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Every self-respecting city in the world has its own monument symbol. A must for anyone visiting the city. New York has the Statue of Liberty, Paris the Eiffel Tower, Rome the Colosseum. These monuments, known by all, are not discussed.
Nevertheless, a new trend is spreading among travelers around the globe. This is the visit to the strangest monuments in the world. The eccentric shapes and the sensation that many of these arouse, now make them a must for any self-respecting trip.


  1. Wellington Statue, Glasgow (Scotland)
  2. Headington Shark, Oxford (United Kingdom)
  3. Kindlifresserbrunnen, Bern (Switzerland)
  4. Fontain, Edinburgh (Scotland)
  5. Salt Mountains by Mimmo Paladino, Gibellina (Italy)
  6. Cloud Gate by Kapoor, Chicago (USA)
  7. Puppy by Jeff Koons, Bilbao (Spain)
  8. Mannekin Pis, Brussels (Belgium)
  9. LOVE by Cattelan, Milan (Italy)
  10. Brown Nosers, Prague (Czech Republic)
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Wellington Statue, Glasgow (Scotland)

It starts from Wellington statue. It is found at Glasgow, in Scotland. The work, created by Carlo Marocchetti in 1844, has been embellished for some years by the striped cone, usually used for traffic, which gives it a less formal touch.

Headington Shark, Oxford (United Kingdom)

Il big shark breaking through the roof of a house in the city of Oxford and, enters our list by right. Glass resin sculpture, symbolizes the negative impact of nuclear energy on man. Its 7 meters in height are an attraction for all visitors to New High Steet. Its creator, the Englishman John Buckley, made it on the occasion of the st anniversary of the American bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Kindlifresserbrunnen, Bern (Switzerland)

La fountain that sets the child eater it is found at Bern, in Switzerland. Built between 1545 and 1546, it represents a monster intent on devouring naked children. Not exactly an attraction for the children of the city, who, if they can, gladly avoid passing by the Kornhausplatz. It will be for the column painted in gold and black or for the four lion mouths from which the water gushes that this fountain has recently become a place of worship, especially for horror lovers.

Fontain, Edinburgh (Scotland)

I know I know. There Fontain of Duchamp technically it is not a monument, but a work of art. And with this? With some exceptions it was worth re-entering our list. A replica of the original fountain can be found in the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh. But in reality you find something like this in every self-respecting motorway restaurant. Only Duchamp's sick mind - or rather, his creative genius - could invent a ready-made of such great conceptual and physiological magnitude. And so it was that the urinatory became a fountain. And so it was that the need turned into art. Monumental.

Salt Mountains by Mimmo Paladino, Gibellina (Italy)

Dozens of horses coming out of a mountain of salt. Some equines are whole, others only appear with the head. TO Gibellina, small town in the province of Trapani you can admire this monument. If you are remembering seeing it somewhere before, you are not wrong. The mountain has in fact made the tour of Italy and has already been exhibited in Piazza Duomo in Milan and in Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples.

Cloud Gate by Kapoor, Chicago (USA)

What is he doing a giant bean in the heart of Millennium Park in Chicago, USA? I don't know, really, I don't know. It is that the creator, such Anish Kapoor, likes to excite, avoiding fear. His is a nothing with space. It is anguish and wonder. Vorage and reflection. Sbam !!! (What I wrote I did not understand either, but it is enough to move on to the next monument).

Puppy by Jeff Koons, Bilbao (Spain)

12 meters high and composed of about seven thousand plants, which are maintained thanks to a complicated irrigation system, Puppy is one of the main works of Jeff Koons. This giant cub can be observed at Bilbao, precisely in the garden of the Guggenheim Museum. The artist's name may not say much, but the smashers will surely remember his ex-wife. Koons, in fact, was the husband of Ilona Staller, aka Cicciolina.

Mannekin Pis, Brussels (Belgium)

It is well known that children have no sense of modesty. But make a monument that represents theindependence of the citizens of Brussels it was the right find. So, nothing shocking if after the European Parliament, the main square of the city, which houses "the boy who pees" is the second most loved place by visitors to Brussels.

LOVE by Cattelan, Milan (Italy)

Piazza Affari is one of the most famous squares in Milan. The headquarters of the national financial market inspired the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. The work depicts a hand with all fingers cut off, with the exception of the middle finger. This irreverent gesture contrasts with the monumental style of the work and seems to be (an invitation ???) addressed to the world of finance.

Brown Nosers, Prague (Czech Republic)

Two men bent over. A large open hole to explore the bowels. A ladder to easily climb and reach the orifice located in the center of the buttocks. This great monumental work is exhibited in garden of the Futura Gallery, contemporary art gallery located in Prague. The author, David Cerny, has the stated aim of unsettling the public. In your opinion, does it succeed?

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