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Have you ever wondered which are the largest airports in the world?
Some airports that might seem huge aren't even particularly large when compared to those featured in this article. In fact, there are some even equipped with trains, subways, shuttles and very long mobile walkways in order to facilitate the movement of passengers due to their enormous size.
Find out with us what they are the largest airports in the world by extension!

1 - King Fahd International Airport, Dammam: 776 sq km

And finally, if Denver airport also seemed impressive to you, we have to tell you that it was nothing compared to this airport in Saudi Arabia. Its incredible area of ​​776 square km makes this airport by far the largest in the world with a truly monstrous structure the size of an entire province or state. King Fahd bears the name of the fifth King of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is obviously thehub main airline of the country, namely Sama Airlines and Saudi Arabian Airlines. Its interior is so neat that it looks like a palace and it is also equipped with every shop and service that you will feel like walking in a city.

2 - Denver International Airport, Denver: 135,71 sq km

If the previous airports seemed big to you, the Denver airport is really huge. We are talking about an impressive work of 135 square km, the main hub of the airlines Frontier Airlines and Great Lakes Airlines and a stopover for many other companies. The airport is equipped with 4 terminals and 6 runways, and obviously also of means of transport to move inside it. In addition to being among the largest airports in the world, it is also ranked among the best for its ability to manage the inevitable high passenger and freight traffic.

3 - Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Grapevine: 69,63 sq km

The third largest airport in the world is also the second largest in America. It is located in Texas, precisely in Grapevine, halfway between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth of which it bears the name. This international airport occupies an area of ​​almost 70 square km and is equipped with 5 terminals and 7 runways which make it both one of the busiest that one of the largest commercial airports in the United States. We are talking about such a size that it even has its own personal postal code and its own police station, fire protection and medical emergency service.

4 - Orlando International Airport, Orlando: 53,83 sq km

The main airport and arrival point in Florida is in Orlando. This 53 square kilometer international airport serves as a secondary hub for AirTran Airways but it is also an important stopover, before reaching other final US destinations, for Southwest and JetBlue Airways. Many others land in this airport 44 companies and there is also a gate dedicated to flights to and from Europe which are used by British Airways, Virginia Atlantic Airways, Lufthansa and Condor Airlines. Needless to say, Orlando Airport obviously has a lot of passenger traffic.

5 - Washington-Dulles International Airport, Dulles: 48,56 sq km

The airport is named Dulles in honor of the 52nd Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles. We are faced with a contradictory airport as it is among the largest in the world and the of the 3 airports in the Baltimore-Washington region, but it is also thelast of the 3 in terms of passengers served. This airport has in fact a large extension but not all of its space is entirely occupied by the various airport services nor is it equipped with many terminals, runways or boarding gates, contrary to what one might think. However, the main arrival point in the city and between United Airlines hubs.

6 - Intercontinental Airport Houston-George Bush, Huston: 44,51 sq km

With Houston-Geroge Bush Airport, Texas, we not only continue to climb the ranks of the largest airports in the world but we also begin to meet the largest airports in the United States of America. The airport in question covers almost 45 square kilometers and is the second hub of United Airlines, as the former is Chicago's O'Hare Airport. The Houston-George Bush is characterized in terms of greatness also for his 5 terminals and 130 gates boarding, as well as of course several slopes and countless shops, restaurants and activities of all kinds.

7 - Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Pudong: 39,88 sq km

Among the largest airports in the world, but also among the best! Shanghai Pudong airport is close to 40 square km in area and although it has only 2 terminals, it has 5 slopes. It is the base of the Shanghai Airlines airline and the main hub of China Eastern Airlines, both of which connect it to the rest of the world and also to other major Chinese airports. With its size (both in terms of surface area and air links) it receives a substantial number of passengers but also of freight traffic.

8 - Cairo International Airport, Cairo: 36,25 sq km

Even the Cairo airport boasts several "titles", and of vaguely kind. It is in fact the second busiest airport in all of Africa and also the one with the largest number of passengers in the Middle East. It goes without saying that it is also ranked among the largest in the world! Initially this airport was created to be used, during the Second World War, as a base for the US Air Force. Only later did it become a civil airport, developing more and more so that today it is thehub of 3 Egyptian companies: EgyptAir, Nile Air and AMC Airlines. It is also achieved by more than 65 other airlines e 9 cargo service companies.

9 - Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok: 32,40 sq km

Bangkok airport enjoys several firsts in terms of size. It is in fact the largest of the 2 airports in the city, the largest airport in Thailand, the largest in all of Southeast Asia and finally also among the largest in the world, with a small difference in square kilometers compared to the previous one. It is so large and equipped with various terminals that it can in fact afford to be used both as a main hub by Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways, Orient Thai Airlines and PBair, and as a secondary hub for Emirates Airlines, China Airlines, Indian Airlines and Srilankan Airlines. .

10 - Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris: 32,37 sq km

The largest airport in France and one of the largest in Europe, but Paris-Charles de Gaulle, although at the bottom of this ranking, also makes space among the largest in the world. The airport is named after the former French president and is the main hub of Air France, the national airline that directly connects the city to other European capitals. It is equipped with well 4 terminal and countless take-off / landing runways, as well as obviously many shops, markets and restaurants in which to spend the waiting time.

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