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    The most spectacular waterfalls in the world

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    Majestic, representative of the power and magnificence of nature, popular destinations for the most adventurous travelers. We are talking about the waterfalls. There are some that, if only for their height and for that sense of fear and fear that they inspire, the world falls, and pardon the pun, must absolutely be seen.
    Some beautiful waterfalls have not yet been measured, and as they know it's not always a question of size. Height isn't everything. Let yourself be seduced and bewitched by the power of flowing and by roar of waterfalls, from the colors of the rainbow reflecting on the water and the representative musicality of the force of the nature.
    If you want to organize an excursion to discover these breathtaking natural beauties, it is advisable to write down some useful advice. The choice of the season, for example, is fundamental. Avoid a trip during dry periods and immediately after the rainy season.
    Here are 10 of the most beautiful and fascinating waterfalls in the world.

    Angel waterfall, Venezuela
    It is located in Venezuela and with its 978 meters of height it is the highest waterfall in the world. This waterfall falls on the plateau called Auya-Tepui, that is, the mountain of the god of evil.

    Iguazu Falls, Argentina - Brazil
    Iguazu Falls arise from the homonymous river. Straddling Argentina and Brazil, 275 waterfalls run along the entire river for about 2km. The Garganta del Diablo, "Devil's Throat", is one of the most famous and impressive waterfalls 150 meters deep and 700 long.

    Victoria Falls, Africa
    Victoria Falls is located on the border of Zambia and Zimbawie, called by the locals "the smoke that thunders". They measure approximately 128 meters in height. Between January and April, immediately after the summer rains, the mists of the waterfall rise up to a thousand meters, blocking the view from the spectacle.

    Waihilau Waterfall, United States
    Located on the northeastern shore of the Big Island in Hawaii, Waihilau Waterfall is one of the tallest in the world and has an estimated drop of nearly 800 meters, certainly the highest in the United States.

    Niagara Falls, Canada
    Niagara Falls are probably the most famous in the world. Although not particularly tall, they have one of the largest frontages in the world. Winter is not the ideal season to visit them.

    Yosemite Falls, United States
    Among the mountains of California, in the Sierra Nevada, stands a ponytail, 740 meters long, which belongs to the Yosemite waterfall. Visit it in late spring, this season there are few tourists.

    Havasu Falls, United States
    Belong to the Havasupai tribe, these beautiful waterfalls of the Grand Canyon. As they fall, they form a natural pool which maintains a constant temperature of 70 degrees inside. Havasu Falls are only accessible to a limited number of visitors.

    Mardalsfossen waterfall, Norway
    Mardalsfossen is one of the highest waterfalls in Europe. From this waterfall Norway takes part of its electricity. Between June and August the owners of the hydroelectric power plant turn on the waterfall allowing visitors to enjoy the spectacle with a 45-minute walk.

    Jog Falls, India
    Located on the Sharavati River in India, they are 829 meters high. They are the highest in the state and the 7th deepest in the world. From August to October the best time to visit them.

    Detian Falls, China - Vietnam
    Considered to be among the largest on the continent, these falls are 200 meters wide and 70 meters high. Although June and July are the wettest period, it is best to visit them this season to discover them in full splendor.

    And in Italy, which are the highest waterfalls?

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