all its splendor as if it were the night of the premiere thanks to the skill of the artists, the impeccable scenography, the direction, its timeless plot and the inspired music and touching.


    • The Phantom of the Opera: useful information
      • Where to buy tickets
    • The Phantom of the Opera: records and awards
    • Why go and see it?
    • The Phantom of the Opera: the plot
    • Where to sleep in the area

    The Phantom of the Opera: useful information

    The Phantom of the Opera goes on stage every day except Sundays at Majestic Theater on Broadway (one of the finest theaters in New York), at 245 West 44th Street. On Thursdays and Saturdays there are two shows: the matinee at 14.00pm and the evening at 20.00pm. The show lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes with only one intermission. Viewing the musical is not recommended for children under the age of 8.

    La nearest metro stop at the Majestic Theater is 42 Street - Port Authority Bus Terminal for lines A, C, E. From the subway station the theater is only 2 blocks away. To learn how to move easily in New York, don't forget to take a look at our article on how to use the New York subway.

    Where to buy tickets

    The first site I recommend you look for is Hellotickets (in Spanish), for which a discount code is also available (enter the TRAVEL code to obtain 10 euro discount on a minimum purchase of 150 euros):

    Tickets on Hellotickets

    Tickets can also be purchased in Spanish on the website of Viator by clicking on the link below.

    Search for your tickets on Viator

    Alternatively, they can be purchased on the English platform Ticketnetwork. By comparing the two solutions you can choose the most convenient for you.

    Search for your tickets on Ticketnetwork

    Tickets to Broadway musicals sell out and are quite expensive, but there are a few ways to save a little. Here's how to get discounted Broadway tickets

    The Phantom of the Opera: records and awards

    In 1984, playwright Ken Hill staged The Phantom of the Opera, a musical based on the book by Gaston Leroux. Lloyd Webber and Cameron Anthony Mackintosh are struck by the plot and potential of this show and create their new version: Richard Stilgoe and Charles Hart took care of the libretto and lyrics of the songs, the direction was entrusted to Harold Prince, the choreography to Gillian Lynn , scenography and costumes to Maria Björnson.

    On October 9, 1986, Lloyd Webber's play was staged at Her Majesty's Theater in London. On January 9, 1988 the musical debuts Broadway al Majestic Theatre. Each evening the show will be sold out for 3 years in a row and an average attendance of 95% for the following nine years. After a slight decline in ticket sales in the early 2000s, the musical returns to be among the most popular on Broadway thanks to the film released in theaters in 2004.

    In 1988 the Broadway production of the musical The Phantom of the Opera has won 7 Tony Awards and 7 Drama Desk Awards. The British production also won 2 Olivier Awards in 1986 and 1 Olivier Awards in 2002 as the Most Popular Show of the Year.

    The Broadway show is currently the show that has had the highest number of reruns with nearly 30 years of daily performances.

    Why go and see it?

    In my opinion the main reason for going to see Phantom of the Opera is the music, touching and at times moving, with not a few influences of the opera tradition. Among the musical numbers not to be missed you will find Think of Me, All I Ask of You and spectacular ensembles such as The Point of No Return, while the most memorable melody is entrusted to the famous title track, The Phantom of the Opera.

    Equally fascinating is the scenographic aspect, thanks to the meticulous care with which the costumes and the glitz of the period have been reconstructed. I remember that the musical is not suitable for children (under 8 years of age) due to the presence of some scenes and themes.

    The Phantom of the Opera: the plot

    We are at the Paris Opera in 1911. Viscount Raoul Chagny buys a little monkey-shaped music box with Persian clothes. The auctioneer announces the next piece, a chandelier broken into several pieces, and names the fearsome Phantom of the Opera. The chandelier comes to life and the theater returns to the splendor of the past (Overture).

    In the first act we meet the diva Carlotta who plays on the set of Hannibal and the two new entrepreneurs, Monsieur Firmin and Monsieur Andrè. An accident on stage causes Carlotta to flee, while the two entrepreneurs receive a 'welcome' letter from the Phantom of the Opera with rules to be respected if they want to continue performing in 'his' theater. The two ignore the letter and accept the suggestion of Madame Giry, director of the dancers, to have Christine Daaé audition. The shy dancer sings Think of me and everyone is delighted, even the patron of the theater, Viscount Chagny.

    Follows the Angel of Music duet by Meg, daughter of Madame Giry, and Christine: Christine tells her friend about her relationship with the Angel of Music, an angel sent by her father to protect her, for which she began to sing and that sometimes she hears.

    Viscount Chagny goes to Christine to ask her out for dinner (Little Lotte), but she refuses. He doesn't listen to her and goes to get ready. The Phantom enters the dressing room and scolds Christine for her weakness. She asks the Angel to show himself, he replies to look at himself in the mirror (The Mirror) and then, through the mirror, magically guides her into the basement on a boat (The Phantom of the Opera) and tries to charm her (The Music of the Night). Christine passes out.

    Upon awakening (I remember…) Christine approaches the Phantom and tears off his mask. The Phantom begins to scream (Stranger than you dreamt it).

    Meanwhile, at the theater, the machinist Joseph Buquet scares the dancers with stories about the Phantom and Madame Giry scolds him (Magical Lasso); Firmin worries about Christine's disappearance while André, Raoul and Carlotta blame each other (Notes). Madame Giry brings a letter from the Phantom ordering Christine to be given the lead role in the opera The Mute. Carlotta makes a scene and the part remains hers (Primadonna).

    During the show (Serafimo, your disguise… Poor fool, he makes me laugh!), The Phantom makes a triumphal entrance interrupting Carlotta and announcing a catastrophe for not respecting her will. The show continues but Carlotta's voice suddenly turns into the cry of a toad and Joseph Buquet's hanged body appears lifeless on stage.

    Christine runs away with Raoul de Chagny on the rooftops (Why have you brought us here?). Raoul wants to convince her that there are no ghosts, she replies that she has been in her hiding place (Raoul, I've been there). Consoling themselves, the two declare mutual love (All I Ask of You). The Phantom, jealous and frustrated, vows to take revenge as he smashes the chandelier (All I Ask of You).

    In the Second Act the orchestra repeats passages from the first act and then, to the notes of Masquerade, all the protagonists participate in a masked ball. The Phantom bursts in and orders Don Juan to be performed as a new opera and for Christine to be the protagonist.

    The theater is in turmoil for the new opera (Notes, Hide your sword now… her father promised her). Raoul hatches a plan to catch the Phantom (We have all been blind) and Christine is scared (Raoul, I am frightened… Twisted every way) and prays at her father's grave (Wishing you were somehow here again).

    From the grave the voice of the Phantom (Wandering Child) attracts Christine, who is saved by Raoul. The Phantom challenges Raoul (Bravo, Monsieur!), But Christine takes him away.

    During the performance of Don Juan, the Phantom replaces the actor Pingi who played the part of Don Juan, and declares his love for Christine by offering her a ring (The Point of No Return). Christine is so close to him that she manages to tear off his mask and is the panic in the theater (Down Once More). The Phantom kidnaps Christine and Raoul chases them, but is captured.

    Christine to save Raoul's life declares her love to the Phantom and kisses him (Pitiful creature of darkness). At this point, the Phantom, struck by Christine's gesture, decides to free both Raoul and Christine who run away together (Take Her, Forget Me). Meg and others from the theater enter the hiding place to capture the Phantom but only the white mask remains of him (Track down this murderer).

    Where to sleep in the area

    If you want to look for a hotel solution near the Majestic Theater, I recommend you take a look at our article on where to sleep in New York and in particular the section dedicated to accommodation in Times Square and Broadway. For more general advice on staying overnight in the city, I refer you to our dedicated page:

    Our tips on accommodation in New York

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